High Point National Raceway in Mt. Morris Pennsylvania gave us round four of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. The weather had dried out from some earlier rain, and the conditions for racing were almost perfect. The loamy, eastern soil was sticky, but not too wet, which made for some deep ruts. Line selection was key this week, and an error in that may have cost some wins for a few riders.

The Track at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450 Motocross Report

After taking 3rd in a decent qualifying run, Baggett charged out of the Moto One gates, took the holeshot, and fended off Eli Tomac for the lead. Tomac went down shortly after the start, throwing off Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson in the mix. Baggett continued stretching his lead, clocking a 2.02 lap at one point – the fastest of the moto. Behind Baggett, Anderson and Webb battled for 2nd, until a stalled motorcycle dropped Webb back, allowing Tomac to move into 3rd. The final tally for Moto One: Blake Baggett in 1st, followed by Jason Anderson, and then Eli Tomac. Marvin Musquin and Zach Osbourne rounded up the top five.

Blake Baggett at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In Moto Two, the holeshot went to Joey Savatgy. Webb seemed to recover from his crash in Moto One, and kept the heat on Savatgy. Roczen and Anderson showed some aggressive racing of their own, before Roczen exploited a small mistake by Anderson and moved ahead. Baggett went down hard in Moto Two, the victim of some cross-rutting. Roczen, on the other hand, flew through the ruts unimpeded, and the race soon belonged to him. The podium saw Ken Roczen in 1st, Eli Tomac in 2nd, and Cooper Webb in 3rd. Zack Osborne and Jason Anderson rounded out the top five.

Eli Tomac at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The final scores put Eli Tomac in 1st, Ken Roczen in 2nd, with Jason Anderson in 3rd overall. Cooper Webb and Zach Osborne complete the top 5 in 4th and 5th, respectively.

450MX Podium at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450 Motocross Results

11Eli Tomac3242176
294Ken Roczen6140176
321Jason Anderson2538144
42Cooper Webb7334132
516Zach Osborne5434144
625Marvin Musquin4732139
74Blake Baggett1*153192
817Joey Savatgy86*2828
919Justin Bogle982588
1051Justin Barcia10102299
11103Dean Ferris11112089
1229Benny Bloss1491919
1343Tyler Bowers12121832
1449Henry Miller13181122
1556Lorenzo Locurcio18141026
1641Ben LaMay16161037
17101Fredrik Noren15171056
1863John Short2013914
19718Toshiki Tomita1919417
2069Jake Masterpool1729435
2111Kyle Chisholm232011
22700James Weeks222300
23577Felix Lopez252100
24412Jared Lesher212500
2590Jeremy Hand272200
26319Coty Schock262400
27119Isaac Teasdale242600
28279Timothy Crosby312700
29270Jacob Runkles303000
30711Tristan Lane293100
31637Robert Piazza372800
32309Jeremy Smith283700
33449Dakota Kessler353200
34265Nick Fratz343300
35727Bradley Esper323600
36463Levi Kilbarger363400
3780Heath Harrison333800
38314Tyler Stepek403900
39221Mathias Jorgensen394000
40596Carson TickleDNS3500
41929Taiki Koga38DNS00

* Holeshot

250 Motocross Report

The 250 class kept up the energy level through their motos as several heated contests unfolded.

Hunter Lawrence at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The 250 Moto One started off with pure energy. Justin Cooper managed the holeshot, but couldn’t create any space between the charging pack of Hunter Lawrence, Adam Cianciarulo, Dylan Ferrandis, Colt Nichols, and Chase Sexton. Cooper vanished from the top five as the jostling bunch fought for the podium positions. In the end, Hunter Lawrence took 1st, Adam Cianciarulo took 2nd, and Dylan Ferrandis took 3rd. Chase Sexton and Colt Nichols finished in the top five.

Adam Cianciarulo at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Despite getting the holeshot in Moto Two, Colt Nichols couldn’t fend off the relentless charge of Cianciarulo, Sexton, and Lawrence. After being passed by all three, Nichols left the race to Sexton and Cianciarulo. Cianciarulo kept the momentum up and finished 1st in the moto, and in the overall. Chase Sexton took the 2nd spot in the race, followed by Hunter Lawrence. Dylan Ferrandis and Colt Nichols took the other two top-5 spots.

Adam Cianciarulo took 1st overall, followed by Hunter Lawrence, and then Chase Sexton.

250MX Podium at High Point 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

250 Motocross Results

192Adam Cianciarulo2147186
2196Hunter Lawrence1345111
323Chase Sexton4240134
434Dylan Ferrandis3438144
539Colt Nichols55*32126
631R.J. Hampshire9627104
744Cameron McAdoo872727
836Michael Mosiman7827112
932Justin Cooper6*927160
10205Wilson Todd12102056
1126Alex Martin13111887
1273Martin Davalos15121547
1345Brandon Hartranft14141434
14233Derek Drake11171450
1566Mitchell Oldenburg10191313
1659Nick Gaines18131111
1755Kyle Peters1716924
1852Jordan Bailey3815619
19936Ty Masterpool1918554
20156Jacob Hayes1624530
2177Challen Tennant202024
22110Yusuke Watanabe242100
23407Benjamin Nelko232201
24161Justin Thompson262300
25291Zane Merrett252600
2691Zack Williams272500
27346Kevin Moranz282700
28269Dalton Dyer312800
29321Bradley Lionnet223700
30194Jerry Robin213800
31337Vincent Luhovey303000
32841Jeffrey Walker352900
33356Daniel Lippman333100
34426Kein Denzler323200
35303Michael Hand343300
36247Brock Papi293900
37162Maxwell Sanford363400
38451Klay Prager373500
39500Ben Adamson394000
40870Colton CampDNS3600
4161Garrett Marchbanks40DNS00

Join us for Round Five at WW Ranch Motocross Park in Jacksonville, Florida! See you then!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo