The third round of the 2018 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series, an AMA National Championship, took place March 17-18 at The General in Washington, Georgia. After not being on the schedule for a few years, The General and its distinctive red clay returned to host an exciting weekend of racing.

gncc havasu racing 2018
Photo Credit: Ken Hill | Courtesy of GNCC

Motorcycle Report

Motorcycle racing at The General started off with excitement as Kailub Russell edged out Thad Duvall for the holeshot. K. Russell and Duvall continued to battle, but it was Ricky Russell running in 1st at the end of lap one. Unfortunately, R. Russell ran into trouble and pulled out from the remainder of the race. Duvall took over the top spot during lap three, but K. Russell stayed in a close 2nd. Behind the race leaders, Trevor Bollinger, Josh Strang, and Jordan Ashburn had a battle of their own.

Bollinger began the race in great position, but as the laps ticked by, both Ashburn and Strang closed the gap. By laps four and five, the three riders were only separated by a few seconds. As the race came to a close, K. Russell outlasted Duvall for his third-straight win of the season. Duvall finished 2.4 seconds behind for 2nd. The battle between Bollinger, Strang, and Ashburn came to an unexpected end after Steward Baylor Jr. overtook the competition in the final two laps for 3rd. Bollinger finished 4th, and Strang took 5th.

gncc havasu arizona maxxis general 2018
Photo Credit: Ken Hill | Courtesy of GNCC

Russell’s three wins in three rounds leave him at the top of the overall points race with 90. Duvall currently stands in 2nd with 71, but Steward Baylor Jr. is in a close 3rd place with 67 points. The two riders have exchanged finishing spots several times already this season, and the competition between them could get heated as the season continues. Bollinger, Ben Kelley, and Strang are in 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively, and the seven points separating them mean they’re another group of riders to watch.

PositionNo.NameMachineClassPointsOverall Points
11Kailub RussellKTMXC1 Open Pro3090
2989Thad DuvallHQVXC1 Open Pro2571
3514Steward Baylor JrKTMXC1 Open Pro2167
4739Trevor BollingerHONXC1 Open Pro1851
5114Josh StrangHQVXC1 Open Pro1644
6530Benjamin KelleyKTMXC2 250 Pro1547
712Jordan AshburnBETXC1 Open Pro1421
8523Layne MichaelHQVXC1 Open Pro1340
9117Pascal RaucheneckerHQVXC2 250 Pro1237
10314Grant BaylorKTMXC1 Open Pro1125
11927Nick DavisGASXC2 250 Pro1010
1217Jesse GroemmKTMXC1 Open Pro913
138Craig DelongHQVXC2 250 Pro828
14113Russell BobbittKTMXC1 Open Pro77
15347Evan SmithHQVXC2 250 Pro611
16981Jonathan JohnsonYAMXC2 250 Pro59
17336Ryder LaffertyKTMXC2 250 Pro44
18969Jonathan GirroirSUZXC2 250 Pro33
19525Tegan TempleKTMXC2 250 Pro22
2020Zack HayesKTMXC2 250 Pro12

ATV Report

Chris Borich took the holeshot when ATV racing began at The General, and he managed to hold onto the lead as the pack entered the woods section. Despite a narrow track, Brycen Neal moved up to challenge Borich, eventually overtaking him and setting the pace from 1st place. The two continued to race bar-to-bar for the rest of the event. After a solid start, Jarrod McClure worked his way into 3rd and kept the two leaders honest as he maintained constant pressure, even taking 2nd place in the second lap before falling back.

gncc racing 2018 havasu
Photo Credit: Ken Hill | Courtesy of GNCC

McClure also had to watch his back as Cole Richardson kept up a good head of steam after two solid opening laps. Richardson consistently ran a few seconds behind McClure, but that was enough for McClure to fend off Richardson and finish 3rd. The battle for the lead stayed intense and came down to the final corner. Neal and Borich stayed right on top of each other for the entire race, but Neal managed to separate from Borich during the last turn and finished 0.77 seconds ahead. Neal’s win marks the first ATV overall victory of his career. Borich finished 2nd, and McClure rounded out the podium in 3rd. Richardson finished just off the podium in 4th, and the 5th spot was filled by Walker Fowler.

Neal’s first career win shot him up into 2nd place overall. Fowler is still in 1st place thanks to his dominant wins in the first two rounds, but his points lead has been cut to five. Borich is in 3rd with 64 points, but McClure and Adam McGill are sitting in 4th and 5th with enough points to make a run on the podium in the coming rounds.

PositionNo.NameMachineClassPointsOverall Points
12Brycen NealYAMXC1 Pro3071
24Chris BorichSUZXC1 Pro2564
33Jarrod McClureHONXC1 Pro2158
4733Cole RichardsonYAMXC1 Pro1847
51Walker FowlerYAMXC1 Pro1676
69Devon FeehanHONXC1 Pro1539
710Johnny GallagherYAMXC1 Pro1435
8521Adam McGillHONXC1 Pro1356
911Joshua MerrittYAMXC1 Pro1222
108Martin ChristoffersonHONXC1 Pro1130
11201Cody CollierYAMXC1 Pro1023
12712John Glauda JrYAMXC2 Pro Am915
13303Matthew LindleHONXC2 Pro Am818
14542Kevin YohoYAMXC1 Pro715
1515Tucker WyattHONXC1 Pro621
1617Brandon IcardHONXC2 Pro Am55
17703Austin AbneyHONXC2 Pro Am418
1818Drew LandersYAMXC2 Pro Am39
1912Greg CovertYAMXC1 Pro212
20714Ronnie RuschYAMCollege A13
2018 havasu gncc racing
Photo Credit: Ken Hill | Courtesy of GNCC