The 9th round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship played out in the beautiful Washougal MX Park in Washougal, WA. The day’s weather started out to be a typical Washington morning of light rain, but quickly dried out to give the event almost perfect conditions.

The Washougal Track
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The Washougal track brings with it some interesting challenges in the best of weather: despite a surface that appears thick and deep, traction is scarce; add shadows from the scenic evergreens surrounding the track, and you have a race where finding—and keeping—the right line makes all the difference.

450 Pro MX Report

Joey Savatgy, the third fastest qualifier, got a shot of confidence by taking the holeshot in Moto One, but quickly got passed by Ken Roczen. The track, still wet and slippery from some morning rain, required patience and strategy from the riders. Passing was a risky move in the tight corners, and the outside track was often the safer play. Eli Tomac seemed to understand as he moved steadily forward, up from 9th place to eventually challenge Roczen for 1st. The 3rd place spot became a dogfight among Marvin Musquin, Cooper Webb, and Jason Anderson.

As the track dried, Musquin edged past the fray to hold onto 3rd place. Webb kept his cool and shut the door on Anderson, but still had his sights set on Musquin. Meanwhile, Roczen’s lead continued to shrink as Tomac pressed forward. Despite a spill from his clutch lever digging into the dirt during a tight turn, Tomac managed to rebound and fight Roczen.

Results for the 450 Moto One put Eli Tomac in 1st, Ken Roczen in 2nd, and Cooper Webb in 3rd. Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin rounded off the top five.

Eli Tomac at the 2019 Washougal National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The track had become choppy by the second 450 moto. The shadows cast by the trees were growing in the afternoon sun, making it even more difficult for riders to judge the track. Savatgy leveraged another good starting point to squeeze past Musquin for the second holeshot. Once again, Tomac suffered a poor start, but carved his way steadily forward through the pack.

During a controversial pass, Anderson pushed Savatgy briefly off the track. Savatgy quickly recovered and re-entered right in front of Anderson. By then, Tomac, who seemed to always find room to pass where there wasn’t any, moved up from 15th place to 2nd, this time battling Musquin for 1st. With less than four minutes left, Tomac slipped past Musquin in a tight switch-back, and took the 1st place spot.

Moto Two saw Eli Tomac at 1st, Marvin Musquin at 2nd, and Ken Roczen at 3rd. Zach Osborne and Cooper Webb came in 4th and 5th.

Ken Roczen at the 2019 Washougal National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Official results put Eli Tomac 1st, Ken Roczen 2nd, and Marvin Musquin 3rd. Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson round out the top five.

450MX Podium at the 2019 Washougal National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450 Pro MX Results

11Eli Tomac1150392
294Ken Roczen2342335
325Marvin Musquin5238342
42Cooper Webb3536324
521Jason Anderson4732304
616Zach Osborne9430295
717Joey Savatgy6*6*3097
811Fredrik Noren8826182
915Dean Wilson7102563
1019Justin Barcia10923221
1163Justin Bogle121119185
1241John Short11121989
1341Ben LaMay13141575
1443Tyler Bowers15161166
1549Henry Miller14181087
1656Lorenzo Locurcio1815986
177Aaron Plessinger4013848
18700James Weeks1917623
19119Isaac Teasdale1719618
20929Taiki Koga1632523
21174Noah McConahy222011
2274Cade Autenrieth202311
23476Collin Jurin212100
24227Derek Kelley232200
25444Caleb Tennant242400
2697Adam Enticknap252500
27140Austin Kouba262600
28122Chris Howell272800
29528Ryan Peters283000
30526Colton Aeck302900
31354Matthew Toth342700
32565Dominic DeSimone333100
33246Chance Blackburn293800
34272Rory Sullivan323700
35446Blaine Silveira393300
36752Cody Nelson373600
37195Keaton Ward353900
3829Benny Bloss3840084
39447Deven Raper31DNS00
40591Tanner MyersDNS3400
41748Jacob WilkeDNS3500
4254Dylan Merriam36DNS018

* Holeshot

250 Pro MX Report

Yamaha dominated the starts of the 250 class. Justin Cooper took the holeshot, and managed to keep the lead with Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo behind him. The first tight curve off Horsepower Hill proved a little too much for Cianciarulo, who dumped his bike in the deep dirt. Meanwhile, Cooper’s lead was being eaten up by Ferrandis. By the time Cianciarulo recovered from the spill, Ferrandis had moved to the front, followed by Cooper, and then Cianciarulo.

The results for the 250 Moto One were Dylan Ferrandis in 1st, Justin Cooper in 2nd, with Adam Cianciarulo rounding out the top 3. Chase Sexton and Colt Nichols came in 4th and 5th.

Dylan Ferrandis at the 2019 Washougal National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The second moto also started with a blur of blue, this time with Colt Nichols taking the holeshot. Out of the blur emerged Ferrandis, Michael Mosiman, and Cianciarulo. This time, Cianciarulo pressed hard to pass Ferrandis, catching him several times, but never getting past; he certainly made Ferrandis earn his win.

Results for Moto Two put Dylan Ferrandis in 1st, Adam Cianciarulo in 2nd, and Michael Mosiman in 3rd. Justin Cooper and RJ Hamshire rounded up the top five.

Adam Cianciarulo at the 2019 Washougal National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Official results for the 250 class put Dylan Ferrandis 1st, Adam Cianciarulo 2nd, and Justin Cooper 3rd. Michael Mosimand and Chase Sexton rounded out the top five.

250MX Podium at the 2019 Washougal National
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

250 Pro MX Results

134Dylan Ferrandis2150366
292Adam Cianciarulo3242394
332Justen Cooper1*740346
436Michael Mosiman15334220
523Chase Sexton15533214
631RJ Hamshire11829254
744Cameraon McAdoo41128121
839Colt Nichols64*28261
926Alex Martin9922229
1045Brandon Hartranft131521127
1112Shane McElrath221618181
1238Christian Craig17171867
13936Ty Masterpool5615144
14233Derek Drake12221471
1552Jordan Baily20141173
1666Michael Oldenburg8101062
1755Kyle Peters3813970
1840Sean Cantrell281967
19156Jacob Hayes1020486
20123Mitchel Falk18912419
21346Kevin Moranz1421328
2261Garrett Marchbanks4026288
23110Yusuke Watanabe212413
2478Ramyller Alves1618025
25321Bradley Lionnet342500
26232Dylan Bolinger232300
27216Devin Harriman243200
28974Brian Marty272700
29291Zane Merrett1931012
30898Jack Fowler264100
31153Carson Carr332900
32259Corbin Hayes293000
33916Jorge Rubalcava252800
34767Mason Wharton353500
35310Kai Aiello363300
36536Erik Meusling323400
37614Christopher Shenoy373800
38212Tyler McCoy303600
39356Daniel Lippman393900
40461Thomas Richards31DNS00
41622Zac MaleyDNS3700

The 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will take a break before the next run on Saturday, August 10, at Unadilla MX, NY.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo