Lifted Polaris RZR

Turn shoveling snow into your new favorite winter chore! When you install a Tusk SubZero Snow Plow on your UTV, clearing snow is quick and easy. The SubZero plow in is an awesome accessory to have for your UTV when winter rolls around, and installation is a snap. This article walks you through an installation to see how to install the mount to your UTV prior to attaching the plow and push tube. You can find the tutorial for the plow assembly as well by clicking here when you are finished installing the mount to your UTV.

We carry mounts for multiple UTVs and instructional videos can be found for the following machines as well:

Polaris Ranger
400/500/570/570 Crew
Polaris Ranger
900XP/900 Crew
Yamaha Rhino

Mount Installation: What You Need to Begin

Mount Plate Mounting Hardware

First thing you’ll want to do is open up the kit and verify that the mount and all mounting hardware pieces are accounted for. Each plow mount is specifically designed for each machine, so the look of the equipment for your UTV may appear different than what is pictured here. Tools needed for installation may vary as well, but for this machine we will only need a ratchet and a 13mm socket to complete the install.
Ratchet and Socket

1. Position and prep your UTV for installation.

    1. For this tutorial, we have supported the UTV on ramps for easier access to the under carriage. However you decide to position your machine, use caution to avoid any damage or potential injuries while installing the mount.
    2. Putting Your UTV on Ramps Can Give Easier Access

    3. If you have a skid plate covering the underside of the front differential it will need to be removed to provide access to the frame.
    4. Remove Skid Plate if Necessary

Installing the Mount Plate

2. Place the mounts in the correct places for installation

    1. Figure out where each clamp will sit on the machine.
    2. The front mount will sit right behind the frame crossbar on this UTV.
    3. Measure Out Where Front Clamp Will Sit

    4. The two smaller rectangle pieces will sit over the middle holes in the frame. Set those in place and align the threaded holes.
    5. Set Middle Mounts in Place
      Mounts Will Be Placed on Opposite Side of Frame

    6. The rear rectangular mount will hold the plate up into place. Hold the skid plate up in to place to find where the rear bolt should be placed.
    7. Rear Rectangle Mount
      Determine Where Rear Plate Will Go

    8. After measuring, we see that the rectangular bolt needs to be placed directly over the front set of holes in the frame for this machine. Set it up in to place.
    9. Once Determined, Set Rear Mount in Place

Install the mount plate onto your UTV.

    1. Now that all of the mounts have been placed, we can attach mount plate. Holding it up in to place, use two of the shorter bolts to attach the rear of the plate to the rectangular mount.
    2. Attach Rear Bolts into Mount Plate

    3. Once the rear bolts are securely threaded, move to the front and install the two longer bolts for the front mount. Do not tighten them down yet, you want the mount loose for now.
    4. Install Front Mount Bolts

    5. Make sure the middle holes are lined up with the threaded mounts above them and thread both remaining shorter bolts up into the rectangle mounts.
    6. Thread in Middle Bolts

    7. When both middle bolts are threaded in most of the way, work on tightening them down with the ratchet.
    8. Tighten Middle Bolts with Ratchet

    9. When the middle bolts are tight, move to the front bolts. Be sure to tighten them down evenly to ensure the mount is clamped down evenly on both sides.
    10. Tighten Front Bolts with Ratchet

    11. Move to the rear bolts and tighten them down as well.
    12. Tighten Rear Bolts Down with Ratchet

      All Done!

      You’re finished with the installation! You are now ready to attach the Tusk SubZero snow plow to your machine. Click here for detailed instructions – both written and on video – for how to assemble and install the Tusk SubZero Snow Plow on your UTV. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below or feel free to give us a call!

      Mount Installation Finished on a RZR 800

      Technician Disclaimer

      By Rachel Bretzing