Ironman 2018 Results Thumb

Pro Motocross: Ironman 2019 Results

The 2019 Pro Motocross Championship is completed. Click here to read the final race reports and get the results, along with the final overall points standings for both classes.

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Budds Creek 2018 Thumb 1

Pro Motocross: Budds Creek 2019 Results

The penultimate round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship brought out some intense competition, surprise winners, and the 2019 450MX champion. Get all the details here!

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Unadilla 2019 Results Thumb

Pro Motocross: Unadilla 2019 Results

Once again, Kawasaki keeps the points for both classes. Adam Cianciarulo ended the day with the same 28 points over Dylan Ferrandis for the 250s, while Eli Tomac’s lead shrunk slightly to 40 points over Marvin Musquin in the 450 class.

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Pro Motocross: Washougal 2019 Results

Eli Tomac commanded the 450 class in what is probably the most scenic venue in the circuit--and the most difficult track.

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Pro Motocross: Millville 2019 Results

With lightening, heavy rains, and weather delays, the motos were muddy and unpredictable for both classes. Click here to read the race report and see the results!

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Pro Motocross: RedBud 2019 Results

The track sported long sand rollers, soil changes, and a down-hill curve with a negative camber. The most famous part of the track, LaRocco's Leap, is a 140-foot triple that launches riders up to four stories high.

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Pro Motocross: Southwick 2019 Results

The sixth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship brought more intense battles and impressive racing. Get the full race details here!

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Pro Motocross: Florida 2019 Results

The 5th round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship offered some exciting races for both classes. Click here for the full race recap!

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Pro Motocross: High Point 2019 Results

The loamy, eastern soil was sticky, but not too wet, which made for some deep ruts. Line selection was key this week, and an error in that may have cost some wins for a few riders.

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