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24 hours of tradition, speed, and clapped-out motorcycles – this is the Glen Helen 24-Hour Endurance Race, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC style.

In our newest cheap bike challenge, we’re testing if $1,500 motorcycles can make it 24 hours straight. The 24-Hour Endurance Race at Glen Helen was the perfect backdrop for our new series. Situated on a mountain side and maintained as one of the premiere motocross tracks in the nation, Glen Helen is host to one of the toughest and longest races in the industry. We’ve already survived some pretty crazy challenges, so what’s one more?

True to the format of our previous challenges, there are a few rules for the 24-hour race:

  • Each team gets two bikes – one main and one backup
  • Each bike may cost no more than $1,500, respectively
  • Each bike must be a 1995 model or older

That’s another facet of this new challenge – this race will be completed in two teams. To make things even more interesting, we asked some of our friends to join our teams.

On Team Rad Dragon, we have:

  • Chase “The Face”
  • Eric, head of our R&D department at RMATVMC
  • AJ Catanzaro, impressive professional Supercross racer and head of The Moto Academy
  • Kyle Brothersen, talented rider and owner of the extremely popular Dirt Bike Channel on YouTube

Team Rad Dragon

On Team Hurricane, we have:

  • Wes, head of our video department at RMATVMC
  • Charles, video mechanic extraordinaire at RMATVMC
  • Aden Keefer, son of the legendary Kris Keefer and contributor on Keefer Inc. Testing
  • Gabe, long-time friend and incredible reviewer and tester at Torture Test Magazine

Team Hurricane

Given the intensity of the race and talent on our teams, this is quite likely our most ambitious challenge yet. All four episodes are live and included below.

Episode 1: $1,500 Dirt Bikes Race 24 Hours of Glen Helen

It’s just like old times; You know the rules, you know the riders, and now, you’re getting to know the bikes. In true Chase fashion, team Rad Dragon has already acquired their primary ride. Calculated, or just cocky? Team Rad Dragon may have what seems to be an early lead, but they’ve got a big storm coming…

Episode 2: BIG CRASH on Old Dirt Bike!

Spoiler Alert: Chase’s bike needs a lot more work than he originally let on. Stealing gas from Wes and Charles’ golden goose isn’t likely to solve the problem, nor is the KTM 620 with a left side kickstart that Eric picked up. On team Hurricane, Wes and Charles head to a local track to see how their bikes measure up.

Episode 3: YZ250 vs. WR250

The race is fast approaching, but the guys’ competitive streak may be getting the best of them. Wes and Charles need to fix a broken case, and Chase and Erics’ bikes aren’t anywhere near ready. That sure doesn’t stop them from talking a big game, though. Will a last-minute fill-in rider and the meetup with AJ, Aden, and Gabe in California help the teams understand what they’re really in for?

Episode 4: Aj Catanzaro Races First Off-Road Race!

For better or worse, it’s race day. In the beginning, the teams decide that the bikes are actually pretty fun to ride…until they start to stall. As the sun begins to set and problems become more frequent, the hours begin to drag. But with a visit from Allen the Alien and daylight, along with the promise of a completed race, coming, the team may just be able to push through the droopy eyes and smoky skies.

A Job Well Done

For each of these cheap bike challenges we concoct and complete, we look for a lesson. In previous challenges, we’ve seen firsthand how much fun working on bikes and riding with your friends can be. We’ve shown that you don’t need a big budget to do big things like ride 1,000 miles from Nevada to Arizona and back or take on one of the most difficult trails in Utah. What we learned then is demonstrated in this challenge, along with something new.

The grueling 24-hour race reiterated the value of hard work. We commend the ironman riders on the track that day and acknowledge the higher level of support we had than most other riders. At the same time, we’re proud of ourselves for sticking to a budget, pushing our bikes to the limit, and completing the race. It wasn’t easy for our teams to get to that checkered flag, but seeing the challenge through was well worth it; there’s pride in a job well done.

So, whatever race you complete, task you finish, or challenge you create, we hope you take a minute to revel in the pride of your own job well done. Riding isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.

A Job Well Done

We’ve got more cheap bike challenges to complete and lessons to learn, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel below so that you don’t miss any of them. We’ll post plenty of machine builds, product spotlights, and riding tips until then.

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