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After the chaos and carnage at Glendale, it’s time to regroup and reconnect with the SXperts as they lock in their picks for Oakland. Be sure to check out the video below for an interview with freestyle MX rider Nate Adams!

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Oakland 2020 Track Map

Glendale Race Recap

  • Zach Osborne got a good start – everything went downhill after that
  • Ken Roczen dominated the night with finishes of 1-1-1
    • Led 38 laps – all but one for the night
  • Martin Davalos took the holeshot in the third main
  • Chris Blose qualified in 17th place, finished in 17th place in mains 1 and 2, took 17th place overall

Glendale Results

  • 1st – Ken Roczen
  • 2nd – Eli Tomac
  • 3rd – Jason Anderson
  • 4th – Cooper Webb
  • 5th – Justin Barcia
  • WC (7th) – Malcolm Stewart

Glendale Lap Chart: Main 1

Glendale Lap Chart: Main 2

Glendale Lap Chart: Main 3

SXperts’ Points

  • Christian: 15 points, 75 total
  • Chase: 59 points, 184 total

RMFantasySX Stats

  • 23 perfect score this week – first ones all year
  • 24.9% of players had Malcolm Stewart in the wildcard – second highest percentage in RMFSX history
  • 35% of players had at least two picks correct
  • 28% of players had Ken Roczen correctly in 1st place – 43% picked Eli Tomac for the win
  • More players had Justin Barcia picked for the wildcard (15.5%) than 5th place (12.6%)
  • 22% of players had Cooper Webb in 3rd place – his most picked position
  • More people had Adam Cianciarulo to win (15%) than Cooper Webb (10.4%)

Oakland 2019

  • Was the fourth round last year
  • Always a day race
  • Track had good ruts – whoops broke down
  • Cooper Webb took the lead after the start and led every lap until checkered flag
  • Track featured a big wall jump
  • 2019 Results:
    • 1st – Cooper Webb
    • 2nd – Marvin Musquin
    • 3rd – Blake Baggett
    • 4th – Eli Tomac
    • 5th – Ken Roczen
    • *It was a KTM podium sweep

Oakland SX Podium 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Injury Report

  • Zach Osborne
  • Justin Bogle
  • Chris Blose
  • Chad Reed

Track Trends

  • Day race
  • Track features four 180° turns right after the start
  • Track features a smaller whoops section
  • Track had a wall jump into what looks like a sand section

Top Contenders

    Ken Roczen

    • Has the best starting average (2.33) and finish (2) per gate drop this season – second best (Jason Anderson) starting average is far from this (5.67)
    • Has led the most laps of the season (68) – already more than he led in 2019 (55) and more than Tomac this year (18)
    • Has finished in 1st or 2nd place in the three races he’s qualified in 4th place or better at
    • Oakland was his worst finish of the first nine rounds last year (5th)
    • Glendale marked the first time he’s ever led laps three races in a row
    • 2013 was the last time the points leader after round four didn’t win the championship
      • Davi Millsaps had the lead but Ryan Dungey came back and won the title

Ken Roczen and 2020 Glendale SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Eli Tomac

    • Has the second best average finish (3.17) and the eighth best average start (8.5) per gate drop this season
    • Last three overall finishes: 2-1-4
    • Started in 1st place and 5th place in the first two mains last week
    • Hasn’t gotten a start better than 10th in the three standard rounds this year
    • Has led laps in the last two rounds
    • Has qualified in 2nd place at all four rounds this year

    Justin Barcia

    • Last three overall finishes: 5-9-2
    • Didn’t finish better than 6th place in any of the mains last week
    • Finishing an average of four spots ahead of where he qualifies
    • Finished six spots ahead of where he qualified in Oakland last year
    • Hasn’t led laps since A1
    • Starts over the last four gate drops (Triple Crown included):10-10-7-12
    • Has finished in the top 5 in standard rounds this year only when he’s qualified in 7th place or better

    Jason Anderson

    • Finishes for this year: 3-5-3-5
    • Average start in standard rounds is 6.67 – was 4.67 at Glendale’s Triple Crown
    • Got hurt just before Oakland last year
    • Finishes an average of less than one spot from where he qualifies
    • 2020 Stats:
      • A1: Q:3, F:5
      • St. Louis: Q:3, F:3
      • A2: Q:5, F:5
      • Glendale: Q:4 F:3

Jason Anderson at 2020 Glendale SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo


    Cooper Webb

    • Currently 20 points down in the championship
    • Finishes for this year: 4-3-12-3
    • Average start for 2020 (Triple Crown included): 7.1
    • Won at Oakland in 2019
    • Was slower in the whoops last weekend
      • The ones this weekend will be jumpers – could be to his advantage

    Zach Osborne

    • Has not been a consistent finisher: 18-4-5-14
    • Standard round start average: 3-1
    • Got black flagged in the third main at Glendale
    • Finishes an average of four spots ahead of where he qualifies

    Malcolm Stewart

    • Is bound to crack the top 5 soon
    • Finishes for this year: 7-8-6-9 – average = 7.5
    • Starts have been hurting him
    • Average start for 2020 (Triple Crown included): 9.8
    • Finishes an average of two spots from where he qualifies

Malcolm Stewart at 2020 Glendale SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Blake Baggett

    • Finishes for this year: 10-14-9-4
    • Average standard round start: 9
    • Finishes an average of 4.75 spots from where he qualifies
    • Took the podium at Oakland last year

    Adam Cianciarulo

    • Finishes for this year: 8-6-7-2
    • Hasn’t finished in the top 5 since A1
    • Finishes an average of 5.75 spots behind where he qualifies
    • Average standard round start: 5

    Justin Brayton

    • Finishes for this year: 8-8-7-6
    • Starts have gotten progressively worse: 3-6-11
    • Finishes an average of 3.75 spots ahead of where he qualifies
    • Had starts of 14-9-13 at Glendale – not good

Wildcard Watch (13th)

    Dean Wilson

    • Finishes for this year: 13-10-13-13
    • Last two starts: 8-8
    • Finishes an average of 3.5 spots behind where he qualifies

Dean Wilson at 2020 Glendale SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Justin Hill

    • Finishes for this year: 12-12-11-11
    • Got caught in the first-turn carnage at Glendale
    • Finishes an average of 4.5 spots behind where he qualifies
    • Started inside the top 10 in five of the last six gate drops

    Vince Friese

    • Average finish per gate drop: 12
    • Finishes at Glendale: 13-12-12
    • Finishes an average of 4.3 spots from where he qualifies

    Aaron Plessinger

    • Average standard round finish: 12.33
    • Finishes an average of 3.75 spots from where he qualifies

Aaron Plessinger at 2020 Glendale SX width=
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Martin Davalos

    • Average finish per gate drop: 13.5
    • Finishes an average of 2.6 spots from where he qualifies (minus DNF at St. Louis)

SXperts’ Picks

Christian Chase
1st Eli Tomac Cooper Webb
2nd Ken Roczen Ken Roczen
3rd Jason Anderson Jason Anderson
4th Jason Anderson Jason Anderson
5th Zach Osborne Malcolm Stewart
WC Vince Friese Vince Friese

Note: Christian and Chase reserve the right to change their picks.

Here are the weekly prizes that are up for grabs this week:

Prize Recap

  • 1 – 3 sets of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – up to $792.45 MSRP
  • 2 – Fox V3 Helmet – up to $519.95 MSRP
  • 3 – Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet – $419.95 MSRP
  • 4 – Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet – up to $299.95 MSRP
  • 5 – Fastway Air EXT Motorcycle Foot Pegs – up to $274.95 MSRP
  • 6 – Pro Honda Prize Pack – up to $270.74 MSRP
  • 7 – TLD Casual Hook-Up: (1) Hoodie, (1) T-Shirt, and (1) Hat – up to $255.00 MSRP
  • 8 – Galfer SKW Oversized Rotor Kit 270MM and Sintered Double H Brake Pads
  • 9 – Scott Prospect Goggle, Tear-Offs, Replacement Lens, and Small Goggle Case
  • 10 – $150.00 Acerbis Spending Spree
  • 11-100 – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card

Ken Roczen Sprays Champagne at the 2020 Glendale SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

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