The 10th round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place on August 10, 2019 at the legendary Unadilla Motocross track in New York. With the championship winding down, the points leaders and title hopefuls alike put it all on the line at Unadilla to score some points and earn a podium. Keep reading for a full report on the day, as well as the official points standings going into round 11.

The Unadilla Track
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450 Pro MX Report

With Ken Roczen qualifying a near three seconds faster than anyone else, fans were looking forward to the #94 dominating in the first 450 moto. As the big bikes tore down the start, Roczen was in the front pack, albeit in 4th place. He had some work to do to pass Justin Bogle – who was leading after taking the holeshot – Eli Tomac, and Zach Osborne.

At the end of the first lap, spots were shuffling. Bogle fell back to 4th place, with Tomac taking the lead. Roczen quickly made his way up to 2nd and didn’t waste any time moving past Tomac. He quickly gapped Tomac, boasting a five second lead 10 minutes into the moto.

Ken Roczen at the 2019 Unadilla National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the moto wore on, Tomac kept losing positions. Marvin Musquin, his closest competitor in the championship, made quick work of Tomac, and left the door open for Osborne and Jason Anderson to do the same. By the checkered flag, Tomac had fallen all the way to 7th place. Up front, Roczen took the win, with Musquin and Justin Barcia finishing in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Musquin scored the second 450 holeshot, and quickly took the lead of the second 450 moto. Behind him, Osborne, Barcia, Tomac, and Joey Savatgy rounded out the top 5, all battling for a podium finish. Roczen, who had gotten stuck in the middle of the pack, was trying to make his way up to the action.

Marvin Musquin at the 2019 Unadilla National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

A few laps into the moto and the landscape completely changed. Barcia had crashed and fallen to 15th place, Roczen charged his way into 2nd place, and Tomac was back in 5th, behind Savatgy in 4th and Osborne in 3rd.

Roczen wasn’t done charging, though. He had his sights set on Musquin and, by just the third lap, he had completely closed the gap that Musquin had been creating. It was all downhill from there for Musquin, and the lead quickly went to Roczen. Musquin tried to put up a fight, but he was no match for Roczen’s speed. By the end of the race, Roczen had an over 22 second lead and was laying down some of the fastest lap times of the day.

At the end of the day, Roczen’s 1-1 finishes put him in 1st overall – his first 450MX win of the year. Musquin took 2nd place with his finishes of 2-2, and Osborne took 3rd with finishes of 4-4.

450MX Podium at the 2019 Unadilla National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450 Pro MX Results

194Ken Roczen1150385
225Marvin Musquin2*244386
316Zach Osborne4436331
41Eli Tomac7334426
521Jason Anderson5532336
651Justin Barcia31031252
717Joey Savatgy6630127
829Benny Bloss9726110
919Justin Bogle*10923208
1015Dean Wilson8112386
11101Fredrik Noren12822204
1237Kyle Cunningham11121935
1349Henry Miller131415102
1463John Short151314103
1541Ben Lamay1617984
16700James Weeks1419932
1756Lorenzo Locurcio1816894
1843Tyler Bowers3915672
19119Isaac Teasdale1721422
207Aaron Plessinger3118351
21444Caleb Tennant193822
22319Coty Schock2120126
23718Toshiki Tomita2039122
2490Jeremy Hand232200
25280Cade Clason222400
26577Felix Lopez252603
27270Jacob Runkles242700
28716Ryan Dowd262805
29647Matthew Hubert302505
30309Jeremy Smith342300
31351Eric Grondahl292900
32265Nick Fratz-Orr283000
33279Timothy Crosby273400
34144Nicolas Rolando323300
35813Aaron Lampi353100
3680Heath Harrison333601
37489Ricci Randanella403200
38637Robert Piazza384000
39281Cory CarstenDNF3500
40332Dustin Winter36DNF03
412Cooper Webb37DNF0324
42696Nick KraegerDNF3700

* Holeshot

250 Pro MX Report

Going into the first moto, all eyes were on points leader Adam Cianciarulo. With a commanding 28-point lead over Dylan Ferrandis in 2nd place, and a top qualifying spot for the day, Cianciarulo was expected to tear out of the gate in the first moto. Sure enough, as the gates dropped and the riders made their way around the first corner, Cianciarulo sat in 2nd place.

Dylan Ferrandis at the 2019 Unadilla National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In front of Cianciarulo, Monster Energy Yamaha rider Justin Cooper was putting on an impressive showing. After nabbing the holeshot, Cooper was building up a lead on Cianciarulo in 2nd place and Ferrandis in 3rd. It all came crashing down for Cooper in the fourth lap, though. A small mistake for Cooper in the whoops section let Cianciarulo and Ferrandis right past. From there, it was a battle between the top-two riders for the 1st place finish.

Further back, several 250 rookies, hot off their rides at Loretta Lynn’s, were duking it out in their first professional motocross race. Carson Mumford finished highest of the rookies, sitting in 16th place by the end of the first moto. His teammate, Jo Shimoda, did not fare as well, ending his first moto with a 36th place and a broken helmet after a nasty crash.

Adam Cianciarulo at the 2019 Unadilla National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Cianciarulo and Ferrandis battled back-and-forth all the way to the checkered flag. The two were bar-to-bar for most of the moto but by the end, Cianciarulo took the win with a near five second lead. Ferrandis crossed the line in 2nd place, with Chase Sexton, Cooper, and Colt Nichols rounding out the top 5.

In the second moto, Ferrandis, Cooper, and Cianciarulo were at the front of the pack once again. Ferrandis was leading, and after taking the holeshot, started to distance himself from the competition. Just a few minutes in, Ferrandis was still leading, but Cianciarulo was starting to close in from 2nd place.

250MX Podium at the 2019 Unadilla National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind them, other riders were battling for top-10 positions. Sexton, who had been riding well both motos, was sitting in 3rd place, and Cooper was struggling to regain his top position with pressure from other riders like Nichols and Shane McElrath. Brandon Hartranft and Michael Mosiman struggled, too, both suffering from separate crashes.

As the clock ticked down, it was another battle between Cianciarulo and Ferrandis for 1st place. The riders were neck-in-neck, their lap times identical down to a thousandth of a second. Ferrandis was in the lead this time, so, with the identical lap times, Cianciarulo wasn’t able to execute a pass by the finish line.

The final podium saw Ferrandis, Cianciarulo, and Sexton in the top 3 spots. Cooper and Nichols finished in 4th and 5th.

250 Pro MX Results

Pos. No. NameM1M2PointsOverall
134Dylan Ferrandis2*147413
292Adam Cianciarulo1247441
323Chase Sexton3340254
432Justin Cooper*4436382
539Colt Nichols5631292
612Shane McElrath8529210
726Alex Martin71025254
831RJ Hampshire12723277
961Garret Marchbanks13920108
10963Ty Masterpool111318162
1152Jordan Bailey15111689
1263Michael Mosiman63815235
13496Jett Lawrence2181313
1473Martin Davalos18121266
15233Derek Drake14161283
1666Mitchell Oldenburg9371274
1755Kyle Peters17141181
1845Brandon Hartranft103911138
19285Mashal Weltin191588
20822Carson Mumford162066
21123Mitchell Falk2717423
2259Nick Gaines 3518349
23352Jalek Swoll221922
24194Jerry Robin2034121
25161Justin Thompson232305
26110Yusuke Watanabe262203
27346Kevin Moranz2425028
28337Vincent Luhovey282400
29407Benjamin Nelko292601
30291Zane Merrett2532012
31509Alexander Nagy312800
3240Sean Cantrell392107
33130Austin Root303300
34778James Harrington402700
35941Jeffrey Walker323600
36374Jo Shimoda363500
3778Ramyller Alves3340025
38906Adrian GalambaDNF2900
39546Tylor SkodrasDNF3000
40870Colton CampDNF3100
4144Cameron McAdoo34DNF0121
4289Joseph Crown37DNF04
43156Jacob Hayes38DNF086

Once again, Kawasaki keeps the points for both classes. Adam Cianciarulo ended the day with the same 28 points over Dylan Ferrandis for the 250s, while Eli Tomac’s lead shrunk slightly to 40 points over Marvin Musquin in the 450 class.

We’ll be back for Budds Creek!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo