The grand finale of the Grand National Cross Country Series took place at one of the most anticipated tracks in the circuit this weekend: the Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Racers and fans look forward to this round all year long, and the variance of obstacles provides plenty of excitement for racers and spectators alike.

Motorcycle Report

Josh Strang Took Home the Win for XC1 at Ironman

Photo Credit: Ken Hill| Photo Courtesy of GNCC Racing

Jordan Ashburn shot out front for the holeshot for the second consecutive round at the beginning of the XC1 Pro Race. His quick start gave him some good momentum for the lead, and although he would stay up near the front for the remainder of the race, he found himself competing pretty heavily with Josh Strang and Ryan Sipes before long.

The Many River Crossings Didn't Slow Strang Down

Photo Credit: Ken Hill| Photo Courtesy of GNCC Racing

Strang moved into the lead not too long into the race, with Sipes fairly close behind and then followed by Ashburn. Riding on potentially every kind of obstacle – hill climbs, water crossings, flat sections, rocks, etc. – the racing was anything but dull. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s Thad Duvall had an unfortunate collision in one of the first turns and was eventually forced to leave the race when issues with his fuel injector flared up. Sipes found himself on the ground at multiple points throughout the race, including after a collision with a lapper that helped create a comfortable gap for Strang between Sipes and himself. Strang was able to eventually come across the finish line in first, almost exactly 2 minutes ahead of 2nd place to claim the win for the weekend. Sipes rode strong to catch back up to Strang and although he wasn’t able to race neck and neck, he still pushed hard enough to earn a 2nd place finish behind Strang.

Jordan Ashburn played off of his earlier momentum to come across the finish line and claim the 3rd place spot on the podium. Kailub Russell claimed the class championship after round 10, but after Ironman the remainder of the class winners could be identified. Grant Baylor finished out the season in 2nd overall and Josh Strang – who missed four rounds during the middle of the season due to an injury – came away with 3rd place overall.

Josh Strang, Ryan Sipes and Jordan Ashburn Take the Podium for XC1 Pro

Photo Credit: Ken Hill| Photo Courtesy of GNCC Racing

The current XC2 Pro Lites Champion Jason Thomas was the holeshot winner for the lites class at Ironman. However, he would be standing in 2nd place on the podium as it was Trevor Bollinger who took 1st for the first time this season. Rounding out the top three for XC2 Pro Lites was Jesse Groemm in 3rd place.

Winners for the overall series in XC2 Pro Lites could now be determined after Ironman. Following the class champion, Jason Thomas, was Ricky Russell in 2nd and Trevor Bollinger in 3rd. The two were only separated by a point at the end, and we are sure they will offer some pretty spectacular racing next season as well as they keep getting better and better.

The GNCC Motorcycle Banquet is to be held on Friday, December 18th in Morgantown, WV at the Morgantown Events Center in the Waterfront Place Hotel.

Top 20 Overall Motorcycle Results

Overall Pos.No.NameBikeClassPointsSeries Points
12Josh StrangHusqvarnaXC1 Pro30226
2264Ryan SipesHusqvarnaXC1 Pro25195
33Jordan AshburnYamahaXC1 Pro21183
4514Steward BaylorKTMXC1 Pro1887
59Christopher BachHondaXC1 Pro16207
6118Trevor BollingerHondaXC2 Pro Lites15112
7314Grant BaylorYamahaXC1 Pro14237
817Jason ThomasKTMXC2 Pro Lites13160
9121Cory ButtrickBetaXC1 Pro1282
1019Jesse GroemmBetaXC2 Pro Lites1151
1112Takeshi KoikedaHondaXC1 Pro1049
1218Craig DelongHusqvarnaXC2 Pro Lites989
13282Michael WitkowskiKtmXC2 Pro Lites844
14212Ricky RussellYamahaXC2 Pro Lites7113
15945Trevor BarrettHusqvarnaXC2 Pro Lites69
16330Vance FrancisKTM250 A511
1720Christopher DouglasSuzukiXC1 Pro437
18906Loic LeonardHonda4 Stroke A Lites36
1924Samuel EvansYamahaXC2 Pro Lites28
20420Travis CoyKTMXC1 Pro11

ATV Report

The Competition Was Intense Right Off the Line

Photo Credit: Ken Hill| Photo Courtesy of GNCC Racing

After a tight season, the champion for XC1 Pro ATV was crowned during the very last race of the series. Walker Fowler rode hard this season to earn his place at the top of the overall standings and walked away from the Ironman round as the 2015 GNCC champion in his class. Unfortunately for Fowler, he had a small mishap on the first round that left him in 12th place after the first lap. But he was able to make up a lot of ground the remainder of the race and finish with 4th place, which was enough to give him the championship.

Neck and neck contender with Fowler, Adam McGill, was the rider who shot out ahead of the pack to claim the holeshot. He fell back to just inside the top five after the first lap, still contending for the lead until he had some mechanical trouble and he ended up finishing out the race in 84th place overall.

Jarrod McClure led most of the two-hour race and even after some pretty serious pressure from the other contenders, he was able to claim the center spot on the podium to win the Ironman round. Cole Richardson, this years’ XC2 champion, really showed what he was made of as he pushed hard for the front of the pack and pull off a 2nd place win only a couple of rounds into his XC1 career. Chris Bithell finished behind him in 3rd place.

Overall, the winners for the series in the XC1 Pro ATV class were Walker Fowler with 1st, Adam McGill in 2nd and Jarrod McClure in 3rd.

Jarrod McClure, Cole Richardson and Chris Bithell Place on the Podium for XC1 ATV Pro

Photo Credit: Ken Hill| Photo Courtesy of GNCC Racing

It was an exciting round for XC2 Pro Am even though Richardson had already been crowned class champion prior to Ironman. Westley Wolfe debuted for the first time in XC2 Pro Am and proceeded to move right to the front of the pack. He claimed the win in his first race in the class, leaving the season on a pretty high note and ready to see what next year will bring him. Randy Hamilton came in behind him in 2nd with Marty Christofferson in 3rd. For the overall placement for the class, after Richardson for the championship came once again Christofferson for 2nd this time and Bithell for 3rd overall.

Westley Wolfe Won 1st Place in His Debut Race, followed by Randy Hamilton and Marty Christofferson.

Photo Credit: Ken Hill| Photo Courtesy of GNCC Racing

The GNCC ATV Banquet is to be held on Friday, December 18th in Morgantown, WV at the Morgantown Events Center in the Waterfront Place Hotel.

Top 20 Overall ATV Results

Overall Pos.No.NameQuadClass PointsSeries Points
14Jarrod McClureHondaXC1 Pro30225
25Cole RichardsonYamahaXC1 Pro25180
37Chris BithellSuzukiXC1 Pro21164
42Walker FowlerYamahaXC1 Pro18313
51Chris BorichYamahaXC1 Pro16220
66Brycen NealYamahaXC1 Pro15207
7341Brian WolfHondaXC1 Pro14148
814Landon WolfeHondaXC1 Pro13120
916Johnny GallagherYamahaXC1 Pro12130
10997Marshal GoingsHondaXC1 Pro1132
11741Westley WolfeSuzukiXC2 Pro Am1067
1212Kevin YohoYamahaXC1 Pro9109
1320Randy HamiltonHondaXC2 Pro Am875
14934Braden HenthornHondaXC1 Pro753
1518Martin ChristoffersonHondaXC2 Pro Am6103
1673Kenny ShickYamahaXC2 Pro Am58
1722James GreenHondaXC2 Pro Am410
18213Danny RogersYamahaXC2 Pro Am33
1917Jeffrey PickensYamahaVet A (28+)213
2019Fred MarleyHondaXC2 Pro Am115

UTV Report

In the final round for UTVs, it was Kyle Chaney who won the overall championship for his team in the XC1 class for the year. However, it was Tim Farr who claimed 1st place for the round, along with 2nd place overall for the 2015 season. Bill Patterson was literally right on Tim Farr’s bumper coming across the line as he crossed a mere three seconds later, finding himself in 2nd place for the round. Mouse Pratt finished in the 3rd place position for the class at Ironman.

With Chaney as the champion for 2015, he was joined in the rankings with the previously mentioned Tim Farr in 2nd overall and Larry Hendershot as the 3rd and final placement for the 2015 XC1 Pro UTV class.

Top 20 Overall UTV Results

Overall Pos.No.NameUTVClassPointsSeries Points
14Tim FarrCan AmXC1 Pro30102
232Bill PattersonPolarisXC1 Pro2593
37Mouse PrattCan AmXC1 Pro2168
41Kyle ChaneyCan AmXC1 Pro18120
56Larry HendershotCan AmXC1 Pro1695
63John YokleyPolarisXC1 Pro1540
7446Treavis PoynterPolarisXC1 Pro1469
85William YokleyPolarisXC1 Pro1346
9555David PlaviCan AmXC2 Pro Sport1231
10995John BarnesPolarisXC1 Pro1153
11591Steven MatkoCan AmXC1 Pro1067
12411Powers MotorsportsPolarisXC2 Pro Sport99
1370Jamie McCoyPolarisXC1 Pro836
14115John KletzCan AmXC1 Pro740
1514Chris BrockwayPolarisXC2 Pro Sport619
16421Sean BogdanPolarisXC2 Pro Sport537
1721Michael SwiftPolarisXC2 Pro Sport423
188John HenryPolarisXC2 Pro Sport313
1992Jamie HeldPolarisXC2 Pro Sport214
2055Doug GustCan AmXC2 Pro Sport119

By Rachel Bretzing