It’s Supercross’s first time in the Music City! Get all the details on Nashville, plus rider stats and trends from the SXperts and special guest, Chris Blose. Check it out!

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Houston Recap

  • Three different riders took the holeshots and won the mains
  • Roczen got the holeshot, led every lap, and won the first main
  • Webb and Musquin were bar-to-bar in the first main
  • Musquin got knocked off the track twice in the first main
  • Roczen crashed off the start in the second main – injured his foot and DNF’d
  • Wilson got his first podium of the year after the third main
  • 97(22) made his second consecutive main, took 15th overall

Houston Results

  • 1st – Cooper Webb
  • 2nd – Marvin Musquin
  • 3rd – Dean Wilson
  • 4th – Eli Tomac
  • 5th – Cole Seely
  • WC (11th) – Justin Hill

Injury Report

  • New: Roczen (will race in Nashville), Barcia, Grant (Yamaha says both are planning on racing in Nashville)
  • Recurring: J.Martin, Peick, Bloss, Stewart, Anderson, Friese, Plessinger, Martinez, Reed, Brayton

SXperts Points

  • Stats & Lats
    • Christian: 46
    • Chase: 64
    • Overall Total: 955

  • Slice & Dice
    • Jim: 33
    • Daniel: 54
    • Overall Total: 894

RMFantasySX Stats

  • Tomac was still the most picked rider for 1st place – 37.95%
  • Only 18.10% of users had Webb taking 1st place
    • More people had Roczen taking 1st (30.59%)
  • There were no perfect scores this round
  • Average points: 33.64
  • Justin Bogle was the most picked wildcard (22.68%) – he took 7th place

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  • Wilson
    • Out of the 36.02% of users that had Wilson in their picks, only 2.47% had him taking 3rd
    • 25.77% of users that picked Wilson had him taking 5th place

  • Seely
    • 14.54% of users had Seely in their picks – 7.72% of those users had him in their WC
    • 5.46% of those users had him in 5th place

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2019 West Coast Averages

Eli Tomac46.63
Ken Roczen6.843
Marvin Musquin5.24.43.6
Cooper Webb5.49.45.6
Blake Baggett7.68.26.4
Dean Wilson78.27.2
Zach Osborne828
Justin Barcia11.6710.4
Cole Seely99.810.6
Justin Bogle14.4911.8
Joey Savatgy7.21112.25
Mike Alessi171213
Tyler Bowers10.2514.7513.25
Justin Hill915.2513.5
Carlen Gardner24.251716.5
Ben Lamay18.21616.5
Alex Ray17.817.517.5
Kyle Chisholm20.818.418
Ryan Breece23.2519.3319.33
Adam Enticknap22.4N/AN/A

Long Start Stats

This weekend, the race is going to start with a long start. There have been four other rounds this year that have had long starts: Glendale, Minneapolis, Arlington, and Atlanta. Here are some stats from those races:

  • Webb has won the last three races with long starts – hasn’t qualified worse than 4th in any of them
  • Roczen and Musquin are the only riders that have placed in the top 5 every round with a long start
  • Musquin qualified, started, and finished 3rd in Minneapolis and Arlington – finished 3rd overall in Atlanta
  • Baggett has finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th in three of the four rounds
  • Tomac only finished in the top 5 in one of the four rounds – 4th at Glendale

Weather Watch

Nashville inaugural Supercross race has the potential to be a mudder! The Nissan Stadium is uncovered, and the early forecast predicts heavy rain on the Thursday and Friday leading up to the race. Saturday is predicted to be cloudy and 80° with 54% humidity. Nothing is set in stone, but keep an eye on the radar and press day to see what conditions on Saturday will be like.

Points Battle

  • Webb
    • Has taken the podium every East Coast race
    • Has won half of the East Coast races
    • Hasn’t finished worse than 4th in the last eight rounds
    • Has taken back-to-back wins twice this season
    • Every time he’s led laps in a standard round, he’s won
    • Hasn’t made the podium when qualifying worse than 9th
    • Had top 3 starts and finishes in the last three main event gate drops

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Musquin
    • Has been on the podium for the last five rounds
    • Was on the podium for five out of the six East Coast races
    • Hasn’t started worse than 6th in the last seven main event gate drops
    • Hasn’t finished more than two spots from where he’s qualified since A1
    • Last time he finished in 2nd place, he finished there 3x in a row
    • Has led laps the last three rounds

  • Tomac
    • Had an average finish of 5.00 in Houston Triple Crown main events
    • Has taken the podium every other round since Detroit
    • Has qualified the same or one spot different than where he finished in the last three rounds
    • Hasn’t started better than 4th in the last four main event gate drops
    • Hasn’t taken the podium in standard rounds when he’s started worse than 5th since A1
    • Took 1st and 2nd after round 13 for the rest of the season in 2018

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Roczen
    • Got his worst finish of the season at Houston
      • DNF’d in the second main after he hurt his foot, pulled it together in the third main to get a 10th overall
    • Got his first main event win of the year at Houston
    • Only took the podium two out of six rounds on the East Coast
    • Hasn’t taken the podium when he started worse than 6th
    • His average finish on the East Coast (4.80) is almost two spots worse than on the West (3.00)


  • Wilson
    • Got his first podium of the season at Houston
    • Hasn’t taken the podium since Indianapolis in 2018
    • Hasn’t taken back-to-back podiums in his entire 450SX career
    • Hasn’t finished better than 8th on the East Coast
    • All of his top finishes have been on the West Coast
    • Finish on the West Coast (7.20) is over one spot better than the East (8.80)
    • Every time he’s started in the top 5, he’s finished in the top 5

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Seely
    • Finally got his first top 5 finish of the year
      • Only beat Osborne in 6th by one point
    • Got his best finishes of the year in the Triple Crown main events – took 4th twice
    • Overall finishes have been getting progressively better the last four rounds: 13, 12, 9, 5
    • Qualifying has gotten better as well: 11, 11, 10, 6

  • Baggett
    • Starts and finishes got progressively better through Houston’s main events
      • S: 12, 9, 8
      • F: 9, 9, 6
    • Has gone two weeks without being in the top 5 – has only happened one other time this season
    • Was in the top 5 five out of six rounds in the East Coast
    • Hasn’t finished in the top 5 unless he started in the top 5

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Osborne
    • Starts and finishes got progressively better in the Houston Triple Crown main events
      • S: 11, 8, 2
      • F: 10, 6, 4
    • Has finished in the top 10 in the last six main event gate drops

  • Savatgy
    • Hasn’t finished more than 4 spots from where he started in the last seven main event gate drops
    • Has a much better finish on the East Coast (5.80) than the West (12.25)
    • Hasn’t finished out of the top 10 in the last nine rounds
    • Hasn’t qualified worse than 10th in the last nine rounds

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Wildcard Watch (7th)

  • Wilson
    • Has taken 6th twice, 7th once, and 8th four times in all gate drops this season
    • Average finish of 2019: 7.62
    • Three out of four times he’s taken 8th place, he’s qualified in 12th place

  • Savatgy
    • Has finished 6th once, 7th once, and 8th once this season
    • Average finish of 2019: 8.58

  • Barcia
    • Has finished 6th once and 7th five times in every gate drop this season
    • Average finish of 2019: 9.13
    • Average East Coast finish: 7.00

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Osborne
    • Has taken 6th twice, 7th once, and 8th once this season
      • Those finishes have been in the last four rounds
    • Average finish of last four rounds: 6.75
    • Has finished two spots, one spot, or the same that he qualified in three of the last four rounds

  • Seely
    • Has finished 6th once and 7th once in all gate drops this season
    • Average finish of 2019: 9.67

    SXperts’ Picks

    Christian Chase
    1st Cooper Webb Marvin Musquin
    2nd Marvin Musquin Cooper Webb
    3rd Blake Baggett Blake Baggett
    4th Joey Savatgy Eli Tomac
    5th Eli Tomac Ken Roczen
    WC Ken Roczen Cole Seely

    Note: Christian and Chase reserve the right to change their picks.

    Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    The season is winding down, which means you only have a few more weeks left of looking forward to awesome prizes! Here’s what’s up for grabs this week:

    Prize Recap

    • 1st – Acerbis $700.00 Spending Spree & Supercross 2 The Video Game
    • 2nd – Mobius X8 Knee Braces – Up to $599.95 MSRP
    • 3rd – 2 Sets of Pirelli MX 32 Mid To Hard Terrain Tires – Up to $524.62 MSRP
    • 4th – Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet – $399.95 MSRP
    • 5th – Pro Honda Prize Pack – Up to $289.20 MSRP
    • 6th – Fly Racing Protection Package – Up to $274.85 MSRP
    • 7th – Fox LE Gear Set – Up to $269.90 MSRP
    • 8th – Tusk $250 Tool Spending Spree
    • 9th – Cycra Ultra CRM Complete Racer Pack – $189.95 MSRP
    • 10th – Scott Prospect Goggle & Goggle Case – $132.45 MSRP
    • 11th-100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Cards

    Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    If you’re trying to maintain your points lead, or want to work up the ranks in your group, we have the solution for you – calendar reminders! Click the link at the top of to get reminders on your device before picks close. It’s quick, easy, and effective.

    We’ll be back next week.


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