Jay Clark with Some of His Project Bikes

Being in the motorcycle industry for over 25 years has given me the chance to try out a ton of different products. Some I have found to be absolutely amazing, while some have left me wishing that I hadn’t wasted my money on them. When I come across a product that actually works, I want to share it with everyone so you can be just as impressed as I have been. I’ve put together a little list of some of the best products I have used over the last year or two in hopes that they might help you out on the track or trail. Check it out.

Some of My Favorite Aftermarket Parts

Fly Racing Folding Runway Ramp

Fly Racing Folding Runway Ramp

As far as we can remember, this Fly bike ramp is about 10 years old. And it still works like new. Like with any folding ramp, just be sure not to smash or pinch your fingers in it when you use it!

Alpinestars Tech Boots

Alpinestars Tech 8 Boots

Whether it’s the Tech 7, Tech 8 or Tech 10, you can’t go wrong with a set of these MX boots from Alpinestars. I personally like the feel of the Tech 8’s, while my boy is hooked on the extra protection the Tech 10 offers.

Primary Drive Chains

Primary Drive Chains

O-Ring chains are a must if you don’t want to be adjusting your chain and buying new sprockets all of the time. The Primary Drive o-ring chains are extremely durable, and well worth the purchase. If you remember to use an oily chain lube versus a sticky chain lube, you will get a much longer life out of your o-ring chain.

Tusk Batteries

Tusk Lithium Batteries

Lightweight batteries aren’t new news anymore. However, one that works great at a decent price is definitely noteworthy. The Tusk Lithium batteries are high-performance, high-quality and have applications for most popular off-road bikes. They can help your bike shed a couple pounds too – it did for my YZ250FX.


Hot Cams Camshafts

Hot Cams Stage 1 Camshafts work great when you are looking to get more power through the bottom to mid-range, while not having to sacrifice any power from the top end. I have installed them on multiple machines, and recently installed it for some YZ250F and FX models. They allow you to utilize your stock valve springs and lifters without sacrificing any durability or quality.

Tusk Rotors

Tusk Rotors

A quick response and firm grab from your brakes is essential for strong stopping, and strong stopping is beneficial anywhere you ride – from the track to the trail. We’ve found that the Tusk Oversized Rotor is excellent when it comes to getting your bike to stop quicker, which then translates to faster start times again out on the track.

Cycra Handshields

Cycra Handshields

If you want some light off-road protection from brush and roost, but don’t want to run full wrap-around handguards, the Cycra Rebound Hand Shields are a great option. Not only do they work well, they have proven to be very durable. They don’t offer quite the same protection as the full wrap-arounds, but they bend back on impact and shield pretty well.

Pipe Guard

E Line Pipe Guard

If you take a two-stroke on any serious off-road trails, there is a good chance you can end up doing some severe damage to your exhaust. A pipe guard can tremendously reduce that damage, or even eliminate the risk of damage at all. And, running a pipe guard is much easier than having to spend money on getting dents pulled out or buying new pipes.

Maxima FFT

Maxima Foam Filter Treatment

A properly oiled air filter is critical to the life and performance of your motor. We have found that when it comes to putting a stop to dirt and dust getting into the engine, Maxima’s FFT does an excellent job. If your filter is properly saturated, you can be sure you will get the coverage you need with FFT.

Trail Tech Lights

Trail Tech X2 Dual Sport Headlight

Until you have ridden at night with a stock headlight, you don’t really understand the need for stronger lighting. Trail Tech X-2 lights are like magic when compared to stock! They have easy-to-understand instructions, and great tech support if you need extra help.

Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit

Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit

“Bigger is Better” and “No Replacement for Displacement” are sayings we have heard for years. Cylinder Works takes them to heart when it comes to their big bore kits. From a 250cc dirt bike up to a RZR 1000, Cylinder Works has a kit to make your motor bigger and better than ever.

Tusk Rear Blinkers

Tusk Mini Flush Mount L.E.D. Turn Signals

Street legal guys need blinkers and Tusk low profile blinkers are perfect for the job. They are inexpensive, mount flush to your bike, and have bright L.E.D. bulbs that can be easily seen whenever you use them. Because they are low profile, you don’t have to worry about them getting caught if you hit the trails with your bike.

Tusk Front Blinkers

Tusk Handguard Replacement Turn Signal

If you need rear blinkers, you’ll be needing front blinkers too. The Tusk Handguard Turn Signals mount right into your handguards and sit flush so they are out of the way while still providing a bright L.E.D. light.

FMF Pipes

FMF Exhaust

FMF is a well-known name in every form of dirt bike racing and it is not just because of the cool factor. They build great performing pipes that have been tested and proven by dyno and on the track time and time again.


Neff Odyssey Watch

One of the best ways to help you keep track of and work towards increasing your endurance on the track is to keep a simple watch on your bar pad. Knowing your lap times can help you push just a little bit harder the next time around, or spend a couple of extra minutes practicing each session out on the track.

There are tons of awesome products out on the market these days, with new ones emerging all the time. I have told you some of my favorite products and services but we’d love to know what some of yours are in the comments below!

By Jay Clark