The 11th round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series took place at Fox Raceway in Pala, California on September 4. The points chase has been wrapped up for the 450s – see how the title was clinched early by reading the race report below.

450MX Start at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

Ken Roczen started out front in 450 Moto 1. Cooper Webb and Dylan Ferrandis weren’t far behind, however, and Roczen wasn’t giving himself much of a gap.

Ken Roczen at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Further back, Eli Tomac was contending with Max Anstie for 4th place. Their battle began to catch up to Webb and Ferandis’. Ferrandis was in the position to close out the championship early, and that fervor showed as he made his way around Webb. Roczen wasn’t safe up front as Ferrandis got on the throttle. Roczen, for his part, started to waver, and it was all that Ferrandis needed to take over the top position.

Cooper Webb at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Then in 2nd, Roczen had pressure from Webb to deal with. Webb had been holding off Tomac, and that pushed him up to Roczen. Whatever exhaustion or issues Roczen was feeling with Ferrandis was showing in full force as he tried to defend his position from Webb. It seemed as though Roczen was going to lose the fight, but Tomac suddenly slotted into the #3 spot. He made quick work of Roczen after making his way around Webb, and the top 5 for the first 450 moto was Ferrandis, Tomac, Roczen, Webb, and Christian Craig.

Moto 2

Roczen started in 2nd place in the second 450 moto with Webb securing the early lead. Ferrandis was in 3rd and Tomac in 4th. Before the end of the second lap, however, Roczen had pushed Webb back to 2nd place. Ferrandis seemed to pick up on this and, in another show of speed and force to clinch the title early, he made his way around Webb and Roczen in two quick moves.

Dylan Ferrandis at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Once he made his way into 1st place, Ferrandis was on fire. He laid down flawless lap after flawless lap, locking down the title a little more with each passing turn. Behind his smooth run in the front, Roczen was losing time to Tomac and eventually his position. Tomac had climbed up the ranks, and was now trying to run Ferrandis down.

Eli Tomac at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Roczen in the rearview, Ferrandis may have switched from aggressive to defensive riding. Tomac was able to make his way around the points leader, and Ferrandis didn’t seem to be pushing the issue. Even if Tomac secured the overall win for the day, Ferrandis could still leave with the title.

Dylan Ferrandis Wins at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, that’s how the race finished. Tomac went 2-1 on the day to take 1st overall, followed by Ferrandis, Cooper, Roczen, and Craig. Ferrandis, even without winning the second moto, had enough points amassed to take the title, making Fox Raceway a landmark occasion for the 450MX rookie.

450MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
13Eli Tomac2147415
214Dylan Ferrandis1247486
32Cooper Webb4338316
494Ken Roczen3635424
529Christian Craig5434258
634Max Anstie6531180
772Coty Schock7728158
828Brandon Hartranft10824159
917Joey Savatgy9924240
1043Fredrik Noren11102179
1157Justin Rodbell12111986
1297Ben LaMay15121569
13951Ryan Surratt13141572
1419Justin Bogle83413156
1569Robbie Wageman17131212
1685Kevin Moranz1816812
17441Scott Meshey14DNF724
18800Jace Kessler3715622
19647Matthew Hubert191766
20193Hunter Schlosser162355
21466Jake Mohnike211833
22270Jacob Runkles2019330
23181Wyatt Lyonsmith242100
24837Bryson Gardner222011
25309Jeremy Smith232202
26565Dominic DeSimone292400
27429Justin Jones272600
28178Clayton Tucker262900
29621RJ Wageman253300
30454Layton Smail312800
31830Ezra Lewis352700
32645Colby Copp402500
33139Joshua Philbrick 283800
34447Deven Raper333500
35413Tanner Myers393200
36600Connor Olson323900
37284Dennis Stapleton363700
38253Nicholas Jones383600
39559Dylan Merriam344000
40292Kolton Dean30DNF00
41512Austin CozaddDNF3000
42319Devon Bates DNF3100

250MX Report

Moto 1

The first race of the day – and it was a scorcher of a day at 100° – was kicked off with Max Vohland taking the holeshot. He was leading Michael Mosiman until Mosiman made a quick pass to overtake the lead. Voland was suddenly left to fend off Jett Lawrence who wasn’t wasting anytime. After taking over the red plate at Ironman, Lawrence was intent on defending it. He passed Mosiman over the finish line jump to overtake 2nd.

Jett Lawrence at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Lawrence’s success up front spelled out trouble for Justin Cooper. After being pushed out of the lead at Ironman, Cooper found himself barely inside of the top 10 in this moto and fighting for a top-5 position instead of a podium one. Up front, Lawrence caught Mosiman and took over the lead after Mosiman crashed and fell back to 5th place.

Justin Cooper at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Then in 1st, Lawrence was untouchable. Cooper made a valiant effort to climb up to the top, but was only able to make it to 5th place by the checkered flag. Lawrence, Mosiman, RJ Hampshire, and Jo Shimoda finished in 1st-4th place.

Moto 2

The second 250 moto got off to a shaky start when the gates malfunctioned. It was a bit of a confusing scramble to get things sorted out, but the gates were eventually fixed and, when they dropped normally, Lawrence tore out with the holeshot. Mosiman was close behind in 2nd, and Cooper got a better start to slot into 3rd place by the end of the first lap. He was anything but settled in the position, however, as he was all over Mosiman trying to find a way into 2nd place.

Michael Mosiman at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the back of the top 5, Hunter Lawrence was battling with Shimoda, Austin Forkner, and Joshua Varzie. The four were making passes and having a good race, almost all of them performing better than they did in their first moto.

250MX Podium at Fox Raceway 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Up front, Jett Lawrence was well on his way to his second 1-1 finish of the season. Cooper was able to reel Mosiman in for 2nd place, but it took him so long to make the pass that Lawrence was out of reach before the checkered flag. Lawrence took the overall win with Mosiman and Cooper finishing in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Shimoda and Hunter Lawrence rounded out the top 5.

250MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
118Jett Lawrence1150464
242Michael Mosiman2440229
332Justin Cooper5238441
430Jo Shimoda4338300
541Hunter Lawrence6630349
624RJ Hampshire31427327
790Dilan Schwartz10824184
8241Joshua Varzie9924115
9147Levi Kitchen1272380
1038Austin Forkner15522240
1175Ty Masterpool81222160
1259Jarrett Frye111021161
13115Maximus Vohland71520202
1439Carson Mumford131316169
15380Preston Kilroy16111592
16995Christopher Prebula1716922
17901Brayden Lessler181777
1873Derek Kelley1437732
19377Austin Black201844
20159Tyson Joshnson251922
21170Devin Simonson193028
22742TJ Uselman222014
23112Xylian Ramella212200
24310Kai Aiello262100
25157Hunter Calle302600
26337Slade Smith233200
27544Noah Willbrant322400
28198Cole Bailey342300
29364Chad Saultz312800
30432Kaeden Amerine243508
31772Rick Elzinga293100
32195Blake Ashley273300
33286Brandon Sussman352900
34671Tyler Ducray383600
3577Jerry Robin3638011
36172Tommy Rios3740010
37541Jeffrey Walker403900
38182Mason OlsonDNF2600
39299Konnor VisgerDNF2700
40766Levi Newby28DNF00
4133Derek Drake33DNF09
42165Jorge RubalcavaDNF3400
43276Eugenio Barbaglia39DNF00

The 450MX title has already been decided, and it’s looking like the 250MX title may be, too. Jett Lawrence is leading Justin Cooper by 23 points, and with only one race left, it would take a crash or disastrous race for Lawrence to lose out on the title now. Anything could happen, though, and we’ll see how the series pans out when MX returns to Hangtown.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo