Round 6 of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series, the Rockford Fosgate RedBud National, was hosted in Buchanan, MI on July 1st, 2017. The 450 points lead switched hands this week, while the 250 points lead continued to grow. Officially marking halfway through the season, fans and spectators flocked to RedBud to see how the race results would pan out over the weekend.

450MX Report

Off the 450MX Starting Gate at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The Red Bud round got off to a rough start for several of the 450MX riders. Right after coming out of the gate during moto 1, bikes started crashing left and right. Caught up in the carnage were riders like Trey Canard, Jason Anderson, Broc Tickle, Weston Peick – not to mention a nasty crash for Cooper Webb. Lots of the top guys found themselves having to battle for a good position from the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Christian Craig was able to stay ahead of the chaos and take the early lead to grab the holeshot. Marvin Musquin, Justin Bogle, and Blake Baggett were hot on his rear wheel and pushing hard for the front.

Christian Craig Gets the Moto 1 Holeshot at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Musquin came into Red Bud feeling almost 100% after his recent injury, and it was apparent right in the first lap. He and Baggett were giving it everything they had right from the start and the first lap had some pretty tight battles between the two – coming together on the track, switching spots for 2nd, and laying it all out on the track. The two would battle multiple times throughout the moto, providing the spectators with plenty of great racing to watch.

Cole Seely was putting in a strong race as well, riding behind the leading three in 4th place. Unfortunately, he made a mistake and went down allowing Eli Tomac to get past him and move into 4th. Tomac then set his sights on the leaders of the race. While Tomac was planning his move on Baggett, Musquin was able to get the lead from Craig. Tomac followed up with a pass on Baggett, fixing his efforts on Musquin next. Craig began to fade back while Bogle and Barcia began to close in for positions in the top 5. Tomac patiently worked his way forward until he was in a good position to make the pass on Musquin, positioning Musquin and Baggett for battle once again. With less than five minutes left in the race, the two were riding neck and neck again until Musquin made a small mistake and Baggett was able to get by to move into 2nd.

Musquin Rode Well at RedBud at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The final battle would come in the last lap when Baggett narrowed the gap on Tomac to try and steal the lead. With one second between the two and one lap to go, both riders were laying out everything they had on the track. It seemed as if Tomac was in real danger of losing the 1st place position until Baggett made the smallest mistake, giving Tomac just enough time to be out of the danger zone if he kept riding strong. He did just that and crossed the finish line for the win with Baggett about one second behind. The final standings for moto 1 were Tomac with 1st, Baggett in 2nd, Musquin in 3rd, Anderson in 4th and Craig in 5th.

Tomac Ran 1-1 Races at RedBud at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Coming into moto 2 with a one-point lead in the championship over Tomac, Baggett had a lot riding on his performance for the second half of the day. After taking the holeshot it seemed like he was off to a great start, with Justin Barcia and Anderson right on his heels. Barcia took the lead after the first corner ahead of Baggett and as Baggett tried to get it back, he made some contact with the back wheel on Anderson’s bike and had a tip over in a corner that made him lose his place in the fight for the lead. When Baggett went down, Anderson filed in behind Barcia for 2nd place, putting the pressure on him for most of the first half of the race as he tried to take the lead. He made a few tries, but it wasn’t long before the battle shifted to him trying to hold off Tomac to stay in 2nd. After a few minutes Tomac made the pass on him and settled in behind Barcia.

Barcia Leads Multiple Laps of Moto 2 at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Barcia ended up running into some bad luck when he washed out in a corner and found himself in 5th when he got back on the bike. Tomac had moved into the lead and was able to finish in the same place. Jason Anderson finished out in 2nd and Musquin took 3rd. Peick and Josh Grant took 4th and 5th, respectively. Baggett was only able to recover with 10th place in moto 2.

The overall results in the 450MX class for the weekend were Tomac (1-1) in 1st, Anderson (4-2) in 2nd and Musquin (3-3) in 3rd. Tomac regained the overall points lead from Baggett, who now sits in 2nd. Anderson is in 3rd overall for the points battle.

450MX Podium at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Results

13Eli TomacKawasaki1150241
221Jason AndersonHusqvarna4240216
325Marvin MusquinKTM3340201
44Blake Baggett^KTM21033228
551Justin BarciaSuzuki7629125
633Joshua GrantKawasaki10527133
714Cole SeelyHonda6927132
819Justin BogleSuzuki9726163
915Dean WilsonHusqvarna8826163
1032Weston PeickSuzuki14425137
1148Christian Craig*Honda5122562
1241Trey CanardKTM13111839
1340Fredrik NorenHonda111417103
1430Martin DavalosHusqvarna151314110
1581Henry MillerYamaha12161422
1688John ShortYamaha17151025
1720Broc TickleSuzuki18177146
1870Dakota AlixKTM1640565
19151Dakota TedderKawasaki3118311
20718Toshiki TomitaHonda2619216
21154Brandon ScharerYamaha1933217
2227Nicholas WeyKawasaki222011
23309Jeremy SmithYamaha202111
24125Josh MosimanHusqvarna2123024
25170Zack WilliamsHonda232406
26353Kody KammKTM252600
27544Morgan BurgerHonda272803
28596Carson TickleHonda332502
29321Bradley LionnetKawasaki293000
30921Isaac TeasdaleKTM243500
31265Nick Fratz-OrrKTM322900
32606Ronnie StewartSuzuki4022014
33332Jeremy HandHonda362700
34841Jeffrey WalkerHonda303400
3596Vann MartinHonda283600
36881Gerald Lorenz IIIYamaha343100
37351Eric GrondahlHonda353200
382Cooper WebbYamaha38370112
3968Heath HarrisonYamaha3739031
40796Michael BidusYamaha393800

*Holeshot 1
^Holeshot 2

250MX Report

250MX Holeshot at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Jeremy Martin was the fastest off of the line to grab the holeshot for the first 250MX moto of the day. Zach Osborne, Austin Forkner and Alex Martin all had great starts as well and were running close behind the lead right from the start. Red Bud is the home of the biggest jump in the outdoor season, LaRocco’s Leap. Although the jump had a bit of a makeover this year, it is still a difficult one for the 250s to clear in its entirety. However, during the first lap J. Martin had no trouble sailing clean over it and extending his lead on the rest of the pack who weren’t able to completely clear it on their own bikes. After that he took off unchallenged for the lead for the remainder of the race, clearing LaRocco’s Leap yet another time during the race and extending his lead. He took 1st place for moto 1.

Jeremy Martin Took Both 250MX Holeshot Awards at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

A. Martin and Osborne rode strong the whole race as well, basically holding their positions as well, with Forkner coming up behind them. They would finish in those positions, respectively, with Plessinger rounding out the top 5 with 5th place.

Harrison and Osborne Battle It Out at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

J. Martin got the holeshot once again for moto 2, but went down in the next turn, which cost him the lead. Forkner found himself on the ground soon after as well. Most of the passing in moto 2 was taking place in the latter half of riders, with the downed riders trying to make up for lost time and other riders trying to push their way forward. The lead riders didn’t change up much for the majority of the race. A. Martin was in front of the pack until about seven minutes left when he went down and faced the same fate as his brother – crashing while in the lead and losing the position. Mitchell Harrison passed him for the lead with Osborne close behind. The battle between those two got pretty heated near the end of the race, with Osborne making multiple attempts to pass and Harrison continuing to keep him at bay. Right before the end of the race Osborne was finally able to get by and the final results were Osborne in 1st, Harrison in 2nd and A. Martin in 3rd. Dylan Ferrandis finished 4th with Justin Hill in 5th.

Osborne Celebrating His Win at RedBud 2017
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The overall results on the weekend were Osborne (2-1) in 1st, A. Martin (3-3) in 2nd, and J. Martin (1-8) in 3rd.

250MX Results

116Zachary OsborneHusqvarna2147254
226Alex MartinKTM3340216
36Jeremy Martin*^Honda1838209
445Mitchell HarrisonYamaha7236147
5108Dylan FerrandisYamaha5434152
623Aaron PlessingerYamaha61125190
724Austin ForknerKawasaki41425184
838Shane McElrathKTM9924126
9486Chase SextonHonda1272354
1017Joseph SavatgyKawasaki111021165
1136Adam CianciaruloKawasaki81321168
1246Justin HillKawasaki1752088
1339Colt NicholsYamaha101220144
1450Luke RenzlandYamaha2061661
1542Kyle CunninghamSuzuki14161250
1678Nick GainesYamaha13181155
17487Josh OsbyKTM15171010
18183Lorenzo LocurcioYamaha2415649
19129Sean CantrellKTM1621588
2074Bradley TaftYamaha1920327
21367Hunter SaylesKTM182833
22791Gustavo SouzaHonda2219211
23677Cody WilliamsYamaha212302
24570Cody VanBuskirkKTM252200
25179Jon AmesYamaha232501
26970Pedro BuenoKawasaki292400
27904Jarett PesciYamaha282700
28130Austin RootKawasaki302600
29613Nick SchnaglHonda313000
30660Stone EdlerYamaha263600
31264Tyler KirschnerYamaha323200
32234McCoy BroughHonda343100
33702Josiah HempenYamaha273800
34393Curren ThurmanHusqvarna372900
35657Justin WolfKawasaki353300
36449Dakota KesslerHonda333700
37200Joachim FaldenYamaha393400
38319Coty SchockHonda383500
3931RJ HampshireHonda3639034
40128Cameron McadooHonda4040011

*Holeshot 1
^Holeshot 2

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo