Ride and Tell

Getting some air can mean anything from basic beginner jumps to extreme freestyle moves done by the pros.

Send Us Your Photos

Do you have any photos of yourself or other riders flying high? If so, send us your pictures and we’ll post them in our Ride and Tell Gallery! And they don’t have to be dirt bike photos. We know ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles can get some air on gnarly jumps too.

ATV Flying in the Air

A Dirt Bike Jumping on Slickrock Dirt Bike Jumping at the Dunes

ATV Off a Big Jump

Dirt Bike Jumping on a Track

Do you have a photo that rivals those here? Have you taken a picture that can hold its own in a bragging contest? Send us the jumps or tricks you’re most proud of. Come on – you know you want to!

Please only submit photos if you are wearing appropriate safety gear.
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