The second round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series took place on June 5 at Thunder Valley Raceway in Denver, Colorado. With this round, and the 10 others left in the season, the riders in both classes still have plenty of time to take the podium and contend for their respective titles.

The Pits at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

The first 450 moto did not disappoint. Ken Roczen took the holeshot and early lead of the race, although Adam Cianciarulo, Dylan Ferrandis, Zach Osborne, Cooper Webb, and Chase Sexton were not far behind. Spots shuffled, as they usually do in the first lap, but a gap began to appear between the first three riders and the rest of the pack. Roczen, Cianciarulo, and Ferrandis quickly became a race of their own that had all eyes glued to the screen.

Dylan Ferrandis at Thunder Valley 2021
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The top three riders ran in a tight group with Roczen leading the charge until the midway point of the race. There, in a burst of speed for Cianciarulo rather than a slowing for Roczen, Cianciarulo made his way into 1st place. Ferrandis got on the throttle as well, pushing Roczen back another position as he overtook 2nd. All three riders were still absolutely flying around the track, not letting each other create any gaps in their newfound positions.

Adam Cianciarulo at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Soon, Ferrandis made a move around Cianciarulo and slotted into 1st place. Roczen, not backing down without a fight, quickly made his own pass on Cianciarulo to get back into 2nd place. He rode hard up to Ferrandis’ rear wheel, and the two played cat and mouse for the next two laps. In the end, Roczen was just too fast and too determined to lose. He made his way around Ferrandis, taking back the lead that was taken from him. Ferrandis took 2nd and Cianciarulo 3rd, followed by Sexton in 4th place and Aaron Plessinger in 5th.

Ken Roczen at Thunder Valley 2021
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Moto 2

After his lackluster finish in the first 450 moto, Webb came speeding out of the gate for the second. He was flanked by teammate Marvin Musquin, but Roczen wasted no time inserting himself into the battle for 1st. Roczen and Webb have somewhat of an epic rivalry, but you wouldn’t know that watching this race. Webb put up little fight as Roczen pushed his way into 1st, and the 2021 SX champion faded into the background, falling several positions, too.

Aaron Plessinger at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Unlike the first moto, Roczen was not relinquishing his lead to anyone. He gapped the rest of the pack and rode in 1st place the entire race, leading to a rather boring moto when compared to its predecessor. Back in 2nd place, Justin Barcia and Plessinger went back and forth with the podium positions until Barcia firmly asserted himself in 2nd place. It all proved to be for naught quickly, however, as Ferrandis burst into the top 5 and pushed past Sexton, Plessinger, and Barcia. He had charged through the pack all race, so his 2nd place finish was nothing short of impressive.

450MX Podium at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, Roczen went 1-1 on the day for 1st overall. Ferrandis went 2-2 for 2nd, while Cianciarulo took 3rd following his finishes of 3-6. Barcia took 4th overall with his finishes of 7-3, and Plessinger went 5-4 to take 5th overall.

450MX Results

194Ken Roczen115090
214Dylan Ferrandis224489
39Adam Cianciarulo363558
451Justin Barcia733469
57Aaron Plessinger543474
623Chase Sexton453467
729Christian Craig672951
82Cooper Webb882652
925Marvin Musquin992451
103Eli Tomac11102146
1119Justin Bogle14111722
1217Joey Savatgy10151729
1334Max Anstie13131629
1415Dean Wilson16121421
1543Fredrik Noren15141317
161Zach Osborne1240933
1728Brandon Hartranft181779
1872Coty Schock2716516
19951Ryan Surratt172149
2074Mitchell Falk251833
21441Scott Meshey192033
2257Justin Rodbell361922
2358Jacob Hayes203712
2483Alex Ray212300
25280William Clason242200
2687Curren Thurman222400
27270Jacob Runkles262500
28794Bryce Backaus282600
29193Hunter Schlosser292700
30447Deven Raper302900
3197Ben LaMay233800
32747Cody Gray323000
33135Robert Finch, Jr. 372800
34148Bryce Hansen343100
35768Cole Shondeck313500
36645Colby Copp333400
37559Dylan Merriam353600
38309Jeremy Smith393900
39916Justin RandoDNF3200
40550John CitrolaDNF3300
41314Tyler Stepek38DNF00
42715Phillip Nicoletti40DNF02

250MX Report

Moto 1

For the 250 class, both Jett Lawrence and Jeremy Martin came into Thunder Valley with a red plate. Just one moto could change all of that, however, so all eyes were on the two early title contenders as the gate dropped on 250 Moto 1. Both Lawrence and Martin got ahead early on, and Justin Cooper was fighting his way into the mix as well. Then, Jerry Robin crashed, bringing out the red flag to signal a complete restart of the race.

Justin Cooper at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

On the second gate drop of the first 250 moto, Cooper managed to get that lead he was after. He was ahead of Martin, RJ Hampshire, and Lawrence, but Martin was not settling into 2nd place by any means. With each passing lap, he crept closer to Cooper, slowly shaving off the lead Cooper had spent the first half of the race building. Just after the midway point, Martin was close enough to make a move around Cooper. On the throttle, Martin started to gap Cooper, helped by Hampshire who put Cooper on the defensive rather than the offensive.

RJ Hampshire at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Hampshire’s advance on Cooper became the story of the final laps, and it seemed as though he’d be able to make the pass on the former race leader. In the last lap, however, Hampshire made enough mistakes that let Cooper finish in 2nd uncontested. Back in 4th and 5th place, Jett and Hunter Lawarence finished uncontested as well.

Jett Lawrence at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Moto 2

Following up his 2nd-place finish in Moto 1, Cooper was looking for 1st place in Moto 2. He started out front early on, but Jett Lawrence was all over him to take over the lead. Cooper was not relinquishing the top position easily, however, and shut down one attempt after another, lap after lap. Jett Lawrence did not slow down or let Cooper gap him, though, and his persistence eventually paid off. In an aggressive move, Jett Lawrence bumped Cooper in a turn. Cooper barely kept it on two wheels while Jett Lawrence sped off with the lead.

Jo Shimoda at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Further back, Jo Shimoda was making another impressive charge through the pack. In the first moto, Shimoda started in 13th and finished in 6th. In this moto, the young rider was working his way into the top half of the top 10 from an 11th-place start. He eventually climbed up to 4th place after making a move around Colt Nichols, although neither rider were able to catch up to Hunter Lawrence in 3rd place.

Jeremy Martin at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Noticeably missing from the top-3 action was Moto 1 winner Martin, who had gotten a terrible start. While trying to make up some positions, Martin crashed hard and exited the track clutching his wrist. He took 40th in the second moto, leaving him with 8th overall for the day and certainly no red plate heading into High Point.

250MX Podium at Thunder Valley 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The final podium for the day saw Cooper taking 1st overall, followed by Jett and Hunter Lawrence in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Shimoda finished in 4th overall and Nichols in 5th.

250MX Results

132Justin Cooper224480
218Jett Lawrence414390
341Hunter Lawrence533667
430Jo Shimoda643350
564Colt Nichols952849
648Garrett Marchbanks772856
747Jalek Swoll1062643
86Jeremy Martin1402572
990Dilan Schwartz8122225
1024RJ Hampshire3192254
1138Austin Forkner1382148
1291Nate Thrasher11102130
1359Jarrett Frye12131732
1439Carson Mumford14141420
1545Pierce Brown3691223
1642Michael Mosiman34111046
17241Joshua Varize16161012
18115Maximus Vohland15171024
1975Ty Masterpool3315610
2073Derek Kelley172052
21220Ramyller Alves211833
22667Jesse Flock183933
23604Max Miller192123
2433Derek Drake202212
25158Tre Fierro232300
26874Zack Williams242500
27432Kaeden Amerine262400
28310Kai Aiello252700
29554Wade Brommel272600
30195Blake Ashley282800
31726Gared Steinke223400
32352Bronson McClure293000
33124Lane Shaw322900
34841Jeffrey Walker313700
35162Maxwell Sanford303800
36995Christopher Prebula373300
37959Max Groom353600
3867Stilez Robertson3835014
39286Brandon SussmanDNF3100
40299Konnor VisgerDNF2200
41742TJ Uselman39DNF00
42112Xylian Ramella40DNF00

For the 450s, Ken Roczen is leaving Colorado with the red plate. For the 250s, Jett Lawrence has a 10-point lead over the rest of the competition heading into Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo