The King of the Motos is one of the most extreme enduro events and includes open desert racing as well as rock climbing. It is part of the annual King of the Hammers event and takes place in Johnson Valley, CA. The 2016 edition of King of the Motos took place on January 31.

Moto Pro Report

Last year’s winner, Colton Haaker, wasted no time in getting up front. However, by the end of lap 1, Cody Webb and Kyle Redmond were practically neck-and-neck and not far behind Haaker, with Taylor Robert in hot pursuit in 4th. On lap 2, Robert moved up past Redmond and Webb into 2nd. Next, it was Webb’s turn, and he pushed past Robert and Haaker into 1st.

While Webb and Haaker battled over the lead, Cory Graffunder had worked his way from 5th into 3rd, but Robert and Redmond were close behind. They continued their three-way fight for 3rd. Webb began to put some distance between himself and Haaker, and by the end of lap 5, Webb looked to have solid control of the lead. Redmond drifted back to 5th. Robert and Graffunder passed up Haaker, and the three of them fought for 2nd and 3rd.

Eventually Graffunder fell back, but Robert and Haaker continued their battle all the way up until the end. They never could catch Webb, who took the win. Robert managed to edge out Haaker for 2nd, but after over three hours of racing, less than 20 seconds separated the two of them.

Moto Pro Results

12Cody WebbKTM3:04:42.3417
233Taylor RobertKTM3:06:09.6637
31Colton HaakerHusqvarna3:06:26.9207
4118Cory GraffunderKTM3:10:41.8157
57Kyle RedmondBeta3:32:22.4087
615Max GertsonBeta3:29:05.9877
7696Noah KeppleKTM3:37:24.5857
8177Mitch CarvolthKTM3:07:08.6356
9114Ty TremaineKTM2:16:35.3044
10125Bryan RoperHusqvarna1:37:56.6613
11529Eric BaileyKTM1:39:47.4953
12403Justin MorganYamaha1:41:11.1143
134Quinn WentzelKTM1:45:27.6983
14203Mike ArandaKTM1:49:36.0883
15815Tyler KinkadeKTM1:49:37.8313
1651Andrew PuttHusqvarna1:50:07.5523
17N200Kevin MurphyKTM1:50:08.5683
1821Kevin DupuisHusqvarna1:51:54.0163
19103Peter WeissKTM1:08:06.1402
20305Wayne DickertKTM1:33:32.4842
DNF407Josh AdamsKTM0:00:00.0000
DNF1923Todd RomanoSCB0:00:00.0000