If you’re like us, you’re serious about your riding and your machine. Nerf bars are a great addition to the quad of any serious ATV enthusiast.

Installing Tusk Comp Series Nerf Bars

Nerf bars were originally a safety measure for racing. When one ATV passes another, the nerf bar acts like a bumper, ensuring that the wheels of the two vehicles don’t get tangled. (Nerfing is a racing term that refers to lightly bumping another vehicle, often while performing a pass.) This prevents a dangerous situation occurring from something that is otherwise routine.

Today, nerf bars are as much of an accessory for recreational riders with sport quads as they are for racers. Why? Practically all modern nerf bars are netted, providing a place for your feet to land if they fall off the foot pegs. Can you imagine the unrestrained impact of your leg vertically slamming the ground after a jump? How about those unexpected, jarring moments riding? What about conditions that cause your foot to slip off the peg? Nerf bar nets catch your feet, preventing them from taking an unnecessary impact.

Picture of the Tusk Comp Series Nerf Bars for ATVs

These step-by-step instructions for Tusk’s ATV nerf bars will help you install your equipment quickly and painlessly so you can get back to doing what you love: riding. These instructions are specifically for a TRX450R. Keep in mind that each machine is a little different. (Machine-specific instructions are included with each purchase.)

Step 1: Lace the Webbing

Nerf bars are sold in pairs, so the first thing you’ll need to do is determine which is the left side and which is the right side. After that, it’s time to lace the webbing.

Lay the webbing on top of the aluminum bars. It doesn’t really matter which strap you start with, but the longer strap on the webbing will go to the inside of the nerf bar, towards the machine. (Note: None of the straps are going to mount directly to the frame of the machine.)

Thread each strap through the top slot. Bring it straight down, and come out the bottom slot. Loop the strap into the middle slot and back out through the top slot, bringing the webbing out on the bottom side of the strap in which you started. Take a look at the picture below for reference.

Picture of the Webbing Laced through the Nerf Bar Frame

Continue all the way around the nerf bar until you have laced the webbing.

Step 2: Mount the Nerf Bar

Remove the front bolt on the lower, front motor-mount. Attach the front nerf mount with the stock bolt. Allow the nerf mount to be loose at this time – you will need to tighten it after step 3.

(Please note that this is a machine-specific step.)

Picture of the Nerf Bar Mounted

Step 3: Attach the Nerf Bar to the Foot Peg

Slide the aluminum nerf bars onto the front nerf mount. Align the nerf bar to the foot peg. Using mount holes on the nerf bar, mark the foot peg with a marker and drill two mounting holes in foot peg.

Picture of the Nerf Bar Attached to Foot Peg

Attach the nerf bar to the foot peg using the supplied bolts, washers and nuts. Tighten them.

(Please note that this is a machine-specific step.)

Tighten the front mount bolt (motor-mount) to factory torque specs. (Refer to your ATV’s service manual.)


Once your Tusk nerf bars are installed and ready, the only thing left is to go out and ride! Please note that before riding your ATV each time, it is important to check all the bolts and retighten them if needed.

Don’t have a set of Tusk nerf bars yet? Pick them up at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Already have some? Check out other quality Tusk products.

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