The sixth round of the National Hare and Hound Championships took place at Red Mountain, CA, on September 17-18.

Pro Report

Ricky Brabec returned to the NHHA after missing the last round for a commitment he had at an international race. Despite his previous absence, he dominated the race, quickly moving to the front and not allowing anyone to get by him. Jacob Argubright had a rougher start to the race, finishing lap 1 in 4th, but he managed to get some passes in, moving into 2nd by the end of lap 2. However, he couldn’t quite close the gap, ultimately finishing in 2nd behind Brabec. Ivan Ramirez rode well, beginning in 2nd and falling back to 3rd after Argubright passed him. However, he held onto 3rd and didn’t relent despite increasing pressure from Ryan Smith. In the end, Ramirez finished in the final podium spot.

Brabec’s win placed him even further ahead of Argubright in championship points. Unless catastrophe strikes, Brabec looks like the likely champion this year.

Pro 250 Report

Joseph Wasson put himself in the lead early in the race and rode to the finish unchallenged for the win. Jeff Trulove began behind him in 2nd, but he and Nick Stover had a battle throughout the race, trading places a couple of times. In the end, Trulove managed to regain 2nd, while Stover placed 3rd.

Top 20 Overall Results

Ovl. Pos.Cls. Pos.No.NameBikeClassPointsSeries Points
112Ricky BrabecHondaPro30140
22911Jacob ArgubrightHusqvarnaPro25123
331Ivan RamirezKTMPro2160
4462Ryan SmithYamahaPro1896
553Gary SutherlinKTMPro1671
66762Axel PearsonBetaPro1579
71X45Joseph WassonYamahaPro 2501485
8112Sage VincentSuzukiA Open1323
97403Justin MorganYamahaPro1274
102X124Jeff TruloveKTMPro 2501121
118127Andrew PuckettYamahaPro1014
123X281Nick StoverKTMPro 250953
132N347Grant StatleyYamahaA Open830
144X222Tyler LynnYamahaPro 250730
151N439Tyler RenshawKTMA Vet611
165N1XMaverick ShueyYamahaPro 250512
172N644VKyle EricksonKTMA Vet44
181C1Ryan KarellKTMA 20033
191N22XJames SullivanKTMA 25022
209117Damon BushBetaPro17