Did you know that Rocky Mountain ATV/MC offers a convenient way to gift wrap your purchase that also benefits the powersports community? It’s an easy way to give your gift a personalized touch, but it’s also a way to support several great nonprofit organizations – keep reading to see how!

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Gift Wrapping Process

When you’re in the shopping cart, look for the Gift wrap this item » link. There is one available for each product you have in the cart.

Screenshot of Shopping Cart on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 1Screenshot of Shopping Cart on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 2Screenshot of Shopping Cart on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 3

Once you click the link, you’ll have several options to choose from. First, pick a color of wrapping paper. We have several options to choose from.

Blue Wrapping Paper 1Red Wrapping Paper 2Black Wrapping Paper 3

Next, fill out the To, From and Message fields. This becomes a gift tag that is attached to the package.

Package with Gift Tag 1

Don’t forget to click Submit to save the gift wrapping to the order. After your order is fulfilled in our warehouse, the items you’ve selected for gift wrapping will be carefully and expertly wrapped.

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Donations to Great Causes

When you add gift wrapping, a small cost is added to your order for each item you choose to have gift wrapped. We donate half of the fee to two important nonprofit organizations: the BlueRibbon Coalition and Road 2 Recovery.

The BlueRibbon Coalition – also known as Sharetrails.Org – fights to maintain OHV access on public lands. The BRC operates on a national level and has a history that spans back to 1987. BlueRibbon Coalition / Sharetrails.orgThe BRC is the voice of recreation advocacy on a variety of levels and frequently works with government agencies (including the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service) to ensure that the interests of OHV enthusiasts are appropriately represented in discussions regarding public land use.

Road 2 Recovery 1The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is focused on assisting professional MX/SX racers after they sustain career-ending injuries. A major component of this help includes financial fundraising and support, but it also involves motivational, emotional and spiritual assistance for the individuals and their families. Since its inception in 2000, Road 2 Recovery has raised over $5 million, and the future looks bright!

Every time you add gift wrapping to a product at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you can have the confidence knowing that you’re helping two great causes that are specifically related to the sport we all love. Everyone wins! Enjoy the convenience you benefit from as well as the knowledge that you’re making a positive impact.

The Gift Wrapping Process 1