A puncture in your tire can happen anywhere and will ruin a good time fast if you aren’t prepared for it. Fortunately, plugging an ATV or UTV tire is an easy fix that just about anyone can do when you have the right tools. Take a look at the video below for an easy trailside tutorial on how to plug a tire, or keep reading for three simple steps to repair an ATV or UTV tire on your own.

What You’ll Need

You will need a tire plug kit. Each kit should come equipped with the reaming tool and the installer tool you will need to perform the repair. Depending on the kit, it should also come with a number of plugs and a small tube of rubber cement. Some kits will also contain patches, a CO2 inflator and extra CO2 cartridges. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries the following tire plug kits:

Slime Screwdriver Tire Plug Kit Slime Tire Plug Kit
Slime Screwdriver Tire Plug Kit Slime Tire Plug Kit
Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit Tusk Tire Repair Kit
Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit Tusk Tire Repair Kit

Step 1: Locate and Prepare the Hole for the Plug

    1. Locate the hole or puncture in your tire.
    2. Puncture Hole in ATV Tire

    3. Use the reaming tool to make the hole large enough for a plug to fit and also to rough up the rubber so that the plug will have something to grab on to.
    4. Reaming the Hole in the Tire

    5. Twist the tool back and forth, up and down a few times to make sure the hole is reamed properly.
    6. Thoroughly Reaming the Hole

      Hole After It Has Been Reamed

Step 2: Prepare the Plug

    1. Remove one of the rubber plugs from the sheet in the kit.
    2. Remove a Plug from the Kit

    3. Position the plug evenly in the installer tool.
    4. Position Plug in the Center of the Tool

    5. Generously apply the glue or rubber cement to the full length of the plug. This will help the plug seal properly in the hole.
    6. Apply Adhesive to Tire Plug

Step 3: Insert the Plug into the Tire

    1. Insert the tip of the installer tool into the hole and push the plug down into the hole until about ¼” – ½” of the ends extends out of the hole.
    2. Install the Plug

      Note: Be careful when installing the plug so that you do not push it in too far. The force needed to install the plug combined with the slickness of the glue can make the plug install much quicker than anticipated.

    3. Remove the installer tool and let the plug set for a couple of minutes.
    4. Trim Excess off Plug If Needed

    5. If the ends of the plug extend further than ¼” – ½” out of the tire, use a knife to trim the excess.

All Done!

That’s all it takes. If the hole is small enough, a properly placed plug should last for the duration of the life of the tire. If it is a more aggressive hole, a plug kit will at least help your tire hold up until you can get your machine back to the shop. Don’t let a flat tire keep you from a ride! Carry a tire plug kit in your bag and you’ll be ready if you ever have to do some trailside maintenance on your ATV or UTV tire.

If you would like to learn how to perform any certain kind of maintenance on your machine, let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to help you out!

By Rachel Bretzing