The second round of Pro Motocross took place at the Fox Raceway National in Pala, California on May 25th. Track conditions started out pristine, but after qualifying sessions and the first motos, things got a lot dicier for the riders. Check it out.

450MX Report

450MX Moto One was a wild ride from start to finish. It kicked off with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-WPS-KTM rider Blake Baggett getting the holeshot, but an impressive pass by Ken Roczen pushed him back to 2nd place. Baggett then passed Roczen back in a corner, but a sudden mechanical issue sent Baggett to the mechanic’s area to get a new front wheel installed. This left Roczen to take the lead of the race, with Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin rounding out the top 3.

Blake Baggett at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

Tomac was not far behind, though. He had gotten a poor start, but had climbed back up to 5th place and was challenging Cooper Webb for 4th. The two had it out for several laps, and the battle ended with Tomac eventually making his way around Webb. He had his sights set on Anderson, who had gotten passed by Musquin, for 3rd place. It took a few minutes, but Tomac eventually made his way around Anderson too, leaving only Roczen and Musquin ahead of him.

Jason Anderson at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

Time was running out, and the top 3 riders started feeling the pressure to secure the best finishes. Musquin had cut down Roczen’s large lead to mere seconds, and Tomac was closing in on the action himself. In the final minute of the race, the three were in a tight line with little time or space for passing. It was enough for Tomac, though. In the final laps, he worked his way around both Musquin and Roczen, taking 1st place and the early lead of the day.

Eli Tomac at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

Moto Two was more of the Tomac show. Baggett and teammate Justin Bogle got the best starts of the race, but they were quickly passed by Tomac and Musquin. Musquin was narrowly leading the race, but Tomac was less than a second behind him and getting close. Behind them, Anderson was holding onto 3rd place behind Tomac, and Roczen, who had gotten a bad start, was trying to work his way out of 8th place.

Ken Roczen at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

By the halfway point of the race, Musquin, Tomac, and Roczen, who had climbed up enough to pass Anderson, were in the top 3 spots. Musquin had gained a little time on Tomac, but it didn’t last for much longer. The battle was brewing, and Tomac finally got close enough to attempt a pass. The two were bar-to-bar through a few turns, but Tomac ultimately prevailed and made his pass for the lead.

450MX Podium at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

With the second moto winding down, Anderson started feeling the heat from Osborne in 5th place. The teammates battled it out for a few turns, but Osborne made his move on Anderson to take over 4th place. He tried to make a move on Roczen, too, but the Honda rider shut him down time and time again. The race was in its final laps, and no one had time for any more passes. As they crossed the finish line, Tomac, Musquin, and Roczen finished on the podium with Osborne and Anderson rounding out the top 5.

450SX Results

Pos. No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
11Eli Tomac115093
225Marvin Musquin324274
394Ken Roczen234289
416Zachary Osborne543470
521Jason Anderson453472
62Cooper Webb663065
746Justin Hill872732
851Justin Barcia7102552
9101Fredrik Noren992432
1014Cole Seely1182338
11103Dean Ferris10131942
1219Justin Bogle12121841
13477Todd Waters16111532
1454Dylan Merriam15151218
1569Jake Masterpool1326826
164Blake Baggett33*14*733
1756Lorenzo Locurcio143177
1841Ben Lamay3716521
19218Erki Kahro172055
20929Taiki Koga2217410
21718Toshiki Tomita2418310
2243Tyler Bowers182938
23221Mathias Jorgensen251923
2449Henry Miller192322
2568Brandan Leith202511
26700James Weeks262200
27332Dustin Winter282100
2885Dare Demartile232702
29637Robert Piazza213400
30647Matthew Hubert302800
3174Cade Authenrieth382400
3262Alex Ray273600
33621RJ Wageman343000
34403Keylan Meston323500
3548Cody Cooper293806
36309Jeremy Smith353300
37227Derek Kelley314000
38383Casey Brennan403200
39876Christopher Alldredge363700
4082Justin Hoeft394100
41246Chance Blackburn413900


250MX Report

As the 250MX riders lined up for their first moto, all eyes were on top qualifiers Justin Cooper, Adam Cianciarulo, and Colt Nichols. Cianciarulo took the overall at Hangtown, but Cooper and Nichols seemed like they had the speed to beat in Pala after some intense racing in qualifying. They all tore down the start strait with the gate drop, but Cianciarulo didn’t make it out front with Cooper and Nichols. After taking the first corner too wide, Cianciarulo got pushed out of the top 10 while Cooper and Nichols ended the first lap in 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Justin Cooper at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

Behind Cooper and Nichols, Hunter Lawrence and Jordon Smith were both vying for the final top-3 position. They both had something to prove after missing the 2019SX season, and it showed as they collided into each other coming out of a corner. Both rejoined the race, but Lawrence quickly pulled off after another small crash left his bike leaking oil, and Smith slowed down, showing signs of injury from his run-in with Lawrence. This left the battle for the podium to GEICO Honda riders RJ Hampshire and Chase Sexton, along with Cianciarulo who had climbed his way back up to 5th place. The three rode fender-to-fender for a few turns, but Hampshire began to pull away from Sexton and, not wanting to let a top-3 finish slip away, Cianciarulo took advantage of the gap to pass Sexton himself.

Hunter Lawrence at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

With two laps to go, Cooper was still leading the race with over a four second lead. Nichols was in 2nd place, but Hampshire and Cianciarulo were closing in on him, fast. The two were battling for a better position, and their speed took them around Nichols into 2nd and 3rd place. The first moto ended with Cooper, Hampshire, and Cianciarulo taking the top 3 spots.

Adam Cianciarulo at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

The second moto started out much better for Cianciarulo. He made it to the first corner in 4th place, but edged out Cooper in 3rd to take a top spot by the end of the first lap. He then worked his way around Alex Martin in 2nd place by the end of the second lap, leaving no one but Shane McElrath in front of him. It wasn’t long, though, until Cianciarulo worked his way around McElrath too, setting Cianciarulo up nicely to nab the overall win.

Shane McElrath at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

Lawrence was back in the game, though, and was looking for a better finish in Moto Two. His determination and speed took him all the way up to 2nd place, where he started to put the pressure on Cianciarulo. Lawrence got close to Cianciarulo a few times, but Cianciarulo continued to gap Lawrence, and their battle seemed to be over after Lawrence bobbled and Cianciarulo was able to gain some time. Lawrence, however, rebounded after a few laps, and closed to gap enough to actually pass Cianciarulo. With Cianciarulo in 2nd place, it looked like the overall win would go to Cooper.

250MX Podium at Pala 2019
Photo: Kardy Photo

It wasn’t over for Cianciarulo yet, as he started to work on the time Lawrence had gained. Behind him, Cooper was putting in his own work to fend of Sexton and earn the overall win. The clock was ticking down and it looked unlikely that Cianciarulo would take 1st back from Lawrence, but another crash for Lawrence let Cianciarulo right by. He maintained the lead for the last few laps, putting him in 1st overall ahead of Cooper in 2nd place and Dylan Ferrandis in 3rd.

250SX West Results

Pos.No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
192Adam Cianciarulo314592
232Justin Cooper1*44386
334Dylan Ferrandis733470
423Chase Sexton553265
539Colt Nichols473268
626Alex Martin1062648
761Garrett Marchbanks982542
836Michael Mosiman8112347
9196Hunter Lawrence3722241
1031RJ Hampshire2362251
1138Christian Craig6152140
1212Shane McElrath1510*1737
13233Derek Drake13121728
1473Martin Davalos1891527
15936Ty Masterpool12171329
16156Jacob Hayes14161215
17112Thomas Covington11251010
1845Brandon Hartranft351388
19205Wilson Todd2914725
2052Jodan Bailey1718713
2128Jordon Smith1638515
2272Martin Castelo201934
2377Challen Tennant192122
2455Kyle Peters2720111
25291Zane Merrett232200
2683Killian Auberson222306
27321Bradley Lionnet212600
28154Chase Felong242700
29173Grant Wall252900
30898Jack Fowler263200
31310Kai Aiello283100
3259Nick Gaines402400
33194Jerry Robin362803
34232Dylan Bolinger343000
35340Blake Taylor333400
36212Tyler McCoy323500
37726Gared Steinke313900
38153Carson Carr383700
39216Devin Harriman30DNF00
40286Brandon SussmanDNF3300
41110Yusuke Watanabe39DNF00
42162Maxwell StandordDNF4000


The season is just getting underway, but we can already tell that it’s going to be a good one. Check in with us next week to get the full report from Thunder Valley!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo