Dyna Bead Kit

When you’re only riding on two wheels, it’s really important that they remain stable.
Motorcycle Dyna Bead kits are a great way to get a dynamic balance in your tire – which means you will have a smooth ride every time.

Typically a tire will need to be balanced by external weights in order to give the rider a set of wheels that won’t shake or vibrate at higher speeds. However, Dyna Beads work to eliminate this by collecting at the center of the imbalanced tire and give you a ride that makes you feel like you’re gliding down the roadway.

How to Install Motorcycle Dyna Beads

Here’s our incredibly simple guide to installing Dyna Beads in your motorcycle tires so you can feel the difference.

  1. The easiest way to begin is to remove the tire from the bike – this way you can keep the valve stem at a downward angle, making it easier to pour the beads inside. You can also perform this with the wheel attached as well, if you prefer.
  2. Once you’ve got the tire in a good position, remove the valve stem’s core with a valve stem removal tool or a slotted metal valve cap. If the tire has air in it, it will immediately begin to release.
  3. Picture of a Myers Valve Stem Cap with Core Remover

  4. You’ll then want to thread the kit’s tubing on to the stem snugly and pour the Dyna Beads into the applicator bottle. And now you’re ready for installation.
  5. Removing the Valve Stem Core
    Pouring Dyna Beads into the Applicator Bottle

  6. There are a few tricks to getting the beads inside. You’ll want to start by putting the bottle’s opening into the tubing and “squirting” the beads in slowly so that they don’t accumulate outside the stem instead of going into the tire. Slowly is the key here. Once the Dyna Beads get backed up, you will need to flick the tube with your finger to keep the beads flowing. To speed it up, we have used the tip of an engraver alongside the tube with good results.
  7. Installing Dyna Beads in the Tire

  8. Once you’ve installed your Dyna Beads, you are then able to put in the valve stem’s new core, wrapping up the job in just a short amount of time. Lastly, just add air to the tire, and you’re ready to rock!

Pro tip: You will want to avoid putting any liquids (including Fix-A-Flat) in your tires, otherwise the beads will become ineffective.

After doing all of this work on your tires, take them out for a spin and see if your ride has improved.

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