The third round of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series took place at Ironman Raceway on August 29, 2020. After all their slipping and sliding at Loretta Lynn’s 2, the riders had some positions to make up at Ironman. It’s all included in the race report below.

450MX Start at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Marvin Musquin led his class out of the gate of the first 450MX moto. Eli Tomac, Zach Osborne, Adam Cianciarulo, and Chase Sexton were close behind, though, and instantly started battling for better positions. Cianciarulo led Sexton up to Osborne while Musquin tried to pull away from Tomac. Even with the top riders pushing pace, Blake Baggett still managed to close in on Sexton in 5th, despite growing pressure from Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia behind him.

Marvin Musquin at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Lap after lap, the gaps between the top six riders shrunk, with the exception of Musquin who was pulling away with the lead. Osborne was really reeling in Tomac, though, and Barcia managed to make a pass on Anderson for 7th to catch up to Baggett in 6th. The racers settled into their positions for a few laps until Tomac got back on the gas to catch up to Musquin and gap Osborne by over 10 seconds. Things only got worse for Osborne from there as he hit a lapper and dropped down to 5th place with just a few laps remaining. Osborne lost some of his edge after that, and Baggett made his way around him before the end of the race. More bad news for Rockstar Energy Husqvarna, Anderson crashed out of the moto from 8th and finished well behind the points threshold to earn anything for the moto. As the racers crossed the finish line, it was Musquin in 1st, Tomac in 2nd, Cianciarulo in 3rd, Sexton in 4th, and Baggett in 5th.

Zach Osborne at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Some of the same riders that were up front in the first 450 moto were leading the second. Osborne took the holeshot, leading Cianciarulo and Musquin early on. Tomac got into the action early, passing Musquin for 3rd in one of the first turns of the race. Cianciarulo then made a move of his own on Osborne and took control of the race. In the bottom of the top 5, Barcia overtook 4th place from Musquin while Sexton and Baggett tried to close in on 5th.

450MX Podium at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the halfway point of the moto, the battle for the lead was heating up. Tomac and Barcia had made their way around Osborne, and Tomac was working on reeling in Cianciarulo. He made quick work of the 450MX rookie and claimed the lead while keeping Barcia in tow. The top 3 was then Tomac, Barcia, and Cianciarulo, but Cianciarulo began to fade and let Osborne by as well. In the same lap, Cianciarulo fell from 1st place to 4th. He held onto that position until the end of the race, however, finishing just ahead of fellow 450MX rookie Sexton. Musquin had fallen back to 6th place by the end of race. Tomac, Barcia, and Osborne finished in the top 3 for that race, but the final podium saw Tomac in 1st, Musquin in 2nd, and Cianciarulo in 3rd with Barcia and Osborne rounding out the top 5.

450MX Results

11Eli Tomac214795
225Marvin Musquin1640109
39Adam Cianciarulo343889
451Justin Barcia623796
516Zach Osborne7334122
623Chase Sexton453478
74Blake Baggett573081
815Dean Wilson882658
920Broc Tickle9102371
1062Christian Craig11121959
1131Fredrik Noren10131937
1248Henry Miller12141637
1343John Short13161313
1417Joey Savatgy4091248
1550Benny Bloss37111021
1678Jake Masterpool1617928
1775Coty Schock1518923
18103Max Aniste1437754
1919Justin Bogle3415621
2042Ben LaMay173846
21309Jeremy Smith1822316
2234Tyler Bowers3819211
23349Grant Harlan192122
24258Justin Rodbell2120119
25412Jared Lesher202413
26735Tristan Lewis262300
27503McClellan Hile222800
28794Bryce Backaus252700
29441Scott Meshey242900
3061Alex Ray233400
31269Dalton Dyer322600
32596Carson Tickle273100
33647Matthew Hubert352509
34722Adam Enticknap333000
35995Christopher Prebula283500
36711Tristan Lee313300
37125Luke Neese303600
38154Chase Felong294008
39443Luke Renzland3939011
40279Timothy CrosbyDNF3200
4121Jason Anderson36DNF058

250MX Report

The first gate drop for the 250s saw Dylan Ferrandis speeding away with the holeshot. He took the early lead of the race and quickly started gapping Jeremy Martin, Mitchell Harrison, Brandon Hartranft, and Jett Lawrence behind him. Further back, Shane McElrath was trying to recover from a slower start, and it took him until the end of the second lap to make it inside of the top 10. Other riders like RJ Hampshire, Justin Cooper, and Derek Drake were trying to break through the field and vie for a top-5 position as well.

Dylan Ferrandis at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Martin was trying to catch up to the speeding Ferrandis. Even hot off his overall win at Loretta Lynn’s 2, Martin had little hope of catching Ferrandis. By the halfway mark of the moto, Ferrandis had an almost 15 second lead over second place.

Brandon Hartranft at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the battle for the other top-5 positions, Hartranft and Lawrence were starting to work on Harrison, with Hampshire and Cooper moving in from behind them. Then, Hampshire fell, dropping back to 11th place and giving room for McElrath to gain a few positions. McElrath eventually made it up to 6th place, challenging Harrison for 5th. With just a few laps left in the race, McElrath finally made his move and secured the final top-5 position. Hampshire was also able to make amends for his mid-moto fall, recovering 7th, 6th, and eventually 5th place by the end of the race. He’d just edged McElrath out, making the finishing order for the first moto Ferrandis, Martin, Hartranft, Lawrence, and Hampshire.

Jeremy Martin at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After failing to capture the lead in the first 250 moto, Martin came out swinging with the holeshot in the second. Cooper followed closely in 2nd place while Ferrandis and McElrath fell into each other. Both resumed the race near last place. Ferrandis didn’t stay there for long, though, as he climbed back into the top 20 by just the third lap of the race. With over 20 minutes left in the race, Ferrandis was already back up to 13th place.

Jett Lawrence at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Still in the lead, Martin was starting to gap Cooper and Hartranft in 2nd and 3rd place. Harrison was riding in 4th but was starting to feel the pressure from Lawrence and Jo Shimoda behind him. With Shimoda closing in on his position, Lawrence got aggressive and finally made the pass on Harrison. Shimoda made it by Harrison not long after Lawrence, though, and the teammates were battling for position once again. Ferrandis was closing in on them, however, as part of his remarkable charge to the front. First, he passed Harrison. Then, he passed Shimoda. Lawrence knew he was next, so he closed the gap between him and Hartranft to make it a three-way battle. Unfortunately for Lawrence, this just made it easier for Ferrandis who wasted no time passing him and Hartranft for 3rd place.

250MX Podium at Ironman 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Catching up to 3rd was the last thing Ferrandis had time for. He finished behind teammate Cooper in 2nd and Martin in 1st. Hartranft and Lawrence rounded out the top 5. The overall podium saw Martin, Ferrandis, and Hartranft in the top-3 positions with Cooper and Lawrence finishing in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

250MX Results

16Jeremy Martin2147131
214Dylan Ferrandis1345135
330Brandon Hartranft343861
432Justin Cooper823575
583Jett Lawrence453463
626Alex Martin7629100
712Shane McElrath6102695
884Jo Shimoda1272336
974Mitchell Harrison1182361
10220Carson Mumford1392052
1157Derek Drake10122050
1224RJ Hampshire5172090
1329Cameron McAdoo9151879
14117Stilez Robertson16131340
15239Mason Gonzales15141345
1635Hunter Lawrence19111219
17373Hardy Munoz1420821
1867Jerry Robin1818611
19355Joseph Crown3816512
20163Pierce Brown1732431
21227Derek Kelley201933
22387Joshua Varize232105
2377Kevin Moranz242200
24800Jace Kessler212600
25167Cody Williams262400
26337Vincent Luhovey282700
27194Lance Kobusch2233018
28435Marcus Phelps253100
29296Ryder Floyd352300
30815Colton Eigenmann322800
31139Nathen LaPorte303000
32701Jake Pinhancos293400
33162Maxwell Sanford372904
34129Chase Lorenz273900
35486Dennis Gritzmacher333500
3668Nick Gaines3438028
37221Mathias Jorgensen393603
38726Gared Steinke3640011
39130Austin Root403709
40874Zack WilliamsDNF2506
41483Bryton Carroll31DNF00

Zach Osborne left Ironman with the red plate for the 450s and a 13-point lead over Musquin in 2nd place. For the 250s, Ferrandis is holding onto his points lead, though Jeremy Martin is only four points away from overtaking the red plate. It’s safe to say we’re excited to see what happens at RedBud 1 this Friday!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo