The sixth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place in Southwick, Massachusetts on June 29, 2019. With high temperatures and hot competition, the riders brought the heat once again for another intense day of racing. Keep reading for the full 450MX and 250MX report.

The Start at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

As the riders flew into the first corner of the first 450MX moto, it was hard to tell who was where. Zach Osborne was credited with the holeshot, but he was quickly edged out by Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac who came out of the first corner bar-to-bar. After some battling between the two, Musquin took the lead and pushed Tomac back to 2nd place.

Eli Tomac at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind them, spots were shuffling between Osborne, Ken Roczen, Joey Savatgy, Fredrik Noren, and Cooper Webb. The top-10 riders were switching positions throughout the entire race – Osborne and Roczen were each in 2nd place at one point, but neither finished there. Tomac got sent back to 5th place near the midpoint of the race, but managed to climb back up to 2nd by the checkered flag. In the end, Musquin, Tomac, and Osborne finished in the top-3 spots.

Marvin Musquin at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

It was a similar story for the second 450MX moto. Though Webb grabbed the holeshot, a small mistake allowed Osborne to fly past, taking over the lead and sending Webb back to 2nd place. The two, along with Musquin, battled for the lead throughout the whole moto, but no one was able to make a pass stick on Osborne. The 450MX rookie maintained his lead until the end, taking the moto win at the checkered flag.

450MX Podium at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The race wasn’t as clean cut for the other racers. For the second time, Roczen got a great start and faded to the back of the top 10, while Jason Anderson struggled again to nab a top-3 finish. Tomac had to make another charge after starting in 9th place. It was a battle to the end, but Tomac ended up crossing the finish line in 3rd place. His finish was enough to secure him a podium, though, finishing in 3rd place overall behind Musquin in 1st and Osborne in 2nd.

450MX Results

125Marvin Musquin1*247231
216Zachary Osborne3145227
31Eli Tomac2342257
42Cooper Webb44*36202
521Jason Anderson7530212
651Justin Barcia6630159
7101Fredrik Noren5730111
8103Dean Ferris81222136
994Ken Roczen121020229
1063John Short1591836
1119Justin Bogle111318117
124Blake Baggett101814131
1317Joey Savatgy3681354
1429Benny Bloss9391239
15319Coty Schock17141111
1656Lorenzo Locurcio40111055
177Aaron Plessinger181688
1849Henry Miller1338836
19700James Weeks1427713
20711Tristan Lane221566
21716Ryan Dowd162455
2241Ben Lamay2517456
2388Chris Canning211922
2443Tyler Bowers1940246
25929Taiki Koga3120112
26718Toshiki Tomita2036121
27813Aaron Lampi242200
28880Conor Sheridan232500
29351Eric Grondahl272300
30119Isaac Teasdale302100
31116TJ Albright263100
32314Tyler Stepek352600
33919Brian Borghesani283400
34270Jacob Runkles343000
35309Jeremy Smith323200
36429Derrick Barnaby293700
3780Heath Harrison393301
38265Nick Fratz-Orr383500
39125Luke NesseDNF2800
40886Shane KelleherDNF2900
41412Jared Lesher33DNF00
42449Dakota Kessler37DNF00


250MX Report

For the third time this season, Monster Energy Yamaha rider Justin Cooper nabbed the top qualifying spot for the 250s. This marked him as a top contender for points leader Adam Cianciarulo, and their rivalry kicked off with the gate drop of the first 250MX moto. The holeshot officially went to Cianciarulo, but Cooper was right there, riding beside the points leader for several turns until Cianciarulo was able to edge out the lead.

Adam Cianciarulo at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

This left Cooper in 2nd place, a position he’d have to defend from a charging Dylan Ferrandis. After starting in 6th place, Ferrandis was on the gas all moto to catch up to a top-3 position. He made quick work of 5th place, then moved past Brandon Hartranft and Shane McElrath to chase after Cooper’s 2nd place. A failed attempt to pass Cooper on a downhill, however, solidified Ferrandis’s standing in 3rd place, where he finished the moto behind Cooper in 2nd and Cianciarulo in 1st.

Justin Cooper at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The second moto saw Cianciarulo tearing off the line in 1st place again, taking the second 250MX holeshot of the day. He easily cut off Cooper, but had a harder time fending off Ferrandis. Once again, Ferrandis was charging, and his speed ended up being too much for Cianciarulo. With one impressive pass, the Frenchman overtook the points leader, quickly gapping the riders behind him.

250MX Podium at Southwick 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Rather than trying to make a charge of his own, Cianciarulo decided to manage the race from 2nd place, a high enough position for him to take the overall. At the checkered flag, Ferrandis got the moto win, but Cianciarulo got the overall, with Ferrandis and Cooper finishing in 2nd and 3rd place.

250MX Results

Pos. No.NameM1M2PointsOverall
192Adam Cianciarulo1*2*47269
234Dylan Ferrandis3145232
332Justin Cooper2342246
431RJ Hampshire4436165
512Shane McElrath6729108
626Alex Martin10527143
745Brandon Hartranft782773
839Colt Nichols51126178
944Cameron McAdoo1162558
10156Jacob Hayes1292172
11196Hunter Lawrence91320162
12936Ty Masterpool8151983
1359Nick Gaines17101530
1478Ramyller Alves18121213
15194Jerry Robin14171115
1666Mitchell Oldenburg1914931
1752Jordan Bailey1518948
1823Chase Sexton13DNS8167
19346Kevin Moranz2416511
2055Kyle Peters1635536
21610Hayden Halstead281922
22161Justin Thompson202025
23233Derek Drake2123050
24345Joshua Prior262200
25701Jake Pinhancos272400
26583Corey Ridel292500
27719Joshua Berchem302600
28778James Harrington312900
29491Gabe Guiterres233700
30291Zane Merrett402103
31640Aaron Zielfelder342700
32167Cody Williams253600
3373Martin Davalos2240054
34210Jonathan Mayzak352800
35483Bryton Carroll323100
36368Stepehn Czarnota363000
37889Cody Williams373200
38841Jeffery Walker333800
39459Austin Brooks383400
40187Walter White393900
41664Hunter StempelDNF3300


For the third week in a row, Monster Energy Kawasaki riders Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo both maintain their points leads. We’ll see if they can keep them, though, when Motocross heads to RedBud next week.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo