A company is only as good as the people that it is comprised of and here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we’ve got some pretty great employees to keep our company running like a well-oiled machine. No exception to this rule is Wes Hawkins – Rocky Mountain’s Video Program Coordinator/Editor.

Meet the Man Behind the Scenes

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Wes at the Rally on the Rocks 2013

Wes has been working at RMATV/MC for six years running. He started out in the shipping department boxing and pulling orders, stocking products and wrapping and mounting tires. He was a great asset to the department and held the #1 spot in shipping productivity multiple times for over three and a half years! From there he became a member of the Tech Line, a technician who helps customers and CSR’s with any technical questions they have about products and their machines. He was also involved in In-House Brands Product Development for some of our brands like Tusk and Primary Drive. And here is a fun fact: if you keep your eyes peeled while browsing through the catalog and website, you might just spot him sporting the newest gear – he doubles as a model for RMATV/MC from time to time!

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Playing on the Red Rocks at Rally on the Rocks 2014

That leads us to his current position as the Video Program Coordinator/Editor. When you watch a video on our website or YouTube channel, guess whose voice you’re most likely hearing? Yep, not only does he get to be the voice of RMATV/MC, Wes is our main man when it comes to organizing, managing, filming, and editing videos and managing the YouTube Channel. When asked why his job benefits the customers he said, “Videos give the customer a better understanding of a product or procedure. Producing videos also lets the customer kind of ‘get to know’ the team here at Rocky Mountain, let them know what’s new and what we’ve been up to!”

Up Close and Personal

Just like most of the employees here at Rocky Mountain, Wes has a deep love for the world of powersports. We asked him about life as a powersports enthusiast, and here is a little bit of what he had to say:

RM: Were you involved in the powersport industry before you began working at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC?

Wes: Yes, fairly seriously. A 1990 Yamaha Moto 4 350 was my faithful and noble steed for a long time!

RM: How long have you had a love for powersport vehicles?

Wes: My 17th word was Braaaappppp! Right after, “Potato, potato, potato…”

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Navigating through Some Narrows

RM: What made you first enjoy powersports?

Wes: No more pedaling, Yay! There’s no freedom like two-wheeled freedom, and oh the places you can go and the things you can see on a motorcycle! Plus, girls like guys that ride!

RM: Do you still enjoy it for these reasons?

Wes: Well….yeah!

RM: Can you describe a memorable moment from when you were first a powersports enthusiast (such as your childhood)?

Wes: I didn’t like the kids that had dirt bikes when I didn’t. It was a very dark and heavy time, and I don’t really like to talk about it.

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Wes Taking a Ride on his Ninja 250

RM: What machines do you ride now?


  • 1997 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide Convertible (Potato, Potato, Potato)
  • 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 250 (my first street bike) – also my second favorite wheelie machine
  • 2006 Suzuki RMZ250 (my first dirt bike) I just can’t get rid of her!
  • 2015 KTM 300 XC (in my dreams)
  • 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 (muley hunting/meat wagon!)

RM: That’s quite a range! What is it that you like about these machines?

Wes: I like to go fast, look cool, and do and see awesome things. These machines allow me to do that!

RM: Do you race?

Wes: Yeah…a little desert, a little arenacross, a little moto and more endurocross than I like to admit.

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Tearing through the Obstacles at the Nephi Endurocross

RM: Can you provide any interesting details about your recent racing endeavors?

Wes: On my second ever desert race (Sage Riders Hare & Hound) the snow was falling sideways and the pits were covered in a foot of mucky muck! I prepared my goggles with tear-offs, not knowing what I was doing, and started the race. Not two minutes into the race I attempted to pull my first tear-off and ended up pulling them all off! Later in the race (maybe 10 minutes later) I got mad and ditched the goggles – HUGE MISTAKE! I had to ride the rest of the 30 mile loop with the snow somehow falling horizontally right into my eyes! Good experience though. By the way, if anyone needs help installing tear-offs let me know – I’m a pro now! Maybe we should make a video about that!

RM: Do you follow any professional racing?

Wes: I follow Monster Energy Supercross (J Stewy and T Canard fan!), MX Nationals, and Moto GP.

RM: Do you trail ride?

Wes: Heck yes! Single track! That’s the only way…literally. Wait, I gotta go up that? *Spark Arrested, Quiet Little “Braap Brap.”*

RM: How about touring or adventure riding?

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Wes and His Lady out on the Harley

Wes: Touring? Sort of…my Dyna Glide is not the most preferred bike for it. Adventure? Not yet… I’m resisting as long as I can. It’s a tough battle though. Those KLR’s are pretty sweet!

RM: We see you like street bikes…

Wes: Heck Yes! I like twins…in-line twins and v-twins.

RM: It looks like you are involved in a little bit of everything!

Wes: I love motorcycles! Fixing them, riding them, buying them, looking at them, thinking about them, dreaming about them and especially making videos about them!

RM: What two-cents do you have for fellow riders out there?

Wes: There are people out there that ride without knee pads. Who are these crazy people!? Always wear all your gear all the time! The times you don’t gear up are always the times you’ll wish
you had! Those times usually make for a great video…

That’s A Wrap!

From the Filmmaker’s Chair: Enjoying the Badlands of Wyoming

Now that you know a little bit more about the face behind the camera, let Wes know if there is a video you’d like to see him make by commenting in the box below. Then get outside and ride!

By Rachel Bretzing