The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship runs throughout the summer consistently every week with very few interruptions. Of course, the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship (Loretta Lynn’s) is worthy of causing a such a disruption, and Unadilla was the first race back after the amateurs had their day. Several of the top guys at Loretta Lynn’s moved up to the pros, so the track at New Berlin, NY saw some new faces in the 250MX class. None of them were serious contenders at their debut race, however.

450MX Report

Ryan Dungey has been on a winning streak for the past few races, slowly reeling Ken Roczen in. In the first moto, the two of them put themselves in front early in the race. Although Dungey was leading, Roczen worked hard to get ahead, but he was ultimately unable to do so. Behind them were Eli Tomac and Trey Canard. Neither was able to catch up to the Dungey/Roczen duo, however. Tomac finished in 3rd and Canard in 4th.

The second moto switched things up a bit as Tomac and Canard headed up front with Dungey and Roczen trailing. But unlike the first moto, the top four riders traded places numerous times. For example, by the end of the first lap, the race appeared as though it was going to be a continuous battle between Tomac and Roczen trading places. The two of them created an impressive gap over the rest of the pack, but eventually Dungey caught back up and joined the mix yet again. Meanwhile, Canard worked steadily back up to the leaders and even passed all three of them to assert himself in the top position. In the end, no one was able to catch him. It was Canard’s first moto win in the 450MX class for his entire career. Dungey took 2nd and Tomac took 3rd.

No one can deny that it was a great day for Canard and his fans, but the overall championship for the year is still just down to Dungey and Roczen. Whereas Roczen had formerly held a commanding lead, Dungey has managed to whittle it down to just a seven-point difference. With two events (and four motos) left in the season, it’s certainly possible for Dungey to get ahead before the end.

450MX Results

15Ryan DungeyKTM1247440
241Trey CanardHonda4143373
33Eli TomacHonda3340252
494Ken RoczenKTM2440447
510Justin Brayton*^Yamaha6729133
629Andrew ShortKTM5829247
740Weston PeickSuzuki10527244
838Phillip NicolettiYamaha7926131
924Brett MetcalfeKawasaki12624280
1080Fredrik NorenHonda81024159
1139Ryan SipesKTM14111758
1262Mitchell OldenburgHonda13131630
1312Jacob WeimerKawasaki11151693
1448Ben LamayYamaha151215127
1592Kellian RuskYamaha16141257
1644Matthew GoerkeKTM93812124
1798Broc SchmelyunKawasaki211658
18224Heath HarrisonKawasaki231748
1995Evgeny MikhaylovKTM2018445
2011Kyle ChisholmYamaha1735451
21535Joey PetersYamaha192034
2226Michael ByrneKawasaki183433
23761Cade ClasonHonda2219219
2479Ryan ZimmerHonda282100
25987Matthew BabbittHonda322202
26140Johnny MooreHonda262300
27452Sean Hackley, Jr.KTM272402
28736Daniel LippmanSuzuki362500
29950Nathen LaPorteYamaha292600
30945Michael StrykerSuzuki312700
31606Ronnie StewartSuzuki2528016
32581Kyle BittermanHonda332900
33760Tyler WozneyKawasaki373000
34693Tucker SayeSuzuki353100
35529James JusticeKawasaki343200
3677Jimmy AlbertsonKTM2433048
37337Nick DesiderioHonda383600
38399Broc PetersonHonda303700
3922Chad ReedKawasaki40390156
40130Tommy HahnKawasaki3940018

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot

250MX Report

In 250MX, it was Christophe Pourcel’s time to the shine. Pourcel has consistently been one of the fastest guys on the track, but moto wins had escaped him throughout the 2014 season. All that changed at Unadilla. Pourcel is excellent when it comes to starts, and he grabbed the holeshot as he has done so many times this year. However, unlike many of the other times of the year, he maintained his lead for the entirety of the race. Jeremy Martin and Cooper Webb followed behind him, but Marvin Musquin was able to pass them both, setting himself in 2nd behind Pourcel. Martin took 3rd for the moto.

Pourcel once more put himself in the lead during the second moto, but Martin slowly bridged the gap. Martin was finally able to pass Pourcel, and Pourcel simply couldn’t take the lead back. Justin Bogle finished in 3rd.

The day saw Pourcel stand on top of the overall podium. Martin’s excellent performance only solidified his dominance in the class, however. With 66 points over Blake Baggett and even more over Cooper Webb (neither of whom had podium finishes for the day), Martin’s championship is practically secured for the season.

250MX Results

1377Christophe Pourcel*^Yamaha1247321
219Jeremy MartinYamaha3145422
325Marvin MusquinKTM2538329
432Justin BogleHonda5336310
54Blake BaggettKawasaki6433356
615Dean WilsonKawasaki4633176
743Joseph SavatgyKTM9924156
8188Christopher AlldredgeKawasaki1382121
955Alex MartinYamaha121020176
1087Shane McElrathHonda10131954
1150Jessy NelsonHonda161115200
1278Matthew LemoineKawasaki15121590
13621RJ HampshireHonda11161515
1416Zach OsborneHonda3871426
1537Cooper WebbYamaha73614348
1621Cole SeelyHonda83413225
17343Luke RenzlandYamaha181599
1871Zachary BellHonda17178142
1917Jason AndersonKTM36147243
2030Kyle CunninghamHonda14377117
21410Jace OwenHonda3318326
22874Zack WilliamsHonda2319221
2399Justin StarlingHonda193129
2470Brady KieselHonda4020126
2556James DecotisHonda202213
26142Cole MartinezKawasaki2521019
27485Andrew BristolHonda212300
28620Brad NaudittHonda222407
29868Michael DochertyKawasaki372500
30350Roland Beck, Jr.Honda242600
3183Dakota TedderKawasaki282708
32479James CoenHonda312800
33509Alexander NagySuzuki302901
34683Brandon RiehmKawasaki323000
35964Sean BallardHonda293200
36558Dylan SlusserHonda343300
37449Dakota KesslerHonda3535010
38150William G. DuffyKawasaki263800
3996Matthew BiscegliaHonda39390120
40376Chris CanningKTM274003

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot