Las Vegas 2016 Supercross Track

RMFantasySX Stats

  • Dropping Two Rounds: Don’t forget that your two lowest rounds are dropped from your RMFantasySX score. Will ignoring two bad scores boost your overall ranking?
  • Ryan Dungey: Despite nearly 97% of users picking Dungey in their top 5, only 3% had him in 4th, while 55% had him in 1st. Is it finally getting too risky to pick Dungey to win?
  • Justin Brayton: Dungey surprised a lot of RMFantasySX users, but Brayton surprised even more. Less than 1% of users had Brayton in 5th.
  • Jason Anderson: Although Anderson’s 6th-place finish at East Rutherford wasn’t bad, he was the biggest disappointment for RMFantasySX last week, with 70% of users picking him somewhere in their top 5. Will he return to the top 5 at Las Vegas?

Ryan Dungey
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Weather Report

  • Weekend Rain: On Friday, there is a high probability of rain (and even thunderstorms) in Las Vegas. This leads into the chance of rain on Saturday as well, creating the possibility of a muddy and rutty track.
  • Riding in Rain: While this year has seen several rainy weekends at supercross venues, Las Vegas might be the first round with rain during the actual event. How will this affect the riding for the final round?
  • Rut Riders: With the possibility of wet riding and deteriorating track conditions, will this open the door for riders whose finishes have benefited from rutty tracks this year, like Canard or Bogle? How much will the top 5 be shaken up by the weather?

Justin Bogle
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Las Vegas

  • Sam Boyd Stadium: The supercross series has hit Sam Boyd Stadium every year since 1990 except for 1996. Of the venues on the schedule this year, only Angel Stadium and Daytona International Speedway have hosted more supercross events.
  • Unusual Start: This year’s start begins in the stadium before heading through the traditional “Monster Alley” outside the stadium. This is the first time the starting gate has been placed inside the stadium in 10 years. How will this affect riders’ starts?
  • Ryan Dungey: In the 450SX class, Dungey has only ever placed 1st or 2nd at Las Vegas. Which position is he more likely to finish in this year?
  • Chad Reed: Reed has nine podiums at Sam Boyd Stadium, but he hasn’t placed in the top 5 there since 2011. Can he get back into the top 5 a final time this season, or is he finished until next year?

Chad Reed
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Dungey’s Top Rivals

  • Ken Roczen: Roczen’s starts lately have been exceptional, with two holeshots in just the last three races. Will he deliver fans another great start and then sail off to victory in Las Vegas?
  • Eli Tomac: Tomac’s starts haven’t always been great this year, but he has shown that he can pass riders – including Dungey in the last two rounds. Can he keep it up and finish the season with another podium or even a win?
  • Jason Anderson: Anderson finished outside of the top 5 at East Rutherford for just the third time this season. Will this hurt his confidence going into Las Vegas, or will it just fire him up to improve his results?

Ken Roczen
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Back to Relevancy

  • Cole Seely: Seely came back from an injury at Foxborough with 7th and boosted up to 3rd at East Rutherford. Will he be aiming for one more podium at Las Vegas?
  • Marvin Musquin: After injuring his wrist, Musquin struggled for a couple of rounds before finally showing speed last weekend by getting the fastest qualifying time and finishing 7th in the main event. Will he wrap up the season with an impressive finish?
  • Justin Brayton: Brayton completed several top 10 finishes in the beginning of the year before placing 5th at Atlanta. Since then, he’s placed everywhere from 6th to 18th until landing in the top 5 again with 5th at East Rutherford. Where will he finish on Saturday?

Cole Seely
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The Last Race

  • New Winner: Riders have won their first race of the season at the final round eight times in the history of supercross, but it hasn’t happened at all in the last 20 years. Could someone like Seely or Musquin make it happen again in 2016?
  • Champions in 1st: The champion has clinched the series one round early 17 times before Dungey did it at East Rutherford. The champion has gone on to win the final round 10 of those times. Will Dungey be back in the lead at Las Vegas?
  • Top 5: In the last 10 years, one or two riders in the top 5 at the second-to-last round didn’t make it into the top 5 at Las Vegas. Which of the top 5 last week (Roczen, Tomac, Seely, Dungey and Brayton) won’t make the top 5 on Saturday?

Marvin Musquin
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Wildcard Watch (7th)

  • Trey Canard: Despite putting in a string of top 5 finishes, Canard only pulled off an 8th last week. He has placed 7th three times this season. This week, is he more likely to land in the top 5 or in the wildcard spot?
  • Justin Bogle: Although Bogle’s finishes this year have ranged from 4th to 22nd, he has averaged a finish position of 7.8 in the last five races. Will he get 7th at Las Vegas?
  • Chad Reed: In the last four races, Reed has pulled off a pair of 6th place finishes and a pair of 9th place finishes – including the wildcard at East Rutherford. Will he land in this range again and take the wildcard spot on Saturday?

Trey Canard

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