The second round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by the AMA, took place on May 24 at Glen Helen.

450MX Report

Moto 1 got off to an exciting start as Justin Barcia grabbed the holeshot with Phil Nicoletti following behind him. Nicoletti managed to get past Barcia while still on the opening lap, but they traded places again on lap 2. Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac soon pulled past both of them. Dungey’s bike stalled, allowing Tomac to get past him and into the lead. Dungey was able to resume in 2nd, but when his bike stalled again, it forced him out of the top five. Barcia and Nicoletti placed 2nd and 3rd for the moto.

In the second moto, Tomac took off with the lead right from the beginning. Dungey moved into 2nd, but he wasn’t able to get within reach of making a pass. Ken Roczen placed 3rd.

Tomac’s 1-1 performance led to his second overall victory for the year. Barcia followed up in 2nd with 2-4 results. Dungey placed 3rd in the overall with 6-2.

Tomac has dominated so far this year, placing 1st in all four motos. This has led him to gain an impressive points advantage over Dungey. Weston Peick is currently in 3rd for the overall championship standings. The early favorite for the title is clearly Tomac at this point, but with 10 rounds still to go, it’s not too late for someone to overtake him.

450MX Results

13Eli Tomac^Honda1150100
251Justin Barcia*Yamaha244058
35Ryan DungeyKTM623781
41Ken RoczenSuzuki833351
523Weston PeickYamaha563164
622Chad ReedKawasaki483146
74Blake BaggettSuzuki772861
8377Christophe PourcelHusqvarna9102348
946Phillip NicolettiYamaha3212039
1014Cole SeelyHonda1491919
1121Jason AndersonHusqvarna3851650
1239Fredrik NorenHonda13131638
1320Broc TickleSuzuki12151543
14130Tommy HahnHonda15141326
1548Will HahnKawasaki11181317
1610Justin BraytonKTM10221128
1724Brett MetcalfeKawasaki40111036
1833Josh GrantKawasaki271299
1935Kyle CunninghamKawasaki1617915
2011Kyle ChisholmKawasaki1916725
2145Vince FrieseHonda181955
2243Matthew LemoineKawasaki1734412
2384Jesse WentlandHonda222011
24285Tony ArcherKawasaki203618
25207Sean CollierKawasaki212301
26505Cyrille CoulonKawasaki252400
27548Broc SchmelyunYamaha232702
28429Justin JonesHonda262600
29348Jason BrooksYamaha312500
3058Killy RuskYamaha243500
3192Cade ClasonHonda322800
3269Ronnie StewartSuzuki303100
33447Deven RaperKawasaki343000
34131Noah McConahyHonda283700
35181Dustin PipesSuzuki372900
36509Alexander NagySuzuki353200
3776Evgeny MikhaylovKTM293801
3870Nicholas SchmidtSuzuki393300
39618Sylvain Le GadYamaha334000
40314Alex RayHonda363900

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot

250MX Report

In the first moto, Jessy Nelson grabbed the holeshot and stuck out in the lead for several laps. However, Marvin Musquin slowly worked at catching up, and he did. Once Musquin was in front, no one could catch him. Several laps later, Justin Hill and Joey Savatgy also caught up to Nelson and passed him. In the end, Hill placed 2nd and Savatgy placed 3rd.

In the second moto, Musquin started out with the holeshot, but an early mistake allowed Nelson and Alex Martin to get ahead of him. However, on lap 2, Musquin made his way back up front. Martin hung on for 2nd, but Nelson once more succumbed to the rider behind him – Shane McElrath in this case. McElrath placed 3rd for the moto.

For the overall, Musquin took 1st with a 1-1 result. Hill (2-5) followed up in 2nd. And although Nelson was edged out of any podium spots during the individual motos, his 4-4 performance was enough to net him 3rd overall for the day.

Jeremy Martin had several difficulties during the day – his bike wouldn’t start in time for the gate drop in moto 1, and he suffered an early crash in moto 2. As a result, he dropped back in points considerably, and Musquin now commands the points lead in the overall championship standings. Martin was able to salvage enough points to maintain 2nd in the overall standings, however. His brother, Alex Martin, currently sits in 3rd.

250MX Results

125Marvin Musquin^KTM115097
232Justin HillKTM253852
328Jessy Nelson*KTM443646
437Joey SavatgyKawasaki373458
531Alex MartinYamaha1123265
640Shane McElrathKTM933244
71Jeremy MartinYamaha563178
838Matt BiscegliaHonda6112545
955Kyle PetersHonda7122329
1050Adam CianciaruloKawasaki12102042
1180RJ HampshireHonda1691736
1252Mitchell OldenburgKTM10151725
13126Jordon SmithHonda14141424
1466Chris AlldredgeKawasaki2181349
15157Aaron PlessingerYamaha8231337
16343Luke RenzlandYamaha17131224
1716Zachary OsborneHusqvarna1333825
18450Hayden MellrossHonda191677
19434Daniel BakerKTM1525614
20211Tevin TapiaYamaha261745
2188Dakota AlixKTM201844
2257Jackson RichardsonHonda182437
23376Chris CanningKTM251922
24273Conner ElliottYamaha222011
2574Zack WilliamsHonda272200
26195Keaton WardKTM282700
27659Justin FreundYamaha292800
2878Preston MullYamaha382100
29768Cole ShondeckYamaha342600
30992Jordyn ScalviniKawasaki303000
31217Ryan BreeceYamaha243700
32397Brandon ScharerSuzuki233800
33351Eric GrondahlHonda323100
34135Robert Fitch, Jr.Suzuki313500
35180Bryar PerryYamaha392900
36781Justin LeeHonda363200
37919Shawn RhinehartKTM373400
38655John PaukHonda353600
39929Travis BellHonda333900
40148Trevor ReisYamaha404000

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot