Glen Helen, a favorite race venue for riders and fans alike, was host to the 2nd round of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series in San Bernardino, CA on Saturday, May 28th. Ryan Dungey claimed his first overall win of the motocross season while Alex and Jeremy Martin made history in 250MX by finishing 1-2 overall, the first time brothers have won together on the podium in the history of motocross.

450MX Report

Moto 1 started off strong with Trey Canard shooting out in front to grab the holeshot. It looked as if he might hold on to the lead for a while but Ryan Dungey caught up after a few turns into the race to take over the lead position. Dungey quickly put some space between him and the rest of the pack, keeping his distance for a while. However, Ken Roczen wasn’t willing to sit back and watch him take the win. He turned up the heat and closed the gap between himself and the reigning champ. He’d almost made his move for the front when he made a mistake in the rhythm section that allowed Dungey to regain some space again. But Roczen came back quick from his mistake and ended up passing up Dungey for first. From there he just kept gaining ground and widening the gap between the two, gaining about 13 seconds on Dungey at one point. He was whipping out some serious lap times and seemed to be reigning in his 3rd straight number one finish for this season when suddenly he began to slow way down. In an unfortunate twist of events, the air came out of Roczen’s forks and left him with no suspension in his front end. He was unable to jump any of the bigger jumps, having to result to rolling over most of them. This caused him to lose some serious time. Dungey eventually caught up, passing Roczen again for the lead.

Not only did Roczen lose a position to Dungey, he also lost 2nd place to Jason Anderson and 3rd place to Eli Tomac. Roczen ultimately finished in 4th place due to his suspension mishap. Cole Seely came across the line behind him for 5th.

Moto 2 was a chance for a fresh start and Roczen took it. Immediately jumping off the line, Roczen shot out in front of the rest of the riders to claim the holeshot and just ran away with the lead from there. Dungey was once again behind him but with a fairly sizable gap separating the two by the end of the race. The real action came from the battle for 3rd place. Canard found himself in 3rd for a good portion of the race, but was eventually caught by Jason Anderson. After a tight battle, Anderson passed Canard and took over the spot. However, after a mistake that almost shot him headlong into Canard, Anderson once again fell back to 4th and started losing ground after that. Tomac had a rotten start but after a lot of hard work, he found himself within the top five with a good chance to battle it out for the last podium positon. He was able to get by Anderson in 4th and set his sights on Canard. It was an intense battle between the two with Tomac finally making the pass on Canard, only to have to give it back to Canard once again. Tomac wasn’t giving up though. He immediately pushed back and was able to get back into 3rd for the second time. He started to run away with it, but as Dungey and Roczen were so much further ahead of him, it was as far as he would get. Roczen finished Moto 2 in 1st, his 3rd moto win of the season. Dungey came along behind Roczen for 2nd, with Tomac finishing in 3rd. Canard took 4th and Anderson finished in 5th.

Due to Roczen’s suspension trouble and 4th place finish during Moto 1, it would be Dungey this week to claim the overall, with Roczen in 2nd and Tomac in 3rd overall.

450MX Results

Pos.No.NameBike M1M2PointsOverall
11Ryan DungeyKTM124791
294Ken Roczen^Suzuki414393
33Eli TomacKawasaki334076
421Jason AndersonHusqvarna253873
541Trey Canard*Honda743262
633Joshua GrantKawasaki663056
714Cole SeelyHonda5102754
834Phillip NicolettiYamaha1092345
925Marvin MusquinKTM9112248
1020Broc TickleSuzuki8132131
1110Justin BraytonKTM11121926
1243Fredrik Noren Honda12141624
13377Christophe PourcelHusqvarna2971424
1451Justin BarciaYamaha3781339
1529Andrew ShortKTM14151328
16167Benny BlossKTM13161320
1719Justin BogleHonda1536625
18718Toshiki TomitaHonda201755
194Blake BaggettSuzuki1639527
2063Jesse WentlandHonda173044
21159Darryn DurhamYamaha361833
2252Ben LaMayYamaha183133
23292Austin HowellSuzuki221922
2496Noah McConahyHusqvarna193427
25121Cody CooperHonda232018
26805Carlen GardnerKTM252200
2776Scott ChampionYamaha212801
2811Kyle ChisholmHonda262400
29314Alex RayHonda282500
30551Jeremy ByrneKTM272600
31723Tyler EnticknapHonda302700
32625Charles LefrancoisSuzuki243300
3381Jason BrooksYamaha392100
3479Nicholas SchmidtSuzuki382300
35447Deven RaperKawasaki322900
36504Sean LipanovichKTM333200
37670Dylan SchmokeKTM313500
3895Dustin PipesSuzuki343800
3928Weston PeickYamaha354008
4087Austin PolitelliYamaha403700

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot

250MX Report

Tristan Charboneau took the holeshot for Moto 1 of the 250 class, but Alex Martin soon caught up and took over with the lead. He was able to gain some distance and even keep his brother Jeremy Martin and Cooper Webb (who had also passed Charboneau) at bay for quite some time. Webb was ahead of J. Martin in 2nd and was really feeling the pressure. However, somewhere along the track out of view, J. Martin had some kind of mishap that made him lose a few spots. That made it easier for Webb to focus on catching the other Martin brother. Nearing the very end of the race, Webb had caught up and after a tough battle, he made the pass on A. Martin. Webb finished the race with only a slight lead on him. Austin Forkner finished in 3rd place without much opposition from any other riders. J. Martin finished up in 4th with Aaron Plessinger in 5th.

Last weeks’ winner of both motos, Joey Savatgy, had a pretty terrible start and it didn’t get a whole lot better for him from there. With 9-7 finishes, he would place 7th overall for round 2. With even worse luck, Christian Craig found himself with a DNF after crashing with Jordon Smith and coming away with a broken tibia and fibula.

In Moto 2, it would be Jeremy Martin to take the holeshot. He shot out in the lead and stayed there. Jessy Nelson was behind him in 2nd to start out with, but Austin Forkner got around him before long and started catching up to J. Martin. He cut the lead Martin had over him to less than two seconds and seemed to be really gaining on him. But a hilltop mistake slowed his pace, causing him to lose multiple positions and letting J. Martin reestablish his lead. Because of the lost positions, Forkner found himself riding in 6th, with riders like Nelson, A. Martin and Cooper Webb ahead of him fighting for the podium. A. Martin was able to catch Nelson for 2nd, and he held on to the position which, combined with the first moto, awarded him his first ever National win. J. Martin won Moto 2 and with his 4-1 finish, he came in 2nd overall for Glen Helen. The brothers made history coming in 1-2 with each other for the round. Nelson took 3rd in Moto 2, and Webb claimed 3rd overall for Glen Helen with his 1-4 finish.

250MX Results

126Alex MartinYamaha224479
21Jeremy Martin^Yamaha414375
317Cooper WebbYamaha144377
4214Austin ForknerKawasaki353658
523Aaron PlessingerYamaha563163
613Jessy NelsonKTM1332857
737Joseph SavatgyKawasaki972676
816Zachary OsborneHusqvarna882645
931RJ HampshireHonda6112541
1049Martin DavalosHusqvarna1491919
1144Adam CianciaruloKawasaki11141736
1266Arnaud TonusKawasaki10151723
13289Mitchell HarrisonYamaha18101420
1430Shane McElrathKTM12161417
15403Tristan Charboneau*Honda7301436
1669Colt NicholsYamaha19131026
17128Alex FryeKTM5171025
1842Mitchell OldenburgKTM3712930
1945Kyle CunninghamYamaha161977
2036Justin HillKTM1736412
2146Luke RenzlandYamaha351837
2256Jackson RichardsonHonda212011
23188Dillan EpsteinKawasaki202111
2484Jimmy AlberstonSuzuki232200
25212Chase MarquierHonda222500
26388Brandan LeithKawasaki262400
27203Zac CommansKTM242700
28902Killian AubersonSuzuki302600
29125Josh MosimanHusqvarna282800
3039Jordon SmithHonda3623027
31726Gared SteinkeHusqvarna313100
32421Vann MartinHonda293400
33381Kinser EndicottYamaha273700
3492Ryan BreeceYamaha253900
35820Dalton OxborrowKawasaki343200
3691Brandon ScharerYamaha333300
37174Josh OsbyYamaha382900
38492Luke CloutSuzuki323500
3948Anthony RodriguezKawasaki393803
4038Christian CraigHonda4040019

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot

By Rachel Bretzing