Editor’s note: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC held the Ticket to Ride contest in November. Four winners were selected at random from a pool of eligible racers who participated in GNCC during the 2013 season. Each winner brought along a guest for a special riding excursion with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC crew in Moab, Utah. Two winners were chosen from riders in the ATV classes, and two were chosen from the motorcycle classes.

The winners from the ATV classes – Jeffrey Flinn from the Vet B (30+) class and Cameron Bruce from the College B (16-21) class – participated in the Rally on the Rocks event with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC crew on May 16-17. Check out our Rally on the Rocks article for more details.

The winners from the motorcycle classes were James Steiner, Jr. from the Open A class and Anthony Stone from the 250 A class. They were treated to a private riding session with several Rocky Mountain ATV/MC employees on April 22-23. James chose to take along his father as his guest for the trip. James Steiner, Sr. has shared with us his report of the event, which he has permitted us to post below.

Picture of the 2014 Ticket to Ride Group

Ticket to Ride

My son James Jr. won one of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Ticket to Ride prizes for the motorcycle classes, and Anthony Stone won the other. Anthony had a mishap beforehand and was injured, but that didn’t stop Rocky Mountain from bringing him and his friend Alex and putting them in UTVs so they could still enjoy the adventure.

I was honored that my son chose me to take this trip with him. Justin from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sent us GoPro footage of the riding location along with emails about how great it was going to be. After a few months, we were obviously getting anxious.

Picture of Jim Steiner, Jr. and Jim Steiner, Sr.

Day 0 – April 21

The time came, and we were on our way. From the time we got to the Salt Lake airport till the time we left, I don’t think any of us stopped smiling. The Rocky Mountain crew treated us like kings and showed us stuff I could have never imagined. From their huge and scenic mountains ranges to their giant warehouse of parts and accessories, we really enjoyed the sights.

Picture of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Headquarters in Payson, UT

Picture of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Warehouse in Payson, UT

Now comes the real good stuff! We headed out of their warehouse with trailers in tow on our way to what we thought was just another riding spot to have a blast at. Just getting there, as you can see in the photo, was like looking at a painting.

Picture of The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Van with Dirt Bikes in Tow

Picture of Jim Steiner, Sr. and Jim Steiner, Jr. with a Scenic Drop-off Background

We had some good stories from everyone on the three-hour drive to the small town of Green River, Utah. We went to dinner and met the rest of our riding group. I was surprised that there was a large age gap, so I was thinking it wouldn’t be a fast ride, but rather a fun trail ride. Well, I was fooled!

We got settled into our hotel to rest up for the next day of fun.

Day 1 – April 22

Morning came, and Anthony and Alex headed to Moab with Jason and Travis (from Rocky Mountain) to ride the UTVs.

Picture of Anthony and Alex in a UTV

We headed out to the Dubinky riding area. Wow! I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. It was the most beautiful place, and we got to ride there – jackpot!

Patrick Garrahan, a KTM rep, joined us. Tad and Ryan from the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC dealership (KTM/Kawasaki) in Washington, UT came and brought the bikes we were about to have the time of our lives on. And finally, Justin and Eric, our trail bosses from the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC headquarters, were there to lead the ride.

Another Picture of the 2014 Ticket to Ride Group

They put James Jr. on a 2014 KTM XC250, which he had wanted to test for a while. We dialed in the bikes a little and headed out on an adventure, one I could only wish to share with everyone.

Picture of Jim Steiner Jr. on the KTMXC250 and Patrick Garrahan, KTM Rep

We rode on and off of rock. They call it slickrock, which is really like sandstone, so traction was not an issue. The sights were amazing, such as a scene looking out over a 100-foot drop to see rocks with sand dunes at the base.

Picture of Dirt Bikes on Slickrock

We dropped down right into some sand wash roads/trails between huge rock hills. I was on a 2014 KX450, I was going along pretty good – or so I thought till I started losing everyone as they pulled away on me. I thought, Okay, time to go. So I gave it some serious throttle, and I was just staying within view. At first, I thought the pace would eventually slow down… not! We kept that pace most of the day. Needless to say, my son had a smile from ear to ear.

I watched the modest Justin lead Jr. and Patrick up a vertical transfer from sand to rock to air. That was impressive! We rode the whole day on beautiful countryside that even had free-roaming cattle. I could go on and on just about the first day.

The day ended with a great dinner at a local stop that was filled with more adventure stories from everyone. Then it was back to a well-needed night’s sleep.

Day 2 – April 23

As awesome as the first day was, the second day was just as good (and in some aspects better). We headed into the town of Moab to ride the trails in that area. The sights made it hard for me to watch the trail – they were simply amazing.

Picture of the Trail with Impressive Red Rocks on Either Side

Picture of a Chasm Alongside the Trail

We were on a slower pace this day, but that just meant the terrain was more technical. We headed into the Kane Creek trail, and I can only compare the area to what Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner played in – mountains of rocks and drop offs up to 600 feet. Now if you can picture the stuff you can barely climb up without ropes, that is what we were riding down, around and up on bikes. We got to see the trails where Jeeps and UTVs go rock crawling. (Some of these trails were the ones Anthony and Alex rode in the UTVs.)

Picture of an Old, Wooden Bridge

Picture of Crossing a Creek on the Trail

On the Pritchett Canyon trail, we took a break and got a great show watching Jeeps and UTVs hit this steep wall we had just come down, but they were going up. Neither video nor photos can show you how impressive this type of stuff really is.

Picture of a Jeep Rock Crawling

So back out through the canyons we went till I had a little tip over. It was on a rocky hill that was rather simple; I just put the wheel where I shouldn’t have. I found out what even a little tiny cactus feels like because after about two minutes up the trail, the jersey had to get plucked along with my shoulder (but not too bad). All was good because we stopped again in another gorgeous spot.

By now, most of you are probably thinking this guy thinks everything is beautiful. Well, I’m not that guy who stops and sees the sights, but on this whole trip, I couldn’t not look. It was that cool.

Picture of the Group on Their Bikes

We headed back on the trail through some washes and more rocky walls. We ate lunch and headed to a popular trail in Moab called Hell’s Revenge. This area has something for everyone, whether they’re hiking or riding mountain bikes, UTVs, Jeeps or (of course) motorcycles. It was like one giant rock with a path of white dotted lines to follow – and for good reason. You could be going along, and if you chose not to stay on track, you could be over some cliffs that I couldn’t see the bottom of. We rode this area all over with some more stops for sightseeing.

Another Picture of Dirt Bikes on Slickrock

Picture of the Group on Their Bikes, Overlooking the Colorado River

Picture of a Group Shot

A Trip to Remember

I could go on and on, but I think you can get an idea just of how great this trip was. I know my son and I couldn’t be more grateful to Justin, Eric and the whole Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Ticket to Ride crew for making this an event of a lifetime. These guys are top notch, and I hope our paths cross again someday. I will be watching our GoPro footage over and over throughout my life to keep this memory fresh.

Thank you GNCC and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Riding Disclaimer

Riding Location Disclaimer

By Jim Steiner, Sr.