The 5th round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place on June 22, 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida. With temperatures soaring to the upper 90s, the hot and humid weather brought out the best in some riders, but took a toll on others. Keep reading to follow up on all the crashes, passes, battles, and surprise winners of the day!

The Start at the Florida National 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Lining up for the first 450MX Moto, red plate holders Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen knew they needed a top finish to hold onto their points leads. They both tore down the line as the starting gates dropped, but Tomac got caught in a shuffle that left him in 18th place after the first lap. Roczen didn’t suffer from the same misfortune, sitting in 2nd place and just a few seconds behind race leader Cooper Webb. Things instantly started heating up between the two, but their battle didn’t last for more than a lap. After several failed attempts to pass, Roczen was finally able to edge out Webb for the lead, quickly gapping Webb and everyone else behind him. It seemed as though the win was in the bag for Roczen until Musquin started his charge. With intense speed, he blew past his teammate Webb and used that momentum to launch himself past Roczen, too. Musquin’s speed was too much for Roczen or anyone else. By the end of the race, he won the Moto with a near eight-second lead, Roczen and Anderson finishing in 2nd and 3rd place behind him.

Marvin Musquin at the Florida National 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After taking 7th in the first Moto, Tomac knew he needed a better finish to secure a spot on the podium. He sped down the start straight, taking the holeshot and lead of the race. His speed was unmatched, and he rode uncontested in 1st place for the whole race. Behind him though, other riders were scrambling to get their own top finishes. Zach Osborne, Musquin, and Anderson shuffled through the other top 4 positions, making passes on each other through all 16 laps of the race. It was a battle to the finish line, but Osborne crossed the line behind Tomac in 2nd, with Musquin and Anderson following in 3rd and 4th. In the end, Musquin, Tomac, and Osborne took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall.

450MX Podium at the Florida National 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2Points Overall
125Marvin Musquin1345184
21Eli Tomac7139215
316Zach Osborne5238182
421Jason Anderson3438182
52Cooper Webb4534166
694Ken Roczen 21033209
751Justin Barcia6630129
8103Dean Ferris10725114
9101Fredrik Noren982581
104Blake Baggett8925117
1156Lorenzo Locurcio12111945
1241Ben Lamay14131552
1317Joey Savatgy11181341
1443Tyler Bowers16141244
1519Justin Bogle19121199
1629Benny Bloss1326827
17700James Weeks221566
1849Henry Miller1719628
1911Kyle Chisholm152267
20647Matthew Hubert231655
2163John Short4017418
22718Toshiki Tomita1832320
2380Heath Harrison382011
24577Felix Lopez203911
25711Tristan Lane242100
26214Vann Martin262400
27309Jeremy Smith282600
28927Jamal Porter252900
29116TJ Albright273000
30637Robert Piazza213800
31319Coty Schock303300
32191Roberto Castro392500
33412Jared Lesher293500
34596Carson Tickle343100
35314Tyler Stepek333400
36929Taiki Koga3140011
3760Justin Starling363600
38100Dirco Van der WesthuizenDNF2700
39270Jacob RunklesDNF2800
40125Luke Neese32DNF00
41221Mathias Jorgensen35DNF03
4269Jake Masterpool37DNF035
43727Bradley EsperDNF3700

250MX Report

As the gates dropped on the first 250MX Moto, a surprising Derek Drake snagged the holeshot and took the early lead. Justin Cooper rode close behind though, and pounced on the lead after Drake went down halfway through the 3rd lap. As Cooper ascended to 1st place, Chase Sexton was making a charge of his own from 4th place. He quickly moved his way into 2nd, and began stalking Cooper for the lead. While Sexton worked to close the gap between him and Cooper, points leader and typical race leader Adam Cianciarulo tried to close in on the top 5. After a poor start in 8th place, Cianciarulo struggled to make the key passes necessary to secure a top finish. By the end of the Moto, Cianciarulo was able to salvage a 5th place. Sexton fared better, managing to pass Cooper to take the first Moto win of his career. The top 5 finishes of the race were Sexton, Cooper, Michael Mosiman, Dylan Ferrandis, and Cianciarulo.

Chase Sexton at the Florida National 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Looking for a better finish in the second Moto, Cianciarulo tore off the start line. By the end of the first lap, he was in 4th place – better than 8th, but still behind Cooper, Ferrandis, and Mosiman who finished ahead of him in the first moto. He made quick work of Mosiman, and set his sights on Ferrandis in 2nd place. Ferrandis wasn’t going to give 2nd place to Cianciarulo, though – he wanted to give it to Cooper. After trailing behind the leader for nine laps, he made his play for the lead in lap 10. After an impressive pass, Ferrandis took the lead of the last six laps, winning the second Moto. Cooper held off 2nd from Cianciarulo, a good enough finish to secure the overall. The final 250MX podium of the day saw Cooper, Ferrandis, and Cianciarulo.

250MX Podium at the Florida National 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

250MX Results

Pos.No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
132Justin Cooper2244204
234Dylan Ferrandis4143187
392Adam Cianciarulo5336222
436Michael Mosiman3536148
5196Hunter Lawrence8431142
626Alex Martin7629116
739Colt Nichols9726152
831RJ Hampshire61125129
923Chase Sexton13925159
10156Jacob Hayes1382151
1152Jordan Bailey10122039
12363Pierce Brown14101818
1312Shane McElrath11131879
1445Brandon Hartranft3191246
15936Ty Masterpool16161064
1666Mitchell Oldenburg1236922
1755Kyle Peters4014731
1873Martin Davalos1817754
19346Kevin Moranz211566
2044Cameron McAdoo1540633
2159Nick Gaines1734415
22291Zane Merrett231833
23161Justin Thompson201933
24110Yusuke Watanabe193322
2589Ramyller Alves352011
26981Curren Thurman252100
27815Colton Eigenmann242200
28321Bradley Lionnet272300
29177Dylan Greer262500
30367Hunter Sayles292400
31407Benjamin Nelko282601
32212Tyler McCoy322700
33194Jerry Robin223804
34210Jonathan Mayzak332900
35787Tyler Chavis343100
36500Ben Adamson303700
37340Blake Taylor363200
38233Derek Drake3835050
39916Jorge RubalcavaDNF2800
40719Joshua BerchemDNF3000
4172Martin Castelo37DNF04
4238Christian Craig39DNF048

After Florida, the Kawasaki points leaders both got to keep their red plates. Both Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo will be sporting the red plates in Southwick, but the competition is close enough that one small mistake could give us a new season leader. We’ll see what happens when Motocross returns next week!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo