RedBud, round seven of the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, is arguably the circuit’s biggest event, and the fans came from all over to celebrate. Wrapping up Independence Day weekend, fans and riders alike donned red, white, and blue on the hot and humid day. The track sported long sand rollers, soil changes, and a down-hill curve with a negative camber. The most famous part of the track, LaRocco’s Leap, is a 140-foot triple that launches riders up to four stories high. It’s the largest in the circuit.

The Track at RedBud 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Zach Osborne missed the race because of an injured collar bone and sternum from a practice crash last Thursday. So, all eyes were on Eli Tomac, the points leader, Cooper Webb, who seems to only improve with each race, Ken Roczen, and Marvin Musquin.

A tight, white-knuckled start in the first moto showed Cooper Webb powering through for the hole shot. Webb, Tomac, and Justin Bogle dominated the first lap, with Blake Baggett and Jason Anderson right on their rear fenders.

Eli Tomac at RedBud 2019Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Toward the end of the first lap, Musquin went down and resumed the race in 38th place. Taking advantage of the open spot and an excellent start, Bogle charged to the lead. At first, Tomac seemed satisfied to lag just behind him and Cooper Webb, but then found some momentum in an outside turn and shot ahead, leaving Bogle, Anderson, and Webb to battle for a top-3 position. In an aggressive move in a tight turn, Anderson finally edged past Bogle, then faced Webb for 3rd.

Despite riding his best race so far in the season, Bogle dropped back again as Webb moved up, battling for 4th place with teammate Blake Baggett. At the flag, it was Tomac, Anderson, and Webb finishing in the top 3 positions. Bogle held on to 4th, with Baggett rounding off the top 5 in 5th place.

Jason Anderson at RedBud 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The second moto holeshot went to Blake Baggett, with Bogle riding hard in 2nd place. Musquin, Roczen, and Anderson applied plenty of pressure from behind, though, and gradually pushed past Baggett and Bogle to the front.

Musquin found the lead, and managed to create a safe gap. In a spectacular move, Tomac pushed Anderson to the outside of the track to pass. Now facing Roczen, Anderson couldn’t find the same opportunity. Tomac stayed ahead for 2nd, and Roczen edged past Anderson for 3rd. Musquin, Tomac, and Roczen finshed in the top 3 spots that race, but the final podium went to Tomac, Anderson, and Musquin.

450MX Podium at RedBud 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Results

11Eli Tomac1247304
221Jason Anderson2440252
325Marvin Musquin7139270
42Cooper Webb3*536238
594Ken Roczen6335264
619Justin Bogle4633150
74Blake Baggett59*28159
829Benny Bloss982564
915Dean Wilson1272323
10101Fredrik Noren81321132
117Aaron Plessinger11112028
1249Henry Miller10141854
1356Lorenzo Locurcio14121671
1451Justin Barcia391011170
15319Coty Schock15161122
1637Kyle Cunningham133988
1763John Short3315642
1811Kyle Chisholm1719613
1943Tyler Bowers1621551
20929Taiki Koga3517416
21332Dustin Winter231833
22119Isaac Teasdale192033
2341Ben Lamay1838359
24700James Weeks2036114
25577Felix Lopez222201
26711Tristan Lane242406
27637Robert Piazza212800
2880Heath Harrison292301
29837Bryson Gardner282700
30727Bradley Esper312500
31270Jacob Runkles273000
32279Timothy Crosby263100
33214Vann Martin322600
3490Jeremy Hand253700
35265Nick Fratz-Orr303300
36152Ryder Hanninen343200
37647Matthew Hubert402905
3817Joseph Savatgy3834054
39354Matthew Toth373500
40881Jerry Lorenz III364000

* Holeshot

250MX Report

The excitement was palpable in the 250 class as well as an equally heated start in the first moto led to Alex Martin taking the holeshot, edging out points leader Adam Cianciarulo. Charging out in close quarters, a small pile-up brought Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis together for a light nudge. Too much momentum from the scuffle sent Cianciarulo off the track for a brief three seconds before he jumped back on at an uphill triple.

Dylan Ferrandis at RedBud 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cianciarulo wasn’t the only rider with trouble staying on the track. Justin Cooper went down in the first lap, coming down the off-cambered turn. Shane McElrath also strayed briefly, but quickly found his way back on the track.

While Ferrandis seemed to ride a flawless race, the heat was on between Cianciarulo and Colt Nichols. Nichols kept pushing to pass Cianciarulo, with RJ Hampshire close behind them. Contact between Nichols and Cianciarulo in a curve took Nichols down momentarily, and caused Cianciarulo to over-compensate and leave the track again. This time, he rode through a banner and shot through an opening to regain his position in the race. Unlike Thunder Valley, the judges quickly penalized him two spots for accelerating while off-track, and re-entering the race in an unsafe manner.

Adam Cianciarulo at RedBud 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Meanwhile, Hampshire took advantage and slid ahead of the pack. Alex Martin’s bike lost a radiator hose, and hemorrhaged coolant as he fought to keep up. Eventually, the steam from his radiator became smoke in his exhaust, and his engine seized after 15 laps.

Dylan Ferrandis crossed the finish line 1st, followed by R.J. Hampshire, and then Justin Cooper. Ty Masterpool brought up 4th place, and Adam Cianciarulo was awarded 5th.

250MX Podium at RedBud 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The second moto saw an equal amount of aggressive, physical riding. The holeshot went to Alex Martin once again, this time with Colt Nichols and Shane McElrath duking it out not far behind. Dylan Ferrandis tried shutting the door early on Adam Cianciarulo, but after some slight contact, Cianciarulo slipped past.

Despite his earlier mechanical failure, Martin showed Cianciarulo a good race before a small mistake in a turn allowed Cianciarulo to move ahead to 2nd place. Not jumping LaRocco’s Leap, however, kept Cianciarulo behind Ferrandis. The tally for moto two was Ferrandis in 1st, Cianciarulo in 2nd, and Martin in 3rd, but the final podium saw Ferrandis, Cianciarulo, and Cooper on the top steps.

250MX Results

134Dylan Ferrandis1150282
292Adam Cianciarulo5228307
332Justin Cooper3635281
431RJ Hampshire2835200
5196Hunter Lawrence8431193
6936Ty Masterpool41128111
739Colt Nichols11526204
836Michael Mosiman10725173
945Brndon Hartranft6122497
1044Cameron McAdoo9102381
1126Alex Martin*19322165
1212Shane McElrath12921129
1355Kyle Peters7201551
1466Mitchell Oldenburg15131445
1559Nick Gaines13181141
16628Parker Mashburn171699
17156Jacob Hayes3814779
1852Jordan Bailey1439755
1978Ramylier Alves2215619
20346Kevin Moranz1819516
21194Jerry Robin1637520
2289Joseph Crown391744
23291Zane Merrett202514
24233Derek Drake2321050
2591Zack Williams212300
26161Justin Thompson252205
27981Curren Thurman262400
28110Yusuke Watanabe242602
29841Jeffrey Walker272800
30906Adreian Galamba302900
31345Joshua Prior293100
32139Nathan Laporte323000
33407Bnejamin Nelko362701
34154Chase Felong313300
35337Vincent Luhovey333200
36610Hayden Halstead284002
37228Donny Brown353500
38583Cory Ridel343600
39151Carter Gordon403800
40916Jorge RubalcavaDNS3400
41247Brock Papi37DNS00

The championship will take a break next week, but will continue on July 20 at the Spring Creek National.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo