Long time dirt bike enthusiast David Groo has been working for Rocky Mountain ATV/MC for the last 5 years. He has been a valuable asset to our company and has worked in several departments since he started with us including the Receiving, Quality Assurance, Warranty, and the Returns Department. He’s a well-known, friendly face to many here at RMATV/MC!

Picture of Dave Dominating a Night Race

Race Gas Guru

Dave is currently in the Art/Marketing Department as the Director of the Race Gas Program. The program was created as a way for Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to give back to the riding community by providing riders and racers with $10 gift cards each time they participate in a race or a rally that utilizes the Race Gas Program. This is done through the racing or rally organization, and Dave’s job is to help clubs and organizations within the powersports industry sign up to participate in the program. As a fellow racer he knows the cost of the sport and is happy to be able to help other racers out. If you are part of the program, think of Dave the next time you are holding that $10 gift certificate in your hand – he’s the one that made it all possible!

Passion for Two Wheels

Dave got his first motorcycle when he was 8 years old. His brothers always had dirt bikes, so he was pretty excited when he was old enough to finally get his own. They had a track in their backyard and he remembers always making the jumps bigger and then seeing who could jump the farthest. He has been riding ever since! Dave likes four-wheelers, but he has always loved motorcycles and feels more comfortable on two wheels. The bikes he regularly rides are a YZ250 and a CR500.

Picture of Dave Flying Down a Desert Trail

The Endurocross racing circuit is the race series that Dave enjoys following most. He personally has raced MRAN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada) for 14 years. He shared a memorable experience with us from one of his races: He said that one night he blew up his motorcycle in a night race about 8 miles out from the pits and he ended up walking it back in at 2:00 in the morning. He says he still remembers hearing some strange things in the Nevada desert in the middle of the night….

Picture of Dave Cornering Like a Pro

When Dave is not on the track, he likes to do some trail riding. He usually sticks to single-track trails, but won’t turn down a ride, whatever the trail. Next on the list of bikes for Dave is a Kawasaki KLR 650 dual sport motorcycle so that he can continue his passion for motorcycles and riding on adventure rides and tours.

Stay tuned to get to know more of the great employees here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!

By Rachel Bretzing