The fifth round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place at The Wick 338 in Southwick, MA on July 10. Read on to see how your favorite riders finished and who has the red plate heading into Spring Creek.

450MX Start at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

Dylan Ferrandis has been on a hot streak this season, and that showed no signs of changing as he rounded the first turn of the race with the lead. Aaron Plessinger, Justin Barcia, Adam Cianciarulo, and Ken Roczen were not far behind, but the drama of the race remained with them as Ferrandis pulled away from the pack. Barcia passed Plessinger, and Cianciarulo and Roczen remained locked in a battle for 4th that ended up lasting the entirety of the race.

Aaron Plessinger at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the top-5 riders settled into their positions, other riders were struggling to keep it on two wheels. Dean Wilson, Chase Sexton, and Marvin Musquin were all having a rough race, Wilson even going down in a turn that dropped him back several positions. Eli Tomac was also noticeably missing from the action, finishing the moto in 8th place with little fanfare.

Adam Cianciarulo at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

At the finish line, the top 5 lineup was virtually unchanged. Ferrandis, Barcia, and Plessinger took the top-3 positions with Roczen and Cianciarulo rounding out the top 5 and settling their battle for 4th place.

Moto 2

In the second 450 moto, Cooper Webb started out front with the holeshot. Flanked by Ken Roczen, however, Webb did not maintain the lead for long. Once Roczen took over the position, Webb began to fade and fall away from the action. Plessinger seemed like a threat early on, but he ended up having some bike issues that first forced him off of the track, then out of the race altogether.

Ken Roczen at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Missing from the top 5 was Ferrandis. After getting a bad start, Ferrandis had some passes to make to get into the top 5. That said, it didn’t take the points leader long to move around the pack and settle into a comfortable 3rd. A 1-3 was enough for Ferrandis to secure the overall, and he was smart to stay out of the battle brewing up front.

450MX Podium at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Roczen was still in 1st, but he was dealing with some serious pressure from Tomac by the midpoint of the race. Tomac had made some key passes early in the race, setting him up with the speed to overtake the lead. Roczen put up a fight for a few laps, but Tomac eventually made his way around and into 1st place. He led Roczen, Ferrandis, Barcia, and Webb through the checkered flag. Ferrandis, Roczen, and Barcia took the overall podium, however, with Tomac and Webb securing the final top-5 positions.

450MX Results

114Dylan Ferrandis1345224
294Ken Roczen4240205
351Justin Barcia2440161
43Eli Tomac8138167
52Cooper Webb6531133
69Adam Cianciarulo5631147
723Chase Sexton7827159
825Marvin Musquin10725115
915Dean Wilson1292160
1017Joey Savatgy11102197
1129Christian Craig91320124
127Aaron Plessinger34020163
1328Brandon Hartranft13111855
14376Chris Canning14141422
1557Justin Rodbell15161123
1634Max Anstie3712958
1719Justin Bogle1815958
18314Tyler Stepek1617910
19441Scott Meshey172947
20315Cody Groves331833
21270Jacob Runkles241922
2211Kyle Chisholm192122
2397Ben LaMay212014
2483Alex Ray203811
25155Nathan Augustin222500
26919Brian Borghesani262200
27144Nicolas Rolando232800
28489Ricci Randanella312300
29345Joshua Prior282600
30951Ryan Surratt2727017
31148Bryce Hansen362400
32281Cory Carsten303100
33746Trevor Schmidt253600
34647Matthew Hubert343000
35248Travis Delnicki323200
36483Bryton Carroll293900
37391Rody Schroyer353500
3843Fredrik Noren3934041
39637Robert Piazza403703
40971Benjamin BrouillardDNF3300
4172Coty Schock38DNF047

250MX Report

Moto 1

Jalek Swoll and RJ Hampshire kicked off the first 250 moto in the lead. Behind them, Jeremy Martin Michael Mosiman, Jo Shimoda, and Hunter Lawrence were all trying to get in on the action. A few turns into the first lap, however, Martin went down. He found himself in 30th place by the end of the lap, leaving him scrambling to make up positions. Points leader Jett Lawrence was in a similar position, finishing the first lap in 10th place and well behind the battle for 1st place.

RJ Hampshire at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Hampshire had made a move around Swoll only to tip over and pass the lead off to Mosiman. For a few laps, Mosiman had the position locked down, but Hunter Lawrence could not be held off. The Australian rider was showing some serious speed, and it was enough to overtake Mosiman and the lead.

Jo Shimoda at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind Lawrence and Mosiman, Hampshire and Shimoda were locked in a battle of their own. The two were close enough to the race for the lead, though, that when Hunter Lawrence pushed into 1st place, they were able to capitalize on Mosiman’s mistakes and slot into 2nd and 3rd by the checkered flag. Colt Nichols and Swoll crossed the finish line of the first moto in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

Moto 2

After finishing out of the top 5 in Moto 1, Justin Cooper was on the throttle in Moto 2. Hampshire got the holeshot, but when he went down early in the second lap, Cooper was right there to take over the lead. Shimoda, Hunter Lawrence, Jett Lawrence, and Nichols weren’t far behind, but Cooper seemed faster and steadfast in his position up front.

Justin Cooper at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Maritn and Swoll were trying to break their way into the top 5, but both of them crashed and had to resume the race well outside of the top 10. Hampshire, who had recovered positions since his crash, was beginning to fade as well, getting passed by Shimoda and Hunter Lawrence. At that point of the race, Hunter Lawrence was on the offensive. He made his way around Shimoda and then closed the gap on Cooper. Hunter Lawrence made it look easy as he made his way around Cooper to slot into 1st place and secure a 1-1 for the day.

250MX Podium at Southwick MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Further back, Shimoda was dealing with some heat from the other Lawrence brother. Jett Lawrence was all over the final podium position, and the pressure ended up paying off. The running order for the second 250 moto was Hunter Lawrence, Cooper, Jett Lawrence, Shimoda, and Nichols. Overall, Hunter Lawrence claimed his first 250 MX win in dominant fashion, joined by Shimoda and Cooper on the podium. Hampshire finished in 4th place and Nichols finished in 5th.

250MX Results

141Hunter Lawrence1150178
230Jo Shimoda3438137
332Justin Cooper6237201
424RJ Hampshire2637148
564Colt Nichols4534131
618Jett Lawrence9332204
742Michael Mosiman772880
867Stilez Robertson882676
947Jalek Swoll51720128
1045Pierce Brown13101987
11115Maximus Vohland10131979
1275Ty Masterpool12121862
136Jeremy Martin111417125
1448Garrett Marchbanks36912115
1559Jarrett Frye15151262
1691Nate Thrasher37111052
1738Austin Forkner1425794
18557Kaliub Russell2416511
19778James Harrington181955
20307Brandon Scharer172055
21241Joshua Varize1638531
2290Dilan Schwartz4018360
23701Jake Pinhancos192722
24800Jace Kessler202215
25962Joseph Tait212100
26112Xylian Ramella262400
27437Vincent Luhovey272900
2839Carson Mumford3423053
29726Gared Steinke223600
30841Jeffrey Walker312800
31544Noah Willbrandt253400
32195Blake Ashely303100
33667Jesse Flock323003
34863Stephen Czarnota293300
35491Gabe Gutierres392600
36124Lane Shaw333200
37995Christopher Prebula284000
3877Jerry Robin353700
39157Hunter Calle383900
40443Luke Renzland23DNF00
41232Jeremy WahlstromDNF3500

Another 1st-place finish for Ferrandis keeps him safely leading the 450 class. Jett Lawrence is less secure heading into next round, however, as his lead has shrunk to a mere three points. We’ll see what happens at Spring Creek!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo