The 12th and final round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series took place at Hangtown MX in Rancho Cordova, CA on September 11. The 450MX title may have been settled at Fox Raceway, but the 250MX title came down to the wire. Catch up on all of the action – as well as the season-ending points standings and an extensive gallery of photos – in the race report below.

450MX Starts at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

Winning the title a race early didn’t slow Dylan Ferrandis down at Hangtown. Ken Roczen got the holeshot, but Ferrandis was not even a second behind. The two kept a tight formation for a few turns until Ferrandis made a small mistake that let Christian Craig slot into 2nd place. Rounding out the top 5 were Cooper Webb and Eli Tomac.

Ken Roczen at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With a few more laps down, Ferrandis made a pass on Craig to retake 2nd place. Craig lost positions to Webb and Tomac shortly after, but settled nicely into 5th place. The top 5 began to gap the rest of the race, and Roczen created a sizeable gap for himself in 1st place. There was still a lot of time left in the race, however, and Ferrandis was on fire. He caught up to Roczen and tried to make a move, though Roczen kept the pace from 1st place.

Christian Craig at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Tomac was on the move as well, making it around Webb and laying down a lap almost two seconds faster than everyone else’s. With that speed, he could’ve caught up to Roczen and Ferrandis, but he made a mistake that put him back in 4th place. Back up front, Ferrandis had finally reeled Roczen in enough to make a pass in the final laps of the race. At the checkered flag, the running order was Ferrandis, Roczen, Webb, Tomac, and Craig.

Moto 2

Coty Schock was a one-man wrecking ball in the second 450 moto, taking both Roczen and Ferrandis down before the end of the first lap. Ferrandis and Schock resumed the race, though Schock seemed to be nursing an injured arm. As for Roczen, he slowly rolled into the pits. His mechanic had to help him off his bike and take off his boot, and it appeared that he had a broken foot.

Cooper Webb at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Webb was leading the race after securing the holeshot. Craig brought up 2nd place until making a surprise pass on Webb for the lead. Craig held down 1st place for about 10 minutes until Webb retook the position, leading Tomac past Craig as well.

Eli Tomac at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Then in 2nd place, Tomac had his sights set on Webb. By the midpoint of the race, Tomac finally made his move, overtaking the lead and speeding off with a sizeable gap. Before anyone could wonder if Webb was going to make a pass of his own, Ferrandis burst onto the scene. He had made his way back into the top 5 and was trying to make it into 3rd place to secure the overall win.

Dylan Ferrandis at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, Ferrandis made the passes he needed to. The running order for the second moto was Tomac, Webb, Ferrandis, Craig, and Max Anstie. Those finishes made the overall podium Ferrandis, Tomac, and Webb with Craig and Brandon Hartranft rounding out the top 5.

Dylan Ferrandis Wins the Overall Title
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As for the overall points standings, Tomac passed Roczen to take 2nd overall. Roczen finished in 3rd, Webb finished in 4th, and Chase Sexton finished in 5th. The full points standings are included below.

450MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
114Dylan Ferrandis1345531
23Eli Tomac4143458
32Cooper Webb3242358
429Christian Craig5434292
528Brandon Hartranft7629188
634Max Anstie9528208
7951Ryan Surratt882698
819Justin Bogle10725181
994Ken Roczen24022446
1069Robbie Wageman1292133
1157Justin Rodbell111219105
1272Coty Schock62016174
13837Bryson Gardner18101415
1485Kevin Moranz17111426
15621RJ Wageman16141233
16441Scott Meshey14161236
17466Jake Mohnike2213811
1843Fredrik Noren1338887
19309Jeremy Smith401568
20270Jacob Runkles1536636
21874Zack Williams261744
22193Hunter Schlosser311838
23454Layton Smail241922
24178Clayton Tucker192122
25645Colby Copp202811
26565Dominic DeSimone212200
27136Joshua Philbrick252300
28830Ezra Lewis272500
29429Justin Jones292400
30292Kolton Dean282600
31181Wyatt Lyonsmith233300
32226Josh Mosiman302700
33234Mccoy Brough323000
34319Devon Bates342900
35117Nicholas Nisbet333200
36979Philip Maus353400
37433Anthony Gonsalves383500
38209Lucas Lamborn363700
3937Ben LaMay3739069
40512Austin CozaddDNF3100
41897Blake Ballard39DNF00


450MX Overall Points Standings

114Dylan Ferrandis531
23Eli Tomac 458
394Ken Roczen446
42Cooper Webb358
523Chase Sexton342
629Christian Craig292
725Marvin Musquin240
817Joey Savatgy240
951Justin Barcia239
107Aaron Plessinger232
1134Max Anstie208
1228Brandon Hartranft188
1319Justin Bogle181
1472Coty Schock174
159Adam Cianciarulo147
1615Dean Wilson146
1757Justin Rodbell105
18951Ryan Surratt98
1943Fredrik Noren87
2097Ben LaMay69
21376Chris Canning48
2211Kyle Chisholm41
23270Jacob Runkles36
24441Scott Meshey36
25122Jeremy Hand34
261Zach Osborne33
2769Robbie Wageman33
2821Jason Anderson29
29314Tyler Stepek27
3085Kevin Moranz26
31800Jace Kessler22
32837Bryson Gardner15
33280William Clason13
3476Grant Harlan12
35621RJ Wageman12
36466Jake Mohnike11
37715Phillip Nicoletti9
38177Alessandro Lupino8
39264Ryan Sipes8
40309Jeremy Smith8
41193Hunter Schlosser8
42647Matthew Hubert6
43515Tyler Medaglia4
4487Curren Thurman4
45874Zack Williams4
4683Alex Ray4
47315Cody Groves4
4865Carson Brown3
4974Mitchell Falk3
50637Robert Piazza 3
51794Bryce Backaus3
52178Clayton Tucker2
53454Layton Smail2
5458Jacob Hayes2
55148Bryce Hansen1
56645Colby Copp1

*This table includes only MX riders that earned points throughout the 2021 season. For the full points standings, please visit the AMA MX results page.

250MX Report

Moto 1

The 250 motos were certainly the most exciting as the championship had yet to be decided. Justin Cooper kicked things off by taking the holeshot in the first moto, barely edging out RJ Hampshire. Starting in 1st place was just what Cooper needed as he was trailing Jett Lawrence by 23 points. Even better for Cooper was that Lawrence had gotten a mid-pack start, right around 15th place, only to crash and resume the race in 25th place.

Justin Cooper at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Lawrence started cutting through the pack right away, but it was not an easy climb. He passed several riders before one crashed in front of him, sending Lawrence back to the ground and back to 25th place. It’s hard to imagine the type of pressure Lawrence was feeling, but he seemed to channel it well. He remained calm and steady as opposed to frantic and unpredictable, picking off riders one-by-one.

Jett Lawrence at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As Lawrence made some key passes, Cooper widened the gap between himself and Hampshire. He went on to take 1st at the checkered flag with Lawrence settling into 8th. It had seemed like Lawrence had the title locked up, but this first moto turned up the heat a little bit. For Lawrence to take the title, he’d have to finish in 7th place or better in the second moto.

Moto 2

Following his success in the first 250 moto, Cooper started out front in the second moto. He fluctuated between 2nd and 3rd place until making some quick passes to slot into 1st. As long as Cooper finished in 1st place and Lawrence finished lower than 7th, the title would go to Cooper. Lawrence suffered from another slow start and small mistake in the beginning, pushing him back to 13th place after the first lap.

Jett Lawrence Races at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Needless to say, the adrenaline was pumping as Cooper and Lawrence made their way around the track. Lawrence remained collected in the second moto, slowly climbing positions as if he wasn’t in a hurry. It took him seven minutes, but he eventually made it into 7th place. The riders ahead of him seemed to be pushing the pace, so Lawrence remained steady in 7th, playing the long game. The passes came to him throughout the moto, and by the checkered flag, he’d managed to secure 3rd place.

Jo Shimoda at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The running order for the second 250 moto was Cooper, Jo Shimoda, Lawrence, Max Vohland, and Austin Forkner. The overall podium was Cooper, Shimoda, Hampshire, Vohland, and Lawrence.

Jett Lawrence Wins at Hangtown 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, the title went to Jett Lawrence by six points. Cooper took 2nd overall and Hunter Lawrence took 3rd. Hampshire finished in 4th place and Shimoda took 5th. Overall, 157 points separated 1st from 5th place. See the complete points standings for the 250MX class below.

250MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
132Justin Cooper1150497
230Jo Shimoda4240340
324RJ Hampshire2637364
4115Maximus Vohland5434236
518Jett Lawrence8333497
641Hunter Lawrence3932381
790Dilan Schwartz10725209
8241Joshua Varize71124139
9147Levi Kitchen61224104
1042Michael Mosiman11823252
1159Jarrett Frye91023184
1238Austin Forkner40516256
1373Derek Kelley12141648
14380Preston Kilroy14131577
1539Carson Mumford131514183
16772Rick Elzinga171699
17377Austin Black1818610
1875Ty Masterpool15376166
19112Xlyian Ramella2017513
2077Jerry Robin1638516
21901Brayden Lessler241929
22484Tanner Ward192722
23172Tommy Rios2120111
24995Christopher Prebula2322022
25742TJ Uselman262104
26159Tyson Johnson282402
2733Derek Drake272509
28388Brandon Ray223200
29766Levi Newby322300
30198Cole Bailey342600
31801Brian DeRuyter352800
32162Maxwell Sanford303300
33544Noah Willbrant293600
34337Slade Smith254000
35364Chad Saultz363000
36258Tyler Evans373500
37671Tyler Ducray383900
38182Mason OlsonDNF2900
39158Tre Fierro31DNF00
40165Jorge RubalcavaDNF3100
41321Bradley Lionnet33DNF00
42157Hunter CalleDNF3400
43170Devin Simonson39DNF08


250MX Overall Points Standings

118Jett Lawrence497
232Justin Cooper491
341Hunter Lawrence381
424RJ Hampshire364
530Jo Shimoda340
66Jeremy Martin307
738Austin Forkner256
842Michael Mosiman252
9115Maximus Vohland236
1090Dilan Schwartz209
1147Jalek Swoll195
1259Jarrett Frye184
1339Carson Mumford183
1464Colt Nichols172
1575Ty Masterpool166
1648Garrett Marchbanks146
17241Joshua Varize139
1845Pierce Brown126
19147Levi Kitchen104
2067Stilez Robertson90
21380Preston Kilroy77
2291Nate Thrasher52
2373Derek Kelley48
24220Ramyller Alves31
25307Brandon Scharer29
26150Seth Hammaker26
27995Christopher Prebula22
2826Alex Martin19
2977Jerry Robin16
30112Xylian Ramella13
31557Kaliub Russell11
32172Tommy Rios11
33377Austin Black10
3433Derek Drake9
35772Rick Elzinga9
36901Brayden Lessler9
37874Zack Williams9
38170Devin Simonson8
39432Kaeden Amerine8
40778James Harrington7
4131Cameron McAdoo6
4276Grant Harland6
43800Jace Kessler5
44242Garrett Hoffman4
45742TJ Uselman4
46667Jesse Flock3
47604Max Miller3
48159Tyson Johnson2
49701Jake Pinhancos2
50484Tanner Ward2
51464Dominique Thury2
52437Vincent Luhovey1
53726Gared Steinke1
54443Luke Renzland1

*This table includes only MX riders that earned points throughout the 2021 season. For the full points standings, please visit the AMA MX results page.

It was an exciting season for both classes, packed full of impressive rides and determined riders. It’s now time for a well-earned break as the teams prepare for Supercross. We’ll be back to talk all things SX (and RMFantasySX) soon, so stay tuned.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo