The 10th round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana on August 28. The series is officially winding down, but that didn’t stop racers in both classes from putting in some statement rides. It’s all included below.

Ironman 2021 RR Thumb
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

In an unexpected show of speed, Joey Savatgy flew out of the gate in 450 Moto 1 to take the holeshot. He looked calm and confident leading Dylan Ferrandis, Eli Tomac, and Chase Sexton around the first lap. Ken Roczen had gotten a slower start near the back of the top 10 but had climbed up to 4th place – ousting Sexton – before the end of the second lap.

Joey Savatgy at Ironman MX 2021
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Roczen’s tear didn’t end there. After Sexton was in the rearview, Tomac was next to get passed. Roczen’s speed pushed Ferrandis up to Savatgy, but Roczen closed the gap. The top-3 riders were nearly bar-to-bar, and Ferrandis took advantage of the proximity to get on the throttle. He overtook 1st, leading Roczen past Savatgy as well. Tomac eventually caught up and passed Savatgy, too.

Ren Roczen at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The race was then between Ferrandis, Roczen, and Tomac. The three caught up to each other, fell behind a few seconds, and made pass attempts throughout the rest of the moto. In the end, the only pass that stuck was Tomac’s on Roczen. At the checkered flag, it was Ferrandis, Tomac, Roczen, Cooper Webb, and Sexton making up the top 5.

Moto 2

It seemed as though Webb would take the holeshot of the second 450 moto, but Ferrandis narrowly crossed the line first and slotted into 1st. Before the end of the first lap, however, Webb retaliated and took back the position. With Ferrandis scrambling to catch back up to Webb, Tomac came speeding towards him and made a quick pass.

Eli Tomac at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After making the pass for 2nd place, Tomac was on fire. It didn’t take him more than a few laps to catch up to Webb and overtake the lead. This left Webb fending off Ferrandis, which he didn’t do for very long. Ferrandis made his way past Webb over the finish line jump, even making some contact.

450MX Podium at Ironman MX 2021
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Behind the battle for the podium positions, teammates Sexton and Roczen were in a battle of their own. The two played cat-and-mouse for a while, but Sexton eventually blew past Roczen. By that point, there wasn’t much time left for anything else. Tomac, Ferrandis, Webb, Sexton, and Roczen finished in the top 5 positions. The overall win went to Tomac – his first of the season – with Ferrandis and Webb taking the other podium positions. Roczen took 4th overall for the day with Sexton finishing in 5th place.

450MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
13Eli Tomac2147368
214Dylan Ferrandis1247439
32Cooper Webb4338278
494Ken Roczen3536389
523Chase Sexton5434342
672Coty Schock8628130
717Joey Savatgy7827216
819Justin Bogle10725143
928Brandon Hartranft9924135
1011Kyle Chisholm11102141
1197Ben LaMay12111954
12951Ryan Surratt14131557
137Aaron Plessinger63615232
1476Grant Harlan18121212
15122Jeremy Hand16141234
1657Justin Rodbell15161167
17800Jace Kessler13DNF816
18341Tyler Stepek2315627
1985Kevin Moranz211744
20270Jacob Runkles2018427
21280William Clason1735413
22794Bryce Backaus281923
23376Chris Canning1938248
2487Curren Thurman252204
25148Bryce Hansen262011
26144Nicolas Rolando272100
27124Lane Shaw302600
28647Matthew Hubert292700
29460Michael Hicks342300
30139Nathen LaPorte322500
31309Jeremy Smith243302
32178Clayton Tucker312800
33441Scott Meshey2239017
34118Cheyenne Harmon382400
35546Tylor Skodras332900
36615Cody Groves393004
37136Joshua Philbrick373200
38999Nicholas Tomasunas363400
39391Rody Schroyer354000
40248Travis DelnickiDNF3100
41525Spencer WinterDNF3700
42711Tristan Lane40DNF00

250MX Report

Moto 1

The 250MX championship has come down to Justin Cooper and Jett Lawrence. With only three points separating the two riders headed into Ironman, the focal point of the race was their battle – and battle they did. Lawrence tore down the start straight first, but Cooper snuck in at the holeshot and took the early lead of the race. Lawrence, Max Vohland, and Jeremy Martin were all in tow. Just behind them, a large pileup claimed Jo Shimoda, Derek Kelley, RJ Hampshire, and Jarrett Frye, sending the podium threats back into the pack.

Justin Cooper at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Up front, Lawrence made a quick move on Cooper to slot into 1st. Martin made a pass on Vohland to overtake 3rd, and suddenly Cooper was feeling the pressure. He began to falter, dropping two positions. As Cooper lost speed, Martin gained it, closing in on Lawrence. At one point, Martin made it into 1st, but Lawrence quickly moved back into the position.

Jeremy Martin at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Lawrence back in 1st, Martin was riding aggressively and, as it turned out, dangerously. Martin came out of a corner too hard and ended up getting launched off his bike. He landed on his arm, breaking his left wrist and ending his 2021 MX season.

Jett Lawrence at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Martin out of the race, Lawrence went on to take 1st. Shimoda managed to take 2nd, followed by Michael Mosiman, Cooper, and Austin Forkner.

Moto 2

After working to regain positions in the first 250 moto, Shimoda started out front in the second. His lead was a little shaky, but he held off Lawrence, Ty Masterpool, Cooper, and Hampshire for several laps before Lawrence took over the lead. Spots shuffled around at that point with Hampshire making a few passes, Shimoda falling back, and Cooper fighting to catch up to his title rival.

Jo Shimoda at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In a few more laps and with a few more passes, Hampshire and Shimoda became locked in a battle for 2nd place. For the last half of the race, the two contended until Hampshire eventually secured the upper hand. Shimoda settled into 3rd place, staying ahead of Cooper in 4th. Cooper wasn’t really much competition in the moto, certainly not enough to catch up to Lawrence.

250MX Podium at Ironman MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, Lawrence went 1-1 to take the overall win. Shimoda’s 2-3 finishes put him in 2nd, with Cooper finishing 3rd with finishes of 4-4. Mosiman and Forkner rounded out the top 5.

250MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
118Jett Lawrence1150414
230Jo Shimoda2342262
332Justin Cooper4436403
442Michael Mosiman3635189
538Austin Forkner532218
624RJ Hampshire13230300
775Ty Masterpool6729138
839Carson Mumford8826153
941Hunter Lawrence12921319
1090Dilan Schwartz91320160
11380Preston Kilory10141847
1259Jarrett Frye151017140
13307Brandon Scharer14121629
14241Joshua Varize16111591
15115Max Vohland72914182
16147Levi Kitchen11351057
17172Tommy Rios1815910
18995Christopher Prebula2016613
19170Devin Simonson211746
2077Jerry Robin1726411
21874Zack William221839
22742TJ Uselman241923
23432Kaeden Amerine194028
24437Vincent Luhovey232011
25544Noah Willbrant272400
26841Jeffrey Walker302200
27554Wade Brommel252800
28412Jared Lesher332100
29766Levi Newby312300
30807Cole Harkins342500
31341Evan Haimowitz293100
32162Maxwell Sanford323000
3373Derek Kelley2638025
34443Luke Renzland283701
35112Xylian Ramella363408
36153Stephen Hooker353900
37366Blaze CremaldiDNF3700
38364Chad SaultzDNF3200
39266Brett GreenlyDNF3300
40164Matthew KlannDNF3600
416Jeremy Martin37DNS0307
42379Coner Burger38DNF00
43204Kyle Greeson49DNF00
44337Slade Smith40DNF00

Dylan Ferrandis is now a full 50 points ahead of Ken Roczen for the 450 class. For the 250 class, however, Jett Lawrence has now taken over the top spot with an 11-point lead over Justin Cooper. There’s still time for things to change, so we’ll see what happens next week.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo