The early spotlight of the Tokyo Motorcycle Show shone on Honda with their unveiling of a brand new electric bike prototype.

Prototype Honda Electric Bike 1

Now, the Tokyo Motorcycle Show has been known to showcase some unconventional ideas and machines that haven’t made it much farther than the actual show, but Honda’s offering seems smarter. The bike has moved past conception to an actual prototype, and its manufacturing comes at the right time. With Alta’s production suspended and Honda’s mission to produce clean and efficient machines, there is room for Honda to establish a lasting niche in the e-bike market.

Prototype Honda Electric Bike 2

Multiple sources indicate that the bike will be named the CR Electric, but Honda has stayed quiet on the specifics of their prototype. In fact, these two pictures are the only ones currently available to the public, but they’re enough to get the industry abuzz. With the familiar CRF look and dependability of Honda to bolster the model, we believe this bike will be selling out of showrooms in the not-so-distant future.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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