The 9th and final round of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross championship took place in Pala, California on October 10. It may have been a shorter season, but that didn’t stop it from being exciting and action-packed until the very end. Get a pass-by-pass account of each moto in the race report below.

The Starting Line at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Zach Osborne came flying out of the gate in 450 Moto 1 taking the holeshot. With a comfortable 24-point lead over Adam Cianciarulo, he came into California with a good shot at taking the title. After Marvin Musquin and Cianciarulo made quick passes on Osborne within the first lap of the moto, however, it became clear that Osborne wasn’t going to risk that by riding too aggressively. He relinquished 1st place without too much of a fight, but stayed close enough behind the top riders to pounce on any of their mistakes.

Marvin Musquin at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Cianciarulo had passed Musquin for the lead. Behind them, more riders were closing in on the top 5, namely Chase Sexton, Eli Tomac, and Christian Craig. Then, Musquin made a mistake and found himself off of the track, letting Osborne move up to 2nd and Sexton to 3rd. Sexton then made a quick pass on Osborne for 2nd, leaving Osborne open for another pass by Tomac and then a third pass by Craig. There were eight minutes left in the moto, and Osborne was back in 5th place.

Eli Tomac at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the battle for the lead, Tomac had made the move around Sexton to challenge Cianciarulo. The pressure was on and Tomac as all over his teammate, and Cianciarulo eventually lost the position after battling for a few laps. The top 5 riders for the first moto were Tomac, Cianciarulo, Sexton, Craig, and Osborne.

Adam Cianciarulo at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

A lot of the same riders were out front early on in the second 450 moto. Cianciarulo led the way after taking the holeshot but was closely flanked by Craig and Sexton. Osborne started in the top 5 as well, meaning he was poised to clinch the title. If Cianciarulo took 1st, Osborne just needed to finish 14th or better, a range he was well within.

Christian Craig at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the clock ticked down, Craig began challenging Cianciarulo for the lead. He rode offensively for a few laps, but Sexton was riding offensively, too, and made a move around Craig for 2nd place. Sexton then put his own pressure on Cianciarulo, and made his way into 1st place after Cianciarulo crashed. Though he was able to resume the race in 3rd, Cianciarulo had lost his flow and was losing time to Tomac and Musquin, who had both passed Osborne. He was on the defensive for the rest of the race, meaning he was never able to catch up to Craig or Sexton.

450MX Podium at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The finish line saw Sexton, Craig, and Cianciarulo crossing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively. Tomac and Musquin rounded out the top 5. The final podium for the day saw Sexton taking his first 450MX win with Tomac and Cianciarulo and joining him. Craig bagged an impressive 4th place overall finish and Musquin took 5th. Osborne took 6th, which was enough for him to take the title. Cianciarulo took 2nd overall, and Tomac 3rd in the championship.

450MX Results

123Chase Sexton3145290
21Eli Tomac1443321
39Adam Cianciarulo2342343
462Christian Craig4240235
525Marvin Musquin6531314
616Zach Osborne5730355
7103Max Anstie9627193
819Justin Bogle7827120
920Broc Tickle8925170
1075Coty Schock12102051
1178Jake Masterpool101319101
1279Isaac Teasdale13111847
13258Justin Rodbell15121584
14647Matthew Hubert14141425
15700Justin Hoeft11171431
1672Robbie Wageman16151115
1734Tyler Bowers3716533
18503McClellan Hile172447
1961Alex Ray2518310
2069Carlen Gardner182533
21711Tistan Lane211927
22141Richard Taylor193924
23309Jeremy Smith3820123
24280Cade Clason202211
25441Scott Meshey222300
26722Adam Enticknap242600
27528Ryan Peters302900
28824Carter Stephenson283100
29259Corbin Hayes263300
30114Nick Schmidt392100
31719Joshua Berchem293200
32600Connor Olson233800
33703Justin Rando362700
34550John Citrola333000
35837Bryson Gardner273700
36565Dominic DeSimone313600
37819Blake Hoag402800
38639Rene Garcia353400
39206Griffin Dexter343500
40130Austin Root324000


450MX Overall Points Standings

116Zach Osborne355
29Adam Cianciarulo343
31Eli Tomac321
425Marvin Musquin314
523Chase Sexton290
662Christian Craig235
751Justin Barcia234
84Blake Baggett232
9103Max Anstie193
1020Broc Tickle170
1117Joey Savatgy147
1231Fredrik Noren125
1319Justin Bogle120
1478Jake Masterpool101
1515Dean Wilson97
16258Justin Rodbell84
1750Benny Bloss68
1848Henry Miller59
1921Jason Anderson58
2075Coty Schock51
2179Isaac Teasdale47
2243John Short34
2334Tyler Bowers33
2442Ben LaMay32
25700Justin Hoeft31
262Cooper Webb29
27349Grant Harlan29
28647Matthew Hubert25
29309Jeremy Smith23
3011Kyle Chisholm15
3172Robbie Wageman15
32443Luke Renzland11
3361Alex Ray10
34154Chase Felong8
35503McClellan Hile7
36711Tristan Lane7
37577Felix Lopez5
38841Jeffrey Walker4
39141Richard Taylor4
40281Cory Carsten3
4169Carlen Gardner3
42412Jared Lesher3
43794Bryce Backaus2
44280Cade Clason1

*This table includes only MX riders that earned points throughout the 2019 season. For the full points standings, please visit the AMA MX results page.

250MX Report

Justin Cooper kicked off the first 250 moto by nabbing the holeshot. Jett Lawrence was close behind, though, and began pressuring Cooper for the lead early on. Behind them, Dylan Ferrandis was holding down 4th place and Jeremy Martin 5th. With Ferrandis so far up front and ahead of Martin, things were looking good for the Frenchman to lock down the title.

Justin Cooper at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

A few laps into the race and the running order was still the same, although Ferrandis was starting to close in on Lawrence. In response, Lawrence got on the offensive and rode up to Cooper’s back wheel. That meant he was right there to capitalize on any mistake Cooper made, which happened around the halfway point of the moto. Lawrence blew right past Cooper, taking over the lead and leaving Cooper to fend off his teammate in 3rd place. Ferrandis was already turning on the heat, putting Cooper on the defensive and allowing Lawrence to create a bigger and bigger gap over the rest of the race.

Dylan Ferrandis at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With the championship on the line, the race really was all about the top 4 riders. There were only a few laps left, and Martin was still in 4th place and Ferrandis was still trying to find his way out of 3rd. If Martin stayed in 4th place and Ferrandis took 1st, the championship would be decided before the gate drop of the second moto. That, no doubt, was a huge motivator for Ferrandis as he finally pushed past Cooper and began chasing down Lawrence. The gap the 250MX rookie had created was reduced by Ferrandis in almost no time at all, leaving Lawrence with an aggressive Ferrandis behind him with still several laps to go. Lawrence performed well under pressure, however, not giving Ferrandis an inch to work with. It was a nail-biting final few laps for the Honda rider, but he managed to make it to the checkered flag still in 1st place, narrowly beating Ferrandis in 2nd and Cooper in 3rd. Finishing the race in 4th, Martin had lost the championship, barring a crash or bottom-20 finish for Ferrandis in Moto 2.

Shane McElrath at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the second moto, Shane McElrath pulled out of the gate first with the holeshot. Martin was in 2nd place, but he needed to take the win and Ferrandis needed to take 19th for him to win the title. So, Martin took the lead from McElrath. Ferrandis was in 9th place, however, and climbing quickly. Following his Moto 1 win, Lawrence was climbing up positions, too, passing McElrath to overtake 2nd place. Jo Shimoda, another 250 Honda rookie, got in the mix as well, passing McElrath not long after his teammate Lawrence’s pass.

Jett Lawrence at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Meanwhile, Ferrandis was still working on his charge to the front. There wasn’t too much urgency for him as he was in a good spot to take the title, but he was still passing the riders that he came up on, including Jarrett Frye and Carson Mumford. Then in 5th place, Ferrandis settled into position for the rest of the race. The top 4 were busy battling each other, and Ferrandis didn’t need a better finish to take the overall.

250MX Podium at Pala 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, the top 5 riders maintained their position through the finish line. The podium saw Lawrence taking his first overall win, followed by Martin in 2nd and Ferrandis in 3rd. The title went to Ferrandis, with Martin finishing 2nd overall in points and McElrath finishing in 3rd.

250MX Results

183Jett Lawrence1247277
26Jeremy Martin4143377
314Dylan Ferrandis2538390
412Shane McElrath5434288
584Jo Shimoda9332173
6134Jarrett Frye862883
730Brandon Hartranft7728176
874Mitchell Harrison6927190
9220Carson Mumford11823157
1029Cameron McAdoo101121186
1132Justin Cooper3DNF20271
12488Nathanael Thrasher12102035
13374Dilan Schwartz15131436
14355Joseph Crown17121345
15227Derek Kelley16141231
1668Nick Gaines1338870
17387Joshua Varize2015719
18667Jesse Flock1916719
1967Jerry Robin1436740
20901Brayden Lessler241744
21726Gared Steinke2218314
22188Gage Schehr183433
23914Geran Stapleton251922
24204Kyle Greeson262100
25981Curren Thurman342013
26310Kai Aiello282200
27910Jeremy Ryan272300
28158Tre Fierro292400
29465Blake Ashley302600
30364Chad Saultz322500
3177Kevin Moranz213707
32289Otto Berton312900
33301Jordan Jarvis352700
34380Preston Kilroy234008
35494Luc Santos363000
36767Mason Wharton333300
37113Braden Spangle402800
38670Tyler Ducray373500
39335Jeremy McCool383900
40168Cale KuchnickiDNF3100
41286Brandon SussmanDNF3200
4260Mitchell Falk39DNF014


250MX Overall Points Standings

114Dylan Ferrandis390
26Jeremy Martin377
312Shane McElrath288
483Jett Lawrence277
532Justin Cooper271
626Alex Martin242
724RJ Hampshire219
874Mitchell Harrison190
929Cameron McAdoo186
1030Brandon Hartranft176
1184Jo Shimoda173
12220Carson Mumford157
1335Hunter Lawrence122
1457Derek Drake107
15134Jarrett Frye83
16239Mason Gonzales75
17117Stilez Robertson70
1868Nick Gaines70
1941Ty Masterpool54
20355Joseph Crown45
2167Jerry Robin40
22163Pierce Brown36
23374Dilan Schwartz36
24488Nathanael Thrasher35
25373Hardy Munoz33
26227Derek Kelley31
27157Darian Sanayei24
28352Jalek Swoll19
29387Joshua Varize19
30667Jesse Flock19
31194Lance Kobusch18
32726Gared Steinke14
33251Ezra Hastings14
3460Mitchell Falk14
35130Austin Root9
36380Preston Kilroy8
3777Kevin Moranz7
38874Zack Williams6
3939Jordan Bailey6
40162Maxwell Sanford4
41901Brayden Lessler4
42221Mathias Jorgensen4
43188Gage Schehr3
44981Curren Thurman3
45914Geran Stapleton2

*This table includes only MX riders that earned points throughout the 2019 season. For the full points standings, please visit the AMA MX results page.

And just like that, the 2020 Pro Motocross Championship has wrapped up. It was exciting to see two riders – Zach Osborne and Dylan Ferrandis – win their first outdoor titles, plus some rookies – Chase Sexton and Jett Lawrence – win their first overall races. If we’ve learned anything from the outdoors, it’s that the next series these guys compete in is going to be stacked. We’ll be back when the racing is.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo