The final round of the National Hare and Hound Championships took place at Johnson Valley OHV in Lucerne Valley, CA, on October 22-23.

Pro Report

Ricky Brabec didn’t need a great score to earn enough points to take the championship, but that didn’t stop him from dominating the scene. He quickly moved to the lead and created a gap. Ivan Ramirez followed behind, trailing by 20 seconds, with Jacob Argubright in 3rd. Argubright managed to get around Ramirez on the second lap, and while he put some good distance between himself and 3rd, he was still quite a bit behind Brabec in 1st. He cut the gap down to 17 seconds, but it still wasn’t enough to catch up. Brabec took the win, with Argubright in 2nd.

Ramirez ran into trouble, which knocked him out of contention for a podium spot. Gary Sutherlin had been running in 4th and inherited 3rd from Ramirez. The most improvement of the day was made by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Precision Concepts Race Team’s Justin Morgan, who finished lap 1 in only 9th but had managed to work his way up to 4th by the end of the race.

Brabec’s win allowed him to take the championship, reclaiming it from Ramirez (who won last year). Argubright took a solid 2nd, while Ryan Smith placed 3rd overall for the season.

Pro 250 Report

Joseph Wasson had already clinched the Pro 250 championship at the previous round, so he took the opportunity to make his Pro class debut at this round. As a result, the opportunity was open for a new winner in the Pro 250 class. Nick Stover started out the race well, taking the early lead ahead of Jeff Trulove in 2nd and Tyler Lynn in 3rd. However, Trulove was able to get around him and into 1st on lap 2. On the next lap, Lynn was able to pass Stover as well. Trulove took the win, with Lynn placing 2nd and Stover placing 3rd.

Top 20 Overall Results

Ovl. Pos.Cls. Pos.No.NameBikeClassPointsSeries Points
112Ricky BrabecHondaPro30170
22911Jacob ArgubrightHusqvarnaPro25148
333Gary SutherlinKTMPro2192
44403Justin MorganYamahaPro1892
5545Joseph WassonYamahaPro16101
66657Nicholas BursonBetaPro1577
77100Max Eddy Jr.KawasakiPro1455
88762Axel PearsonBetaPro1392
99347Grant StatleyYamahaPro1242
101X124Jeff TruloveKTMPro 2501132
111062Ryan SmithYamahaPro10106
122X222Tyler LynnYamahaPro 250939
131N473Aaron GwinKTMA Open88
1411127Andrew PuckettYamahaPro721
153X281Nick StoverKTMPro 250659
164X243Nick TolmanKTMPro 250529
175N1XMaverick ShueyYamahaPro 250416
181C1Ryan KarellKTMA 20036
191N22XJames SullivanKTMA 25024
201N644VKyle EricksonKTMA Vet15

Overall Season Results

12Ricky BrabecPro170
2911Jacob ArgubrightPro148
362Ryan SmithPro106
445Joseph WassonPro101
53Gary SutherlinPro92
6762Axel PearsonPro92
7403Justin MorganPro92
8657Nicholas BursonPro77
91Ivan RamirezPro60
10X281Nick StoverPro 25059
11100Max Eddy JrPro55
12347Grant StatleyPro42
13X222Tyler LynnPro 25039
14110Skyler HowesPro36
15X124Jeff TrulovePro 25032
16331Taylor RobertPro30
17X243Nick TolmanPro 25029
18457Taran TaylorPro27
1946Dalton ShireyPro23
2012Sage VincentA Open23
21N311SDan CapparelliA Sen23
22127Andrew PuckettPro21
23N1XMaverick ShueyPro 25016
241Travis PorterPro14
25X20Cooper AshtonPro 25013
25N596Morgan CrawfordA Vet13
2744Jimmy JarrettPro11
28949Nicolas GarvinPro11
29N439Tyler RenshawA Vet11
30615ABraydon BlandA 25010
31333Ty BartholomewPro9
3148Daniel OlonaPro9
332XTate HurleyA Open9
34N195XAustin StoutA Open8
35X414Chance WylliePro 2508
35198Matthew ValdezA Sen8
35N473Aaron GwinA Open8
38117Damon BushPro7
3933Jared SchlapiaPro6
3914Joseph MarquezPro6
41C1Ryan KarellA 2006
42N32VPaul LuceA Vet5
43N221Kelly FisherA Sen5
44N644VKyle EricksonA Vet5
4566XBurke BarnesPro 2504
464Dustin BritainPro4
46526Chris GreenPro4
48N22XJames SullivanA 2504
4995Taylor StevensPro3
49N211Evan AskA Open3
497Klayton PreecePro3
52N121Blake LeutyA Open2
533Jose MoyaPro2
53X492Dustin McCarthyPro 2502
538David KamoPro2
56N387Jayson DensleyA Sen1
5635Kyle DeinesPro1