A good mechanic can never have enough tools. If you know a gearhead, make their Christmas morning a memorable one by getting them a gift from our Moto Tool Wish List. Check out the entire list below where we explain the tools and break down why each one is so useful.

Motion Pro Spinner II T-Handle – $18.89 – $22.49

motion pro spinner II t handle

Best Features

  • Bearing-mounted spinner for easy, fast bolt removal
  • 12 inch long shaft and chrome vanadium construction
  • 2-step drive head for fixed and swivel drive

T-Handles are an absolute must-have tool for any mechanic. They don’t take up much space, they’re almost impossible to break, and their length is ideal for getting into hard-to-reach places. But if you’re dealing with a case cover or other component with an excess of long, fine-threaded bolts, spinning a t-handle can get tiresome. Motion Pro’s Spinner II solves the problem by fitting a free-spinning grip onto the t-handle’s shaft—allowing you to hold the grip and spin the rest of the t-handle freely. That makes removing and installing fasteners exceptionally easy because you can hold the spinning grip, flick the handle, and let the inertia of the t-handle spin the rest of the fastener in or out.

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Motion Pro Nitro Tape – $8.99

motion pro nitro tape

Best Features

  • Is non-adhesive, self-fusing silicone tape
  • Forms a waterproof, airtight seal
  • Insulates 8,000 volts per layer

Useful for all sorts of fixes, Motion Pro Nitro Tape is a roll of self-fusing silicone tape—a specially formulated type of silicone rubber that uses no adhesive and actually chemically bonds to itself upon contact. The tape is applied by stretching and wrapping it around whatever you need to fix or cover. When used correctly, Nitro Tape forms an airtight, waterproof, electrically insulative seal. That makes Nitro Tape perfect for wrapping electrical wires, keeping water out of electrical connections, and even making temporary repairs to a punctured radiator hose.

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Tusk Chain Breaker – $12.99

tusk chain breaker

Best Features

  • Easily breaks chains in seconds
  • Can be used on all sizes of chain

Chain replacement is a critical part of routine maintenance, but getting an old chain off the bike can be a hassle without the proper tools. The robust and simple design of the Tusk Chain Breaker makes it the ideal tool for pressing out pins, cutting chains to length, and removing rivet-type master links. Long handles on both the tool body and pin provide plenty of leverage and make driving pins nearly effortless. The tool’s design also allows it to work on any size chain, whether it’s on a dirt bike, ATV, or street bike.

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Tusk Clutch Holding Tool – $17.99

tusk clutch holding tool

Best Features

  • Holds the inner clutch hub for clutch disassembly
  • Features adjustable jaws that open to 5 inches wide
  • Includes 8mm spanner pins on back for use on flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc.

In certain circumstances, specialized tools aren’t always needed. That is not the case when the inner clutch hub needs to be removed. The Tusk Clutch Holding Tool uses a set of wide-opening jaws and a locking handle to grab the inner hub and hold it in place while you remove the hub’s inner nut—making it vital for removing the inner hub without damaging any clutch component. No need to improvise a way to jam up the inner hub or worry about the hub rotating with the nut. The tool also has two 8mm spanner pins on the back for holding flywheels, sprockets, and gears.

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Tusk Safety Wire Kit – $28.99

shop tusk safety wire kit

Best Features

  • Twists safety wire quickly and evenly
  • Includes safety wire pliers and 100 ft. of .8 mm stainless steel wire
  • Works perfectly for securing grips, fasteners, and other components

Putting safety wire on critical components is great for taking reliability up a notch, but if you’re doing that wiring by hand or with a regular set of pliers, it can take a long time and end with less-than-perfect results. The Tusk Safety Wire Kit comes with high-quality wire and a set of lock-wire pliers that make safety-wiring faster, easier, and more uniform. Use the pliers like normal, and when it’s time to twist the safety wire, lock the pliers shut and twist the wire by simply pulling back on the handle. The pliers will rotate, twist the lock wire, and deliver great results every time.

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