The seventh round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship took place at Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington on July 24. The lush Pacific Northwest has long been a favorite location of the season and, after being missed last year, its return was most welcome. Read on to see how your favorite riders in each class finished.

450MX Start at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

Moto 1

Chase Sexton tore out of the gate first, nabbing the holeshot and early lead of the first 450 moto. Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, and Marvin Musquin weren’t far behind, but Sexton didn’t seem to be feeling any pressure. His lead grew gradually until he had a full five seconds over Roczen in 2nd place.

Eli Tomac at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Further back, Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia, and points leader Dylan Ferrandis were scrambling to make up positions. Tomac had started in 9th place but made it up to 5th in just a few short laps. Meanwhile, Barcia and Ferrandis were battling for 6th place. Musquin was in a battle of his own with Webb, though Webb relinquished 3rd place with little fanfare. Tomac then made quick work of Webb to overtake 4th, and Webb continued to fall as the race progressed.

Chase Sexton at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the halfway point of the race, Sexton remained untouched in 1st place. Roczen was still in 2nd place, but his focus had been pulled to Musquin who was mounting a charge from 3rd place. As the two grappled, Tomac, Barcia, and Ferrandis closed in on the fight. Once Musquin made his way around Roczen, it was open season. Roczen was eventually picked off by the Tomac, Barcia, and Ferrandis trio, finishing the moto back in 6th place. His teammate, Sexton, fared much better, taking his first moto win of the season. Tomac, Musquin, Barcia, and Ferrandis finished in the other top-5 positions.

Moto 2

Webb took the holeshot of the second 450 moto, but he didn’t hold onto the lead for long. Ferrandis made a quick move on the 2021 Supercross champion, and, as has been the case all season, Webb faded into relative obscurity for the rest of the race. Sexton, Christian Craig, Roczen, and Aaron Plessinger quickly slotted into the top 5 positions that Webb vacated.

Marvin Musquin at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As spots in the top 5 shuffled, Musquin and Tomac climbed up into the mix. Near the halfway point of the race, the running order was Ferrandis, Sexton, Tomac, Plessinger, and Musquin. Roczen and Craig had fallen with Webb to the tail end of the top 10, but they were still racing hard against each other.

Dylan Ferrandis at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Tomac was on the gas and looking for a way around Plessinger. He found it just over the finish line jump, launching past Plessinger and up to Sexton. Sexton responded by pushing up to Ferrandis, and suddenly, the top-3 riders were riding fender to fender. The three stayed locked in like that for a few laps until Tomac finally pushed past Sexton. Ferrandis stayed on the throttle in 1st, however, holding off Tomac to the checkered flag.

450MX Podium at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Ferrandis, Tomac, Sexton, Plessinger, and Musquin finished in the top 5 of their second moto, but the overall win went to Sexton. Tomac and Ferrandis finished in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, with Musquin and Barcia rounding out the top 5.

450MX Results

123Chase Sexton1345238
23Eli Tomac2244249
314Dylan Ferrandis5141303
425Marvin Musquin3536177
551Justin Barcia4732239
62Cooper Webb7629177
77Aaron Plessinger12427217
829Christian Craig8826182
994Ken Roczen61026256
1017Joey Savatgy10923144
1134Max Anstie91221101
1215Dean Wilson111120102
1328Brandon Hartranft13151485
1419Justin Bogle16131386
1572Coty Schock17141158
1697Ben LaMay15161127
17264Ryan Sipes142088
18122Jeremy Hand191859
19951Ryan Surratt2217422
2065Carson Brown18DNF33
21441Scott Meshey2319211
22193Hunter Schlosser212100
23314Tyler Stepek2023111
24837Bryson Gardner242500
2557Justin Rodbell2624033
26454Layton Small252600
27594Morgan Burger282700
28647Matthew Hubert372200
29292Kolton Dean312800
30181Wyatt Lyonsmith293200
31476Collin Jurin273400
32121Chris Howell333000
33600Connor Olson303600
34645Colby Copp392900
35319Devon Bates353300
3683Alex Ray323704
37992Zachery Redding363500
38246Chance Blackburn343800
39447Deven Raper383900
4043Fredrik Noren4040058
41565Dominic DeSimoneDNF3100

250MX Report

Moto 1

In the first 250 moto, Carson Mumford ended up taking the holeshot. He led the first few laps of the race until Justin Cooper burst past. After that, it was a steady decline for Mumford as RJ Hampshire, Pierce Brown, Jeremy Martin, and Michael Mosiman – the riders we’re used to seeing up front – overtook the top 5. Jalek Swoll was initially in the mix, but a crash had him carted off the track by the Alpinestars Medical team.

RJ Hampshire at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Noticeably missing from the action were the Lawrence brothers. Hunter was sitting just outside of the top 5 while Jett didn’t even break into the top 10 until the midpoint of the race. Neither were anywhere near the battle for the lead brewing between Cooper and Hampshire or the battle for 3rd brewing between Brown, Martin, and Mosiman.

Jeremy Martin at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Martin made the first move by passing Brown. It seemed as though he’d lead Mosiman past as well, but Hunter Lawrence had finally started to close in on 5th place. After several laps, Hunter wasn’t able to reel in Mosiman before Mosiman made a pass on Brown. Before the checkered flag, however, Brown fell out of the top 5, so Hunter Lawrence got the 5th-place finish he was after.

Justin Cooper at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Hampshire fought hard to pass Cooper. No pass stuck before the clock ran out, however, so the running order for the first 250 moto was Cooper, Hampshire, Martin, Mosiman, and Hunter Lawrence.

Moto 2

Justin Cooper started out front once again in the second 250 moto, beating out Martin, Hampshire, Austin Forkner, and Brown. Jett Lawrence was sitting better in 6th place, although he still had some considerable points to make up.

Jett Lawrence at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After a few laps, Martin was right on Cooper’s rear tire. Martin had been close to overtaking the lead in the 1st lap, but Cooper had sped off before any pass attempt could stick. This time, however, Martin was riding much more aggressively, and the two eventually started to gap Hampshire in 3rd. After a few laps, Martin finally took a faster inside line around Cooper, speeding away before Cooper could even try to retaliate.

Hunter Lawrence at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Martin safe and away in 1st place, Cooper was left to fend off Hampshire. The latter was poised to slot into 2nd, but stalled his bike near the mechanics area and instead lost his position to Brown. Forkner had also lost position due to a small crash, so the Lawrence brothers were sitting in 5th and 6th place, respectively. Then, Hunter Lawrence slid out from 6th place and fell back to 11th place behind Jo Shimoda.

Pierce Brown at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Meanwhile, the battle for the top 3 was heating up. Hampshire had made his way back around Brown for 3rd, and the two went back and forth until Jett Lawrence climbed up to Brown to make a pass as well. With only two minutes left to go, Jett Lawrence made his way around Hampshire and started to size up Cooper a full six seconds ahead. It didn’t seem like Jett Lawrence was going to be able to catch Cooper, but Cooper unexpectedly crashed on the face of a hill. He and his bike seemed out of sorts as they resumed the race in 7th place.

250MX Podium at Washougal MX 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper’s crash pushed Jett Lawrence up to 2nd place by the checkered flag, followed by Hampshire, Brown, and a surprising Shimoda in 5th place. Martin’s win in the second 250 moto was enough to secure him the overall for the day, joined by Hampshire and Cooper on the podium. Jett Lawrence took 4th overall and Brown finished in 5th.

250MX Results

16Jeremy Martin3145220
224RJ Hampshire2342205
332Justin Cooper1838281
418Jett Lawrence7236273
545Pierce Brown6433126
642Michael Mosiman4732154
741Hunter Lawrence51027237
890Dilan Schwartz13623101
938Austin Forkner12921137
10115Maximus Vohland91221120
1139Carson Mumford11112093
1248Garrett Marchbanks101517141
1330Jo Shimoda24516178
1473Derek Kelley14141425
1564Colt Nichols83313172
1659Jarrett Frye18131184
17220Ramyller Alves16161031
1826Alex Martin1519816
19995Christopher Prebula221744
20241Joshua Varize1739441
21874Zack Williams231835
2277Jerry Robin193722
23242Garrett Hoffman262011
24726Gared Steinke202311
25112Xylian Ramella212404
26491Gabe Gutierres252100
27778James Harrington282505
28554Wade Brommel292600
29974Brain Marty302800
30766Levi Newby382200
31249Bailey Kroone312900
32182Mason Olson342700
33204Kyle Greeson273500
34301Jordan Jarvis363000
35299Konnor Visger353100
36216Devin Harriman333400
37165Jorge Rubalcava323600
38671Tyler Ducray373800
39113Braden Spangle394000
40622Zac MaleyDNF3200
4147Jalek Swoll40DNS0148

Dylan Ferrandis now maintains a 47-point lead over Ken Roczen, and Eli Tomac is only seven points away from 2nd place overall. For the 250s, Justin Cooper is leading Jett Lawrence by eight points.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo