It’s snowing outside and you’re itching to get out on your quad. Sounds like a good time to hook up the snow plow and clear the way. Don’t have a plow on your ATV yet? No problem! Just take a look at this tutorial on how to install the Tusk SubZero snow plow mount.

Picture of a SubZero Snow Plow Attached to a Honda Rincon

Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Mount Installation Instructions

This article discusses instructions to install the Tusk SubZero snow plow mounting plate to an ATV.

Since the plow mount installs directly onto your quad, the installation process is unique for each machine. This particular tutorial explains step-by-step instructions for one of the most popular models: the Honda Rancher 420. While the process is similar across most models, you may want to view the video that is unique to your machine. Find your ATV in the table below to access a YouTube video for it. The video for the Honda Rancher 420 is embedded below (with written instructions following it).

Click this link to see a specific list of machines that the Tusk SubZero snow plow fits.

What You Need to Begin

Picture of a SubZero Snow Plow Mount with Necessary Hardware and Tools

Each plow mount is shaped uniquely to fit to the machine you’re working on. This image represents the plow mount for the Honda Rancher 420, but yours may appear differently. Furthermore, the exact tools you need can vary slightly from the list provided below.

Tools Needed for Installation
Picture of a Tusk Deep Socket T-Handle Wrench Picture of a Open-End Wrench
10 mm T-Handle Wrench 10 mm Open-End or Ratchet Wrench

It’s also best if you have someone around who can help you with the installation. You’ll need someone to hold the plow mount in place while you tighten the brackets.

Position your machine in a way that you can get access to the skid plate.

  1. In this tutorial, the ATV is stood upright.
  2. Remember that quads are heavy. Be safe while securely positioning your machine for mount plate installation.

Remove the bolts holding the skid plate in place.

  1. On the Rancher 420, there are 12 bolts. Other machines, there are as few as four.
  2. Remove the two bolts attaching the skid plate to the bumper.
  3. Picture of Removing the Bumper Bolts

  4. Use a 10 mm T-handle socket wrench for the top bolts.
  5. Picture of Using a T-Handle Wrench to Remove Bolts on the Skid Plate

  6. Use a 10 mm ratchet (or open-end) wrench for the bottom two bolts.
  7. Picture of Using a Ratchet Wrench to Remove Bolts on the Skid Plate

Remove the plastic skid plate.

  1. Pull off the stock skid plate.
  2. Picture of Removing the Plastic Skid Plate

  3. Reinstall the two front bumper screws.
  4. Picture of Replacing the Two Front Bumper Bolts

Put the plow mount in place.

  1. It’s helpful to get an idea of where the brackets will sit. In order to do this, hold the plow mount up in the right position.
  2. Picture of Observing Where the Brackets will Sit

  3. On this particular model, the brackets come in two different sizes. Two of the U-clamps are offset on one side while the other two are symmetrical. The regular U-clamps go on the front of the quad while the offset U-clamps go on the rear. The offset side goes on the outside of the frame.
  4. Picture of Two Different U-clamps

  5. Have a friend hold the plow mount up to the frame.
  6. Picture of Holding the Plow Mount to the Machine Frame

Fasten the U-clamps to the plow mount.

  1. Start the bolts. At this point, you don’t need to tighten them completely, but get the threads started to hold it in place.
  2. Picture of Starting the Threads on the Bolts

  3. There are two sizes of bolts. The two longer bolts are for the offset (outer) side of the rear U-clamps. The six longer bolts are for the front U-clamps and the regular (inner) side of the rear-U-clamps.
  4. Picture of Observing Bolts of Two Different Sizes

  5. Check the alignment of the plow mount. If it looks good, go ahead and tighten the bolts. Make sure to tighten them evenly so that it pulls the clamps straight to the plow mount.
  6. Picture of Tightening the Bolts

  7. Double-check the hardware and make sure everything is tight.

You’re Done!

Now that your ATV is equipped with the SubZero snow plow mount, you’re ready to attach the actual plow.

Don’t have a Tusk SubZero snow plow yet? Check out the snow plow section at, where we have SubZero plows available in both 50” blades and 60” blades.

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