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Houston Track Map

Anaheim 1 Results

  • 1st – Marvin Musquin
  • 2nd – Jason Anderson
  • 3rd – Justin Barcia
  • 4th – Ken Roczen
  • 5th – Weston Peick
  • WC (7th) – Justin Brayton

RMFantasySX Player Stats

  • Average score: 24.61
  • No perfect scores, only one score with five out of six right
  • Tomac: in 1st for over 1/3 of all picks
  • Peick: in top 5 picks of less than 1% of all players

Weston Peick
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Round 2 Rider Status

  • Dean Wilson: doubtful
  • Benny Bloss: doubtful
  • Justin Bogle: out
  • Malcolm Stewart: filling in for Bogle

Houston History

  • Last race was in 2015, when Seely won after qualifying 3rd.
  • See how current 450SX riders did at the last two Houston races.
2015 2014
Eli Tomac 3rd 9th
Ken Roczen 3rd
Justin Barcia 9th 2nd
Jason Anderson 16th 1st (250SX)
Cole Seely 1st 4th (250SX)
Chad Reed 5th
Blake Baggett 11th
Josh Grant 4th 21st
Broc Tickle 8th
Justin Brayton 10th
Cooper Webb 1st (250SX) 6th (250SX)
Malcolm Stewart 3rd (250SX) 3rd (250SX)

Track Layout

  • Five 180° turns
  • Long whoops section
  • Sand section

Tomac Train?

  • Tomac is down 25 points in the championship after crashing at A1 and having a wardrobe malfunction.
  • He led seven laps.
  • Last year, he finished 8th or worse three times and came back to finish either 1st or 2nd at the following round.
  • The last time Tomac had a DNF was 2014 in Atlanta – and he finished the next race in 2nd, his first podium that year. The DNF was due to a mechanical issue.
  • The last time he had a DNF due to a crash was in 2013 (in 250SX) in Oakland. He got 3rd at the next race.


  • Musquin led 14 laps at A1 and won.
  • He began last year with three straight podiums.
  • Last year, he didn’t make the top 5 in a race where he qualified 6th or worse.

Marvin Musquin
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo


  • Anderson made the top 5 in seven out of eight west coast races in 2017.
  • On average, he finished one spot better than where he qualified in the west last year.

Roczen like a Hurricane

  • Roczen qualified 1st and finished 4th at A1.
  • His arm looks good and does not appear to be limiting him.


  • Cole Seely
    • Won in Houston in 2015
    • Only missed the top 5 on the west a single time last season
    • Qualified as far back as 11th last year on the west and still made the top 5
    • Had an average start of 4.67 and an average finish of 4.17 on the west last season
  • Justin Barcia
    • Showed he might still be a contender
    • Qualified 3rd and led three laps and qualified 3rd at A1
    • Got a best finish of 9th last year
    • Put three consecutive podiums together the last time he was on the podium (2014)
  • Weston Peick
    • Qualified 15th, started 4th, finished 5th at A1
    • Improved more in his finish over qualifying than any other rider
    • Finished last year’s three races an average of nine spots better than where he qualified
  • Blake Baggett
    • Only finished in the top 5 in the east region in 2017
    • Had an average west region finish of 10.78 last year
  • Cooper Webb
    • Qualified 9th, started 8th, finished 10th
    • Had an average finish last season within 2.5 spots of where he qualified
  • Justin Brayton
    • Qualified 7th, started 9th, finished 7th
    • Had a 6th in the west region last season (Glendale)
    • Had an average finish 1.25 spots back from where he qualified on the west in 2017
  • Broc Tickle
    • Qualified 11th, started 17th, finished 8th
    • Made up more spots from the start than anyone else (nine positions)
    • Took 6th twice in the west last season (Arlington and Seattle)
  • Josh Grant
    • Finished 9th, eight spots better than where he qualified
    • Had an average finish of 7.67 in the west last season
    • Took 4th at Houston in 2015
    • Qualified 10th or better four times last season and made the top 5 in three of those races

Cole Seely
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Wildcard Watch (12th)

  • Closest average finishers last year: Malcolm Stewart (14.13) and Justin Brayton (12.73)
  • Riders to watch based on last week’s finishes and qualifying positions:
Finished Qualified
Jeremy Martin 11th 10th
Vince Friese 13th 16th
Tyler Bowers 14th 13th
Chad Reed 15th 20th

SXperts’ Picks

Christian Chase
1st Tomac Roczen
2nd Musquin Musquin
3rd Roczen Anderson
4th Anderson Tomac
5th Seely Seely
WC Friese Reed

Note: Christian and Chase reserve the right to change their picks.

Prize Recap

  • 1st – Pirelli MX 32 Mid-Hard Tires, Two Sets – up to $524.62 MSRP
  • 2nd – Acerbis Spending Spree – $425.00 MSRP
  • 3rd – Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet – $399.95 MSRP
    4th – Cycra Ultra Probend CRM Handguards and Full Armor Skid Plate – $299.90 MSRP
    5th – Pro Honda Prize Pack – $289.20
    6th – RevArc Dirt Bike Loading System – $269.99 MSRP
    7th – Mobius X8 Wrist Brace – $199.95 MSRP
    8th – EVS T7 Podium Helmet – $175.00 MSRP
    9th – Dirt Tricks Zirconium Rear Sprocket and Front Sprocket – $156.75 MSRP
    10th – Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale V2 – $149.99 MSRP
    11th-100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card


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