The sixth round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place at the Spring Creek National in Millville, Minnesota on July 17. Spring Creek marks the halfway point of the season, but the points chase is far from over as the riders in both classes fought to keep their names in the running for their respective titles.

450Mx Start at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

The first 450 moto started with a massive pileup. Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton were both included in the mix, Sexton first running into Roczen and then flying off his own bike. Roczen eventually DNF’d the first moto, although he wasn’t seriously injured, and Sexton was playing catchup the rest of the event to salvage some points.

Justin Barcia at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The rough start for the Honda teammates left the door open for other riders like Justin Barcia to get some time up front. Barcia hasn’t consistently led races this season, but for the first moto, he was speeding around the track. Credited with the holeshot, Barcia led Adam Cianciarulo and Cooper Webb through the first lap. Coty Schock was in the action for a few turns, but a mechanical issue forced his bike off the track after the third lap.

Eli Tomac at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Eli Tomac is another rider that had to play catchup after the first turn pileup. Though he wasn’t included in it, he had to slow down for it, and ended up in 14th place by the end of the first lap. For the entirety of the moto, Tomac was on the gas charging towards the top 3. Back in the top 3, Barcia was still leading, but Christian Craig had managed to make it around Webb for 3rd place. Dylan Ferrandis and Aaron Plessinger were closing in as well, with Tomac finding himself in 7th place by the 10-minute mark.

Adam Cianciarulo at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In 2nd place, Cianciarulo was all over Barcia. He had closed the gap, but Ferrandis had moved up several positions to close the gap between 2nd and 3rd place. Before he could make a move, Cianciarulo washed out and had to exit the track to fix a throttle issue. This left Barcia, Ferrandis, and Tomac in the top 3 spots, and they were each on the offensive. Ferrandis launched several pass attempts on Barcia, but BamBam was riding aggressively. Nothing was able to stick before the checkered flag and the top 3 crossed the finish line in that order, followed by Craig and Plessinger.

Moto 2

Still on fire from his first moto, Barcia grabbed the holeshot and early lead of the second 450 moto. Roczen had some points to make up after his DNF, though, and wasn’t playing any games with Barcia. He blew past him in a turn and didn’t look back, checking out with the lead and leaving Barcia to fend off Sexton, Tomac, and Craig.

Dylan Ferrandis at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Ferrandis was having a tougher second moto as he crashed at the bottom of Mount Martin and then got involved in a pileup with Marvin Musquin and teammate Plessinger. Ferrandis managed to climb to 25th place before crashing again, but he got up and started climbing positions for the second time.

450MX Podium at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Roczen was still unchallenged in the lead. The top 5 riders all but settled into their positions, and it made for a more consistent and uneventful moto. Roczen, Barcia, and Sexton finished in the top 3 with Tomac taking 4th and Ferrandis racing to an impressive 5th-place finish. His 1-2 finishes for the day saw Barcia taking 1st overall. Tomac finished in 2nd and Ferrandis finished in 3rd with Sexton and Craig rounding out the top 5. Roczen’s win following his DNF earned him a 9th overall for the day.

450MX Results

151Justin Barcia1246207
23Eli Tomac3438205
314Dylan Ferrandis2538262
423Chase Sexton7334193
529Christian Craig4632156
67Aaron Plessinger5928191
725Marvin Musquin8826141
894Ken Roczen40125230
917Joey Savatgy11724121
1015Dean Wilson 10102282
1134Max Anstie9112280
1243Fredrik Noren12131758
1328Brandon Hartranft14121671
1419Justin Bogle13141573
152Cooper Webb62315148
1697Ben LaMay15151216
1757Justin Rodbell16161033
18376Chris Canning1917628
1987Curren Thurman172144
2083Alex Ray381834
21270Jacob Runkles182435
22441Scott Meshey361929
23951Ryan Surratt2320118
24122Jeremy Hand204014
25148Bryce Hansen252200
26314Tyler Stepek2229010
27371Dawson Ryker272600
28916Justin Rando262800
29483Bryton Carroll243300
30193Hunter Schlosser213600
31144Nicolas Rolando283000
32647Matthew Hubert352500
33315Cody Groves293103
34139Nathen LaPorte313200
35181Wyatt Lyonsmith333500
36440Pierce Knight323800
3772Coty Schock3737047
38999Nicholas Tomasunas393900
39794Bryce BackausDNF2701
40391Rody Schroyer30DNF00
419Adam Cianciarulo34DNF0147
42281Cory CarstenDNF3400

250MX Report

Moto 1

Justin Cooper got out front early on in the first 250 moto, leading Jeremy Martin, Nate Thrasher, and Max Vohland. Most of the action in the race revolved around these riders, starting with Vohland and Thrasher. Vohland came speeding into the Whoops, crashing into Thrasher and sending Thrasher to the ground. When he got up, Thrasher was clutching his shoulder and eventually was taken off the track by the medical team.

Justin Cooper at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper, still in the lead, was beginning to face mounting pressure from Martin. With his lead being whittled down, Cooper got on the defensive. Martin started to make a few pass attempts, but none of them stuck until Martin made a fast-paced charge down, ironically enough, Martin Mountain. It was enough to push Cooper back to 2nd place and slot Martin into 1st.

Michael Mosiman at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper wasn’t able to retake the lead by the checkered flag. Martin, Cooper, and Michael Mosiman finished in the top-3 spots with Jett and Hunter Lawrence finishing in 4th and 5th place, respectively. The Lawrence brothers had gotten poor starts, Jett especially as he was working through the top 20 rather than the typical top 5 early in the race. His points lead over Cooper was already narrow heading into Spring Creek, so his 4th place finish in the first moto certainly didn’t help his title chances.

Moto 2

The second 250 moto was reminiscent of the first. Martin and Cooper started at the front of the race, but this time it was Martin who was in the lead. He didn’t have to pass Cooper, but he also didn’t give Cooper an inch. Martin had the lead locked down by the first turn, and it was an impressive, near flawless ride from start to finish.

Jeremy Martin at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper, on the other hand, did not have as much luck as Martin. After it became clear that there was no catching up to 1st place, Cooper switched gears and started focusing on Mosiman closing in from 3rd place. Mosiman spent the first half of the race stalking Cooper and finally made his move in the 8th lap. It was a quick and clean pass, one that saw Mosiman finishing in 2nd place in the moto, followed by Cooper in 3rd. Austin Forkner raced to a quiet 4th place and Hunter Lawrence to 5th.

Jett Lawrence at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As for Jett Lawrence, he got involved in a massive crash in the first minutes of the race. Pierce Brown, Jalek Swoll, and Jarrett Frye were also in the mix, but Jett Lawrence made it out at the back of the race. Once again, he was playing catchup and crossed the finish line in 6th place.

250MX Podium at Spring Creek 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The overall podium for the 250s was Martin, Mosiman, and Cooper. Jett Lawrence took 4th overall and Hunter Lawrence took 5th.

250MX Results

16Jeremy Martin1150175
242Michael Mosiman3242122
332Justin Cooper2342243
418Jett Lawrence4633237
541Hunter Lawrence5532210
664Colt Nichols7728159
730Jo Shimoda8925162
838Austin Forkner17422116
939Carson Mumford1482073
1047Jalek Swoll121020148
11115Maximus Vohland9132099
1290Dilan Schwartz13111878
1324RJ Hampshire63815163
1459Jarrett Frye10291173
1567Stilez Robertson11351086
1648Garrett Marchbanks36129124
17307Brandon Scharer1816813
18220Ramyller Alves2514721
19241Joshua Varize2215637
2073Derek Kelley1917611
2145Pierce Brown1539693
2275Ty Masterpool1636567
23112Xylian Ramella201844
24874Zack Williams211922
2526Alex Martin392018
2677Jerry Robin232100
27742TJ Uselman272200
28296Ryder Floyd242700
29242Garrett Hoffman302300
30726Gared Steinke263100
31119Logan Boye342500
32491Gabe Gutierres293300
33554Wade Brommel352800
34195Blake Ashley333200
35982Izaih Clark313400
36557Kailub Russell2840011
37841Jeffrey Walker323700
38204Kyle FreesonDNF2400
39995Christopher PrebulaDNF2600
40778James HarringtonDNF3005
4176Grant Harlan37DNF06
42379Conner Burger38DNF00
4391Nathanael Thrasher40DNF052

Dylan Ferrandis now has a healthy 32-point lead over Ken Roczen for the 450s. In the 250 class, Jett Lawrence has lost his red plate to Justin Cooper who now leads by six points.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo