The final round of the 2018 Grand National Cross Country Series, an AMA National Championship, took place in the woods of Crawfordsville, Indiana, over October 27-28 for the 24th Annual Ironman GNCC round. Though overcast weather greeted the riders, the track was in near-perfect condition for the riders to battle it out in the last race of the year.

Motorcycle Report

When the gates dropped for the last motorcycle round of GNCC for the year, Ryan Sipes shot out to take the holeshot and the early lead. Unfortunately, his lead was very short-lived after a crash during the first lap set him back considerably, ultimately causing him to forfeit any podium finish. Instead, Trevor Bollinger moved into 1st and stayed there to lead the first lap.

Josh Strang at Ironman GNCC

Steward Baylor Jr. battled with Bollinger for the majority of the race, moving into 1st by the end of the second lap. Though Bollinger stayed competitive, he gradually fell back a little more each lap, allowing Baylor Jr. to pull away from the battle with Bollinger. Ricky Russell had a similar story to Bollinger, riding competitively in 2nd and 3rd in the first half of the race, but he fell back to 4th over the final few laps.

Grant Baylor battled in 3rd and 4th place for the first couple of laps before falling back to 6th. By end the second-to-last lap, Baylor passed Layne Michael and gained one more position to finish out with 5th place.

In the opposite effect of the previous riders, and despite riding in 6th place at the end of the first lap, Josh Strang focused in on the race and steadily worked his way towards the front throughout the duration of the race. With almost every passing lap, Strang gained a position towards the lead. Nearing the end of the race, Bollinger was well within Strang’s sight. Strang was able to reel him in for a pass that would help him land 2nd in the XC1 class and push Bollinger back to 3rd.

Steward Baylor Jr. Wins the Ironman GNCC Round

The podium for the XC1 class consisted of Stewart Baylor Jr. in 1st, Josh Strang in 2nd and Trevor Bollinger in 3rd.

In the XC2 250 Pro class, Josh Toth captured the holeshot and the early lead. However, in what would continue as a race-long battle, Benjamin Kelley challenged Toth for the lead and successfully made the pass, finishing out the first lap and leading the second lap in 1st place. Toth and Kelley rode within seconds of each other, swapping positions multiple times. Kelley, however, had to stop in the pits for a longer duration to get a tire changed. Toth moved back into 1st place, where he was able to ride undisturbed to finish ahead of the rest of his class. However, despite losing the battle with Toth, Kelley still finished in 2nd in his class and clinched his first XC2 250 Pro Championship.

Ben Kelley at Ironman GNCC

Mike Witkowski had an impressive race as well. Beginning in 5th and falling back to 6th by the end of the 2nd lap, Witkowski found his motivation and started cutting through the pack towards the lead. Though he didn’t make it to the very front, he still managed to gain a 3rd place finish, helping him land the last remaining position on the podium. The overall on the day saw Toth in 1st, Kelley in 2nd, and Witkowski in 3rd for the podium.

XC2 250 Pro Podium

Kailub Russell won the overall championship for the XC1 Open Pro motorcycle class for the 2018 GNCC season with 297 overall points. Thad Duvall came in behind him with 262 points for 2nd place and Steward Baylor Jr. finished out the top three with 219 points overall. In the XC2 250 Pro class, Benjamin Kelley won the championship with 192 points. Joshua Toth came in 2nd with 177 points, and Craig Delong took 3rd overall with 104 points.

Motorcycle Results

Pos.No.NameMachineClassPointsOverall Points
1514Steward Baylor Jr.KTMXC1 Open Pro30219
2206Joshua TothKTMXC2 250 Pro25177
3114Josh StrangHusqvarnaXC1 Open Pro21189
4739Trevor BollingerHondaXC1 Open Pro18208
5530Benjamin KelleyKTMXC2 250 Pro16192
6212Ricky RussellYamahaXC1 Open Pro15142
7314Grant BaylorKTMXC1 Open Pro14115
8523Layne MichaelHusqvarnaXC1 Open Pro13102
9282Michael WitkowskiBetaXC2 250 Pro1258
108Craig DelongHusqvarnaXC2 250 Pro11104
11117Pascal RaucheneckerHusqvarnaXC1 Open Pro1090
12347Evan SmithHusqvarnaXC2 250 Pro961
1312Jordan AshburnBetaXC1 Open Pro886
14123Austin LeeHondaXC2 250 Pro775
15981Jonathan JohnsonYamahaXC2 250 Pro640
1637Jesse AnsleyKTMFMF XC3 125 Pro-Am521
17133Christopher BachKTMFMF XC3 125 Pro-Am44
18410Andrew DelongGasGasXC1 Open Pro331
19862Jake FromanHusqvarnaFMF XC3 125 Pro-Am22
20228Brendan RiordanYamahaXC2 250 Pro16

Motorcycle Overall National Championship Season Results

11Kailub RussellXC1 Open Pro297
2989Thad DuvallXC1 Open Pro262
3514Steward Baylor Jr.XC1 Open Pro219
4739Trevor BollingerXC1 Open Pro208
5530Benjamin KelleyXC2 250 Pro192
6114Josh StrangXC1 Open Pro189
7206Joshua TothXC2 250 Pro177
8212Ricky RussellXC1 Open Pro142
9314Grant BaylorXC1 Open Pro115
108Craig DelongXC2 250 Pro104
11523Layne MichaelXC1 Open Pro102
12117Pascal RaucheneckerXC2 250 Pro90
1312Jordan AshburnXC1 Open Pro86
14123Austin LeeXC2 250 Pro75
15121Cory ButtrickXC1 Open Pro65
16347Evan SmithXC2 250 Pro61
17282Michael WitkowskiXC2 250 Pro58
18981Jonathan JohnsonXC2 250 Pro40
19198Liam DraperXC2 250 Pro36
20927Nick DavisXC2 250 Pro32

ATV Report

Chris Borich at Ironman GNCC

When the ATVs took to the woods, Chris Borich was the rider to grab the holeshot ahead of the rest of the class. However, it wasn’t long until the already crowned class champion, Walker Fowler, started putting on the pressure. Fowler passed Borich for the lead and then ran uncontested in 1st place for the remainder of the race. Borich also lost positions to Adam McGill and Jarrod McClure as the race progressed, finding himself in 4th place in the 3rd and 4th laps.

Walker Fowler at Ironman GNCC

In opposite fashion from Borich, Brycen Neal got off to a tough start, coming out of the first lap in 6th place, but was able to push his way forward into 3rd in the last half of the race. However, Borich managed to regain some positions by passing both Neal and McGill (who had some misfortunes on the track and wasn’t able to complete the last lap). Borich ended the race in 2nd place behind Fowler, with Neal finishing behind Borich in 3rd. McClure finished in 4th and Cole Richardson finished in 5th. Hunter Hart, who clinched the XC2 Pro-Am championship a couple of weeks ago, made his debut in the XC1 class at Ironman. He finished with a very respectable 6th place.

Austin Abney at Ironman GNCC

Austin Abney took the holeshot in the XC2 Pro-Am class. He battled closely with John Glauda Jr. throughout the duration of the race, but after moving into 1st by the end of lap one, Glauda stayed in the lead and took the overall win. Abney came in behind him in 2nd, and Matthew Lindle earned 3rd place.

Hunter Hart at Ironman GNCC

In the XC1 Pro ATV Class, Walker Fowler came away from the 2018 season as the overall champion with 311 points. Jarrod McClure took 2nd and ended with 246 points, while Chris Borich came in 3rd with a total of 243 overall points. As for the XC2 Pro-Am class, Hunter Hart won with nine overall finishes and with eight consecutive wins, and a total of 281 points. John Glauda Jr. took 2nd with 224 points, and Austin Abney finished in 3rd with 221 points.

ATV Results

Pos.No.NameMachineClassPointsOverall Points
11Walker FowlerYamahaXC1 Pro ATV30311
24Chris BorichSuzukiXC1 Pro ATV25243
32Brycen NealYamahaXC1 Pro ATV21241
43Jarrod McClureHondaXC1 Pro ATV18246
5733Cole RichardsonYamahaXC1 Pro ATV16190
67Hunter HartYamahaXC1 Pro ATV15129
7741Westley WolfeSuzukiXC1 Pro ATV14130
89Devon FeehanHondaXC1 Pro ATV13127
9712John Glauda Jr.YamahaXC2 Pro Am1270
10703Austin AbneyHondaXC2 Pro Am1184
1188Joel HetrickHondaXC1 Pro ATV1019
1211Joshua MerrittYamahaXC1 Pro ATV9116
1310Johnny GallagherYamahaXC1 Pro ATV884
14303Matthew LindleHondaXC2 Pro Am734
158Martin ChristoffersonHondaXC1 Pro ATV6131
1631Tanner WalkerYamahaXC2 Pro Am516
1721Jeffrey PickensYamahaVet A (30+)414
1812Greg CovertYamahaXC1 Pro ATV379
19801Corbin KnoxHondaVet A (30+)22
20997Marshal GoingsHondaCollege A (16-21)11

ATV Overall National Championship Season Results

113Walker FowlerXC1 Pro311
23Jarrod McClureXC1 Pro246
34Chris BorichXC1 Pro243
42Brycen NealXC1 Pro241
5733Cole RichardsonXC1 Pro190
6521Adam McGillXC1 Pro156
78Martin ChristoffersonXC1 Pro131
8741Westly WolfeXC1 Pro130
97Hunter HartXC2 Pro Am129
109Devon FeehanXC1 Pro127
1111Joshua MerrittXC1 Pro116
1210Johnny GallagherXC2 Pro Am84
13703Austin AbneyXC1 Pro84
1412Greg CovertXC1 Pro79
15201Cody CollierXC1 Pro79
16712John Glauda JrXC2 Pro Am70
1718Drew LandersXC2 Pro Am44
1815Tucker WyattXC1 Pro40
19542Kevin YohoXC1 Pro38
20303Matthew LindleXC2 Pro Am34

UTV Report

In UTVs, Cody Miller had the early lead for the UXC1 Pro Turbo class but was surpassed by Kyle Chaney by the end of the 2nd lap. Chaney remained in the lead for the rest of the race to finish with 1st place. Hunter Miller gained 2nd place early on, lost it to Cody Miller on lap 2, and then earned it again by the end of lap 3. He stayed there until the checkered flag came out and earned 2nd overall on the podium. Cody Miller stayed in 3rd place after being passed by Hunter Miller and rounded out the podium with 3rd place overall.

Hunter Miller clinched the championship for the UXC1 Pro Turbo class with 126 points. Kyle Chaney earned 2nd place overall with 120 points and Jamie McCoy took 3rd with 94 points. In the UXC2 Pro class, Collin Truett took 1st, Kyle Hart took 2nd, and Jason Watt finished in 3rd overall.

UTV Results

Pos.No.NameMachineClassPointsOverall Points
13Kyle ChaneyCan AmUXC1 Pro Turbo3034
22Hunter MillerCan AmUXC1 Pro Turbo2529
31Cody MillerYamahaUXC1 Pro Turbo2125
44Kevin TranthamPolarisUXC1 Pro Turbo1826
5333Colton GreavesYamahaUXC2 Pro16354
6141Kyle HartPolarisUXC2 Pro15162
7614Jeremy WallisCan AmUXC3 Pro Am14635
8144Austin SeeligCan AmUXC2 Pro13165
912Michael SwiftPolarisUXC1 Pro Turbo1233
1017Collin TruettPolarisUXC2 Pro1138
11101Matthew KeeseePolarisUXC3 Pro Am10122
12685Bryan RiggsCan AmUXC2 Pro9706
13122Shawn HessYamahaUXC2 Pro8143
1416Jason WattCan AmUXC2 Pro737
15724Luke ShepherdCan AmUXC3 Pro Am6745
1614Matt ZeilerCan AmUXC2 Pro535
1770Jamie McCoyCan AmUXC1 Pro Turbo491
18126Scottie LawrenceCan AmUXC3 Pro Am3147
19116Spencer ModlinCan AmUXC2 Pro2137
2030Matthew AshtonPolarisUXC2 Pro151

UTV Overall National Championship Season Results

12Hunter MillerUXC1 Pro Turbo126
23Kyle ChaneyUXC1 Pro Turbo120
370Jamie McCoyUXC1 Pro Turbo94
412Michael SwiftUXC1 Pro Turbo69
51Cody MillerUXC1 Pro Turbo 65
64Kevin TranthamUXC1 Pro Turbo63
7141Kyle HartUXC2 Pro60
813Scottie LawrenceUXC3 Pro-Am58
9126Walker FowlerUXC1 Pro Turbo58
10122Shawn HessUXC2 Pro53
11614Jeremy WallisUXC3 Pro-Am52
1217Collin TruettUXC2 Pro52
13144Austin SeeligUXC2 Pro43
1416Jason WattUXC2 Pro37
1510Derron OakleyUXC1 Pro Turbo34
16222Cohl SecoyUXC1 Pro Turbo33
17621Trevor PayneUXC3 Pro-Am32
186Sean BogdanUXC1 Pro Turbo30
19333Colton GreavesUXC2 Pro28
20724Luke ShepherdUXC3 Pro-Am28
20410Dustin GrayUXC3 Pro-Am28