The 12th and final round of the 2019 Pro Motocross Championship presented by Lucas Oil took place at the Ironman MX track in Crawfordsville, Indiana on August 24, 2019. Even with the 450MX championship being wrapped up by Eli Tomac at Budds Creek, there was still plenty of intense racing to be had. 450MX riders Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin were set to battle for 2nd and 3rd place, while 250MX riders Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis still had a championship title on the line. Keep reading for the full race reports, as well as the results and overall points standings.

Pro Motocross Ironman 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

All eyes were on Roczen and Musquin when it came to the 450s. The two had just 5 points separating them, meaning 2nd or 3rd place would come down to the final motos.

The Start of the 2019 Ironman
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With the gate drop of the first moto, it was Joey Savatgy who took the holeshot. After missing Budds Creek to welcome his newborn baby girl, he came out with speed and determination. Not more determination than Roczen, though, who shot past Savatgy after a few turns.

Joey Savatgy at Ironman
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Then in the lead, Roczen was trying to gap Tomac and Musquin, who had both passed Savatgy for 2nd and 3rd. Tomac was slowly starting to catch up to the Honda rider, riding bar-to-bar with Roczen through a few turns. After some lap traffic and superior speed from Musquin, however, Tomac got passed, giving spectators the battle they wanted for 2nd place overall.

Eli Tomac at the Ironman National
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By the time Musquin caught up to Roczen, it was over the finish line jump at the two-lap flag. It was back-and-forth between the two for the rest of the race with Tomac getting in the mix, too – one of the most intense battles we’ve seen all year. By the end, Musquin was able to make the pass for the lead, sending Roczen back to 2nd place while Tomac stayed in 3rd.

Ken Roczen at Ironman
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The second 450MX gate drop saw Savatgy taking the holeshot for the second time. Zach Osborne, Musquin, Roczen, and Tomac were in the front as well, though chaos ensued when Osborne and Musquin connected in a turn. Osborne was able to keep it on two wheels, but Musquin went down hard. He had to wait for the pack of riders behind him to speed by before he could limp off the track. His day was done, and the battle for 2nd place went to Roczen.

Zach Osborne at Ironman
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Up front, Savatgy was still leading, and Tomac had passed Roczen for 2nd place. Osborne was in 4th place, but wasn’t planning on staying there for long. In a burst of speed, he made it past Roczen and Tomac, holding down 2nd place to make a play for the lead. After a few minutes, Roczen bounced back, passing the riders between him and Savatgy. At the Godzilla jump, Roczen passed Savatgy as well, leaving the door open for Tomac and Osborne to do the same.

450SX Podium at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With just eight minutes to go, Tomac made a pass on Roczen for the lead, securing himself the overall win. At the checkered flag, Tomac crossed the finish line first, followed by Osborne and Roczen. The final podium saw Tomac on the top step with his 3-1 scores, Roczen in 2nd with his 2-3 finishes, and Osborne in 3rd with his 5-2 finishes.

450MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
11Eli Tomac1145521
294Ken Roczen2342463
316Zach Osborne5238403
417Joey Savatgy*4*633160
551Justin Barcia7432315
621Jason Anderson6531407
715Dean Wilson9726140
829Benny Bloss8826160
925Marvin Musquin14025451
10101Fredrik Noren101022240
1137Kyle Cunningham12121876
1249Henry Miller141315117
1343Tyler Bowers13141599
1419Justin Bogle33912222
15285Marshal Weltin20111111
1663John Short113610135
17332Dustin Winter1915811
18718Toshiki Tomita1816839
1990Jeremy Hand1717812
2070Josh Osby152077
21700James Weeks1621553
22125Luke Neese291833
23444Caleb Tennant221924
24403Keylan Meston262300
25280Cade Clason342500
26119Isaac Teasdale2130031
27647Matthew Hubert323405
28351Eric Grondahl352200
29100Dirco Van de Westhuizen312600
30214Vann Martin303700
31270Jacob Runkles253302
32596Carson Tickle362900
33309Jeremy Smith343201
34281Cory Carsten283800
35319Coty Schock2739038
36535Kody Kamm402800
37887Thomas Coluzzi383400
38577Felix Lopez393503
3980Heath Harrison373701
407Aaron Plessinger23DNF075
41724Jason McConnellDNF3100


450MX Overall Points Standings

11Eli Tomac521
294Ken Roczen463
325Marvin Musquin451
421Jason Anderson407
516Zach Osborne403
62Cooper Webb324
751Justin Barcia315
8101Fredrik Noren240
919Justin Bogle222
104Blake Baggett175
1117Joey Savatgy160
1229Benny Bloss160
1315Dean Wilson140
14103Dean Ferris136
1563John Short135
1649Henry Miller117
1756Lorenzo Locurcio103
1843Tyler Bowers99
1941Ben Lamay84
2037Kyle Cunningham76
217Aaron Plessinger75
2214Cole Seely59
23700James Weeks53
2446Justin Hill51
25477Todd Waters46
26718Toshiki Tomita39
27319Coty Schock38
2869Jake Masterpool35
29119Isaac Teasdale31
30929Taiki Koga23
3154Dylan Merriam18
3211Kyle Chisholm13
3390Jeremy Hand12
34285Marshal Weltin11
35332Dustin Winter11
3670Josh Osby7
37711Tristan Lane6
3848Cody Cooper6
39647Matthew Hubert5
40716Ryan Dowd5
41218Erki Kahro5
42444Caleb Tennant4
43125Luke Neese3
44577Felix Lopez3
45221Mathias Jorgensen3
4688Chris Canning2
47270Jacob Runkles2
4885Dare Demartile2
4980Heath Harrison1
50174Noah McConahy1
5168Brandan Leith1
5274Cade Authenrieth1
53309Jeremy Smith1

*This table includes only MX riders that earned points throughout the 2019 season. For the full points standings, please visit the AMA MX results page.

250MX Report

The 250 riders flew through the track in qualifying. With Justin Cooper laying down the fastest qualifying time at 2:01.8 seconds, it was clear that it was going to be a fast track and tough race for the 250MX championship. With that, the stage was set for the first moto, and the pressure was on for Ferrandis and Cianciarulo. To clinch the title in the first moto, Cianciarulo would have to take 2nd place or better, or just finish in front of Ferrandis. But Ferrandis wasn’t going to make it easy on the #92, evidenced by his 2nd place in qualifying, four spots ahead of Cianciarulo in 6th place.

Kyle Peters at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With that tension, pressure, and excitement, the gates dropped, and the 250 riders sped to the first corner. Where spectators were expecting to see blue or green at the start, they saw yellow. JGR Suzuki rider Kyle Peters took the holeshot and the early lead, but had Ferrandis closing in from 2nd place. In just half a lap, Ferrandis overtook Peters, sending him back to an eventual 17th-place finish.

Justin Cooper at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind Ferrandis was his teammate Cooper and his points rival, Cianciarulo. If the positions stayed like that, it would be enough to give Ferrandis a chance at the title. But Cooper had other plans. With top speed, he started to put serious pressure on Ferrandis for the lead. The two were bar-to-bar for several minutes and laps until Cooper finally executed his pass.

Adam Cianciarulo at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Ferrandis back in 2nd place and just one position ahead of Cianciarulo, it was enough for the Kawasaki rider to take the title. With that realization, the adrenaline kicked in for Ferrandis, and he picked up the pace to catch back up to Cooper and make a pass. Back in 1st place, Ferrandis’s title chances were once again secure. Cianciarulo had some extra speed of his own, though, and used the last few laps to pass Cooper. Crossing the finish line in 2nd place at the checkered flag, Cianciarulo had finally taken a 250 championship. Ferrandis and Cianciarulo congratulated each other at the finish line jump, marking the end of the 250MX championship.

Justin Cooper at Ironman National 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Compared to the first moto, the second 250MX moto was uneventful. For the second time that day, Ferrandis, Cooper, and Cianciarulo were in the top 3 positions by the end of the first lap. GEICO Honda riders RJ Hampshire and Chase Sexton were close behind them, rounding out a solid top-5 pack that held strong through the first half of the race.

Chase Sexton at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the halfway point, Ferrandis had taken off with the lead, gapping the competition behind him. Cooper sat virtually unchallenged as well in 2nd place, while Sexton began making his play for 3rd place. He first pushed past his teammate, then caught up to Cianciarulo. Unsurprisingly, Cianciarulo didn’t seem to put up much of a fight, and Sexton cruised by to 3rd place.

250SX Podium at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Another rider that made a charge was Michael Mosiman. After taking 5th place in the first moto, the Husqvarna rider kept pace to take 5th place in the second moto as well, just edging out Hampshire. At the end of the moto, Ferrandis, Cooper, and Sexton finished in the top 3, with Cianciarulo and Mosiman in 4th and 5th place, respectively. The overall podium, however, went to Ferrandis, Cooper, and Cianciarulo.

250MX Results

Pos.No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
134Dylan Ferrandis1*150499
232Justin Cooper3242461
392Adam Cianciarulo2440519
423Chase Sexton4338316
536Michael Mosiman5532290
626Alex Martin6828305
731RJ Hampshire9627337
812Shane McElrath8925285
961Garrett Marchbanks11724132
1044Cameron McAdoo71322168
11936Ty Masterpool101220206
1245Brandon Hartranft151116174
13496Jett Lawrence12141629
1452Jordan Bailey131514119
15374Jo Shimoda14161229
1673Martin Davalos39101189
1767Enzo Lopes1918512
18123Mitchell Falk1637533
19667Jesse Flock231744
2055Kyle Peters*1724494
2159Nick Gaines1836357
22161Justin Thompson221927
23112Thomas Covington2120111
24194Jerry Robin2038125
25346Kevin Moranz2621028
2691Zack Willaims282200
2783Killian Auberson292306
28435Marcus Phelps242800
29407Benjamin Nelko302601
30291Zane Merrett3425012
31509Alexander Nagy322700
32337Vincent Luhovey273500
33259Corbin Hayes353000
34371Dawson Ryker313400
35139Nathen LaPorte333300
36546Tylor Skodras363100
37151Carter Gordon374000
3878Ramyller Alves25DNF025
39916Jorge RubalacavaDNF2900
40993Austin WagnerDNF3200
41539Dylan Wright38DNF00
42380Nicholas MaretDNF3900
4366Mitchell Oldenburg40DNF090


250MX Overall Points Standings

192Adam Cianciarulo 519
234Dylan Ferrandis499
332Justin Cooper 461
431RJ Hampshire337
523Chase Sexton316
626Alex Martin305
739Colt Nichols292
836Michael Mosiman290
912Shane McElrath285
10196Hunter Lawrence252
11936Ty Masterpool206
1245Brandon Hartranft174
1344Cameron McAdoo168
1461Garrett Marchbanks132
1552Jordan Bailey119
1655Kyle Peters94
1766Mitchell Oldenburg90
1873Martin Davalos89
19156Jacob Hayes86
20233Derek Drake83
2138Christain Craig67
2259Nick Gaines57
23205Wilson Todd56
2428Jordon Smith38
25123Mitchell Falk33
26496Jett Lawrence29
27374Jo Shimoda29
28346Kevin Moranz28
2978Ramyller Alves25
30194Jerry Robin25
31363Pierce Brown18
32291Zane Merrett12
3367Enzo Lopes12
34112Thomas Covington11
35328Parker Mashburn9
36285Marshal Weltin8
3740Sean Cantrell7
38161Justin Thompson7
3983Killian Auberson6
40822Carson Mumford6
41667Jesse Flock4
4289Joseph Crown4
4377Challen Tennant4
4472Martin Castelo4
45110Yusuke Watanabe3
46352Jalek Swoll2
47610Hayden Halstead2
48407Benjamin Nelko1

*This table includes only MX riders that earned points throughout the 2019 season. For the full points standings, please visit the AMA MX results page.

And just like that, another Pro Motocross championship has been completed. It was an exciting season, but we’re already looking forward to seeing more of our favorite riders at the upcoming Motocross des Nations, Monster Energy Cup, and Supercross season.

The Podium at Ironman
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

See you then.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo