The 8th round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship was one for the books. With lightening, heavy rains, and weather delays, the motos were muddy and unpredictable for both classes. Keep reading for the full race report and results for the 250s and 450s.

The Mud at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

The first moto for the 450s saw privateers stealing the show. Suzuki rider Isaac Teasdale grabbed the holeshot, and although he got passed for the lead by Cooper Webb shortly after the first corner, he maintained a top position for a good portion of the race. Other privateers Henry Miller and John Short were also in the top 5, laying down fast laps and putting on impressive fights for the podium. Behind them, typical contenders like Jason Anderson and Eli Tomac were struggling to recover from bad starts. Anderson got caught in a crash off the start, leaving him in 32nd place after the first lap. Tomac fared much better, sitting in 6th place by the second lap, but still had a long way to go to challenge Webb for the lead.

Jason Anderson Rides at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the midpoint of the race, Tomac had climbed up to 2nd place. The privateers had fallen back, and Webb, Tomac, and Marvin Musquin settled into the top 3 positions. Anderson was not as lucky; after working most of the moto to climb back up to the top 10, another crash set him back to an ultimate 12th place finish. The top 3 held down their positions with Zach Osborne and Miller rounding out the top 5.

Eli Tomac Rides at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the 450s tore down the start straight of the second moto, Webb was once again in the lead. He secured the holeshot and took first, successfully dodging another huge pileup near the first corner. Once again, Anderson got caught in the crash, along with Musquin. As those two struggled to recover from their poor starts, Webb and Ken Roczen were battling for the lead. Roczen had a difficult first moto, racing out of the top 10 for its entirety and finishing only in 14th place. In this moto, however, he had the speed, and he used it to stick it to Webb. After an impressive jump, Roczen blew past the race leader, and grew his lead after Webb attempted, and botched, the same jump. At the midway point of the race, Roczen was leading Webb in 2nd place, but Osborne and Justin Barcia were starting to close in.

450 MX Podium at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With just a few minutes of racing left, Tomac was barely in the top 5 at 5th, with Musquin and Anderson in 7th and 9th, respectively. It was a battle to the end for them, one that paid off for Tomac. His 5th place finish for the second moto was enough to secure 3rd place overall. Osborne managed to pull off 3rd place in the moto to take 2nd overall and Webb, who passed Roczen back again by the end of the moto, went 1-1 on the day, taking 1st and earning his first win of the season.

450MX Results

Pos. No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
12Cooper Webb1150288
216Zachary Osborne4338265
31Eli Tomac2538342
425Marvin Musquin3734304
594Ken Roczen14229293
651Justin Barcia11428198
763John Short682870
8101Fredrik Noren71124156
949Henry Miller5142377
1029Benny Bloss1662084
1121Jason Anderson121020272
124Blake Baggett17916175
1319Justin Bogle101616166
1415Dean WIlson15121538
1517Joey Savatgy8351367
167Aaron Plessinger9401240
17119Isaac Teasdale1320912
1837Kyle Cunningham3913816
1956Lorenzo Lucurcio2115677
2043Tyler Bowers2217455
21319Coty Schock2818325
22700James Weeks1833317
23577Felix Lopez261923
24929Taiki Koga1934218
2541Ben Lamay2037160
2690Jeremy Hand242200
27837Bryson Gardner272100
28270Jacob Runkles252300
29813Aaron Lampi232600
30214Vann Martin312400
31122Chris Howell322700
32647Matthew Hubert352505
33166Gavin Wilkins362800
34152Ryder Hanninen343200
35447Deven Raper303800
36354Matthew Toth293900
37332Dustin Winter333603
3854Dylan Merriam4030018
39308Nicholas JacksonDNF2900
40959Josef DeBowerDNF3100
41637Robert Piazza37DNF00
42227Derek Kelley38DNF00

250MX Report

After the shortened qualifying session and delayed start, the track was an unpredictable mud pit for the 250’s first moto. Predictably, however, Adam Cianciarulo still grabbed the holeshot, though he quickly got passed by GEICO Honda rider Hunter Lawrence. Cianciarulo got pushed back to 2nd place, but the speeding hometown-hero Alex Martin was closing in. After jumping past Justin Cooper, Martin was in 3rd place after the first lap and had his sights set on Cianciarulo. The competition was heating up, but the chaos was consistent. At one point, both Lawrence and Cianciarulo slid off track, but both quickly and safely returned and continued the competition.

Hunter Lawrence at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Further back, other riders were struggling with the mud and their bikes. Dylan Ferrandis’s and Garret Marchbanks’s bikes both started smoking, but both were able to salvage top-10 finishes in the moto. Cianciarulo had a small crash where he lost his goggles and got passed by Martin. By the end, Lawrence, Martin, and Cianciarulo took the top 3 spots for their first race with McElrath and Ferrandis rounding out the top 5.

Alex Martin at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the second 250 moto, the track was starting to dry out, proving to be more forgiving and consistent for the young riders. Cooper kicked off the moto with the holeshot, but quickly lost the lead to Cianciarulo who led for the rest of the race. Spots behind him shuffled between Martin, Kyle Peters, Marchbanks, Ferrandis, Colt Nichols, and Shane McElrath, who were all battling for top spots. The track was still slippery, though, and after a few crashes and mistakes, the top 5 was Cianciarulo, Nichols, Martin, Ferrandis, and McElrath with just under 10 minutes left to go.

250 MX Podium at Millville 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the clock continued to tick down, Martin started making a charge to take the podium for his hometown race. He passed Nichols for 2nd place but wasn’t able to make it stick. By the last lap, Nichols had passed him back, sending Martin back to a 3rd place finish. That was enough for Martin to podium, though. He finished in 3rd overall, behind Lawrence in 2nd and Cianciarulo in 1st.

250MX Results

Pos. No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
192Adam Cianciarulo3145352
226Alex Martin2342207
3196Hunter Lawrence1640233
434Dylan Ferrandis5434316
512Shane McElrath4534163
639Colt Nichols14229233
732Justin Cooper71025306
831RJ Hampshire61125225
961Garret Marchbanks1092386
10936Ty Masterpool111318129
11123Mitchell Falk8191515
1223Chase Sexton27714181
1336Michael Mosiman21813186
1444Cameron McAdoo9371293
1555Kyle Peters17151061
1645Brandon Hartranft35129106
17346Kevin Moranz1221925
18291Zane Merrett1340812
1966Mitchell Oldenburg2914752
2052Jordan Bailey1916762
21233Derek Drake1817757
2278Ramyller Alves1539625
2359Nick Gaines16DNF546
24156Jacob Hayes2318382
2538Christain Craig3220149
2691Zack Williams2525012
2740Sean Cantrell203611
28110Yusuke Watanabe262602
29841Jerrfrey Walker332200
30139Nathen LaPorte243200
31509Alexander Nagy342300
32906Adrian Galamba283100
33136Joshua Philbrick312900
34441Scott Meshey392400
35981Curren Thurman402700
36356Daniel Lippman303800
37151Carter Gordon363400
38164Matthew Klann383500
39194Jerry Robin22DNF020
40546Tylor SkodrasDNF2800
41340Blake TaylorDNF3000
42657Justin WolfDNF3300
43979Philip Maus37DNF00

Once again, Kawasaki riders have the points lead locked down going into the next round. Eli Tomac sits in 1st place at 342 points, leading Musquin in 2nd by 38 points. Adam Cianciarulo has 352 points, 36 more than Dylan Ferrandis in 2nd place.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo