Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

With spring quickly approaching, it’s time to pull the cover off your motorcycle and get it ready for a new season of riding – and that doesn’t mean just firing it up and calling it good. It’s crucial that you give your motorcycle a full inspection to ensure it’s safe and running properly before riding it. To help you do this, we’ve created the checklist below that makes getting your motorcycle ready for spring fast and easy.

Ready for Spring: Two Motorcycles Traveling Down a Road in Spring

  • Check to make sure that your battery is fully charged and is in good condition. The terminal should be clean and tight, and the vent tube should not be kinked or plugged.
  • If you didn’t change your fluids before you stored your bike, check the fluids and make sure there are no leaks anywhere. Then start your motorcycle and get it to operating temperature before changing the fluids. Remember to change all fluids – engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid and coolant.
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure if necessary. Follow this link for more information on checking motorcycle tire pressure.
  • Check the condition of your wheels and tires. For wheels, make sure there are no broken or missing spokes and that the rims and bearings are in good condition. For tires, check the tread wear and make sure there are no bulges or embedded objects.
  • Check your brake system to ensure it’s working properly, including the hand lever, foot lever and brake pads.
  • Make sure all your electrical parts work – switches, gauges, lights and horn.
  • Check all of your controls (i.e. clutch lever, brake levers, throttle, steering etc.). Make sure that nothing sticks and that everything is moving freely.
  • Do a complete visual of the outside of your bike. Make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary.
  • Take a few minutes before you ride to reacquaint yourself with the bike. Practice in an empty parking lot for about five minutes to get familiar with it again.
  • Enjoy the ride!

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Technician Disclaimer

By Matt Bretzing