The seventh round of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series took place at WW Ranch on September 26. With the series drawing to a close, a solid finish in this race could mean an overall podium at the end of the championship. Read on to see who took home 1st and who fell short.

250MX Start at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450MX Report

The top riders were all out of the gate and up front for the first 450 moto. Adam Cianciarulo, Chase Sexton, and Zach Osborne wasted no time getting around the first corner and instantly started battling for position. Cianciarulo got the holeshot, but holding onto the lead was tough. The trio rode close together, playing cat-and-mouse enough that creating a gap was impossible. First, Sexton passed Cianciarulo. Then, Cianciarulo charged back to 1st. Osborne stalked and waited, making his move around Sexton several laps in. Cianciarulo was next, and over a jump, Osborne took the lead.

Zach Osborne at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

There were only five laps left in the race by the time Osborne took the lead, and Cianciarulo stayed close to Osborne for all of them. He wasn’t able to make a move before the checkered flag, though, so he finished in 2nd place. Marvin Musquin managed to pass Sexton in the final laps of the race, so he finished in 3rd.

Adam Cianciarulo at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

For the second 450 moto, Cianciarulo was out front once again with Musquin, Justin Barcia, and Max Anstie not far behind. Barcia got credit for the holeshot, but Cianciarulo took what really mattered: the lead. As he pulled away from the pack, Barcia washed out of a turn and damaged his radiator. This sent him to the pits and back to 38th place when he resumed the race, so he was out of contention for the podium.

Marvin Musquin at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Cianciarulo was still in first, but making enough mistakes to allow Musquin to close the gap. Osborne was fast approaching, too, edging out Anstie for 3rd. Musquin made a move on Cianciarulo before Osborne could make a move on him. Around a roller section, Musquin took an inside line while Cianciarulo went wide. This funneled them to the same line through the next turn, and Cianciarulo went headfirst over the handlebars while Musquin took off with the lead. By the time Cianciarulo regrouped, he was in 6th place behind Eli Tomac.

Eli Tomac at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Speaking of Tomac, it was about time the defending champ made a charge for the lead. The past several races for Tomac had been lackluster, but this one seemed to be going a bit better as he charged from 11th to 5th in the first half of the race. He made quick work of Anstie and Sexton, too, setting himself up to overtake 2nd place. At this point in the race, Osborne had made a quick pass on Musquin for the lead. So, Musquin was next on Tomac’s list. The pass finally happened in the starting straight. Tomac picked up an incredible amount of speed, enough to blow past Musquin in the turn.

450MX Podium at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

From there, Tomac was on the throttle to catch up to Osborne. It was a close race, but Osborne managed to make it to the checkered flag with the lead. He went 1-1 for the day and was joined on the podium by Musquin who had gone 3-3 and Tomac who had gone 6-2. Cianciarulo took 4th with his 2-7 finishes, and Sexton took 5th with his finishes of 4-5.

450MX Results

116Zach Osborne1150285
225Marvin Musquin3340255
31Eli Tomac6237233
49Adam Cianciarulo2736256
523Chase Sexton4534207
64Blake Baggett7629219
7103Max Anstie13426139
831Fredrik Noren9825107
917Joe Savatgy8925147
1051Justin Barcia51324218
1162Christian Craig101022163
1279Isaac Teasdale12141619
1319Justin Bogle11151672
1411Kyle Chisholm15121515
1578Jake Masterpool40111063
1634Tyler Bowers16161023
17258Justin Rodbell1419958
1861Alex Ray171877
19711Tristan Lane201755
20503McClellan Hile182233
21794Bryce Backaus192422
22647Matthew Hubert2220110
23412Jared Lesher212103
24421Vann Martin242500
25144Nicolas Rolando282700
26722Adam Enticknap262900
27995Christopher Prebula233200
28265Nick Fratz-Orr312800
29719Joshua Berchem293000
30596Carson Tickle382300
31441Scott Meshey273800
32881Jerry Lorenz III303600
33824Carter Stephenson343300
34139Nathen LaPorte333500
35483Bryton Carroll323700
3642Ben LaMay3634021
37141Richard Taylor354000
3850Benny Bloss3939047
39735Tristan Lewis25DNF00
40281Cory CarstenDNF2603
41672Brandon PedersonDNF3100
42841Jeffrey Walker27DNF04

250MX Report

Finally, Dylan Ferrandis got a good start. He came out of the gate first in Moto 1, but got beaten out by Shane McElrath for the holeshot. After a few turns, the top 3 was McElrath, RJ Hampshire, and Ferrandis. Behind them, Jett Lawrence and Jeremy Martin were battling for position. Lawrence was in 4th, but Martin moved right past him. Just a lap later, though, Lawrence passed Martin back. The two stuck close together as another battle up front began heating up.

RJ Hampshire at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Ferrandis wanted to take over the lead but needed to pass Hampshire to get there. He tried taking an outside line, but Hampshire went wide and blocked him. Hampshire wasn’t able to gain any ground, however, and ended up slowing just enough for Ferrandis to squeak by. This put the Frenchman directly behind McElrath, who he had no trouble passing. The lead was his from then until the end of the race.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The other podium positions were not as determined. Martin and Lawrence were still passing each other, and McElrath was struggling to hold onto 2nd. Eventually, Hampshire, Lawrence, and Martin were in a line, one that McElrath was barely leading. Lawrence was able to maneuver around both Hampshire and McElrath, and McElrath just continued to fall positions after that. By the end of the race, he was in 7th, and Lawrence and Martin were rounding out the top 3. Hampshire had fallen out of the top 5 after a nasty get-off that sent him and his bike to the pits.

Dylan Ferrandis at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After a complete rebuild for his motor, Hampshire returned for the second 250 moto. It was hard to make it to the front of the race, though, on account of a pileup in the first turn of the race. Teammates Justin Cooper and Dylan Ferrandis made it around, and Cooper took the lead first, only to lose it a few turns later to Ferrandis. The two held pace like that for most of the race.

Dylan Ferrandis Wins at WW Ranch 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind the top two Yamahas, McElrath was in a podium position once again. He was holding onto it this time, though, and did not look like he was going to fade. Even with mounting pressure from Martin, McElrath held strong in 3rd. Martin was persistent, however, and it took almost the whole race, but he did eventually make the pass McElrath. His 3-3 finish for the day just edged Lawrence off of the final podium as Lawrence took 5th in Moto 2. The overall podium saw Ferrandis, Cooper, and Martin on top with Lawrence and McElrath rounding out the top 5.

250MX Results

114Dylan Ferrandis1150307
232Justin Cooper4240204
36Jeremy Martin3340294
483Jett Lawrence2538200
512Shane McElrath7432218
626Alex Martin5730224
729Cameron McAdoo9825165
884Jo Shimoda81024114
9220Carson Mumford101121116
1030Brandon Hartranft13920134
11134Jarrett Frye12121832
1224RJ Hampshire35615217
1374Mitchell Harrison111615138
1435Hunter Lawrence6391588
1568Nick Gaines15131458
16355Joseph Crown16151124
17373Hardy Munoz14181033
1877Kevin Moranz211477
1967Jerry Robin2017528
20352Jalek Swoll17DNF419
21227Derek Kelley1823315
22239Mason Gonzales19DNF275
23815Colton Eigenmann242100
24981Curren Thurman251922
25667Jesse Flock262018
26251Ezra Hastings2822014
27130Austin Root232709
28162Maxwell Sanford292404
29124Lane Shaw332500
30387Joshua Varize273107
31701Jake Pinhancos302900
32221Mathias Jorgensen223704
33266Brett Greenley322800
34204Kyle Greeson362600
35164Matthew Klann343000
36726Gared Steinke313600
37188Gage Schehr393800
38301Jordan JarvisDNS3200
39233Michael LacoreDNF3300
40512Austin CozaddDNF3400
41372Hayden HefnerDNF3500
4257Derek Drake37DNF0106
43379Conner Burger38DNF00
44491Gabe Gutierres40DNF00
45428Chad StonierDNF4000

Zach Osborne still has the points lead for the 450s, and his 1-1 finish increased that lead to 29 points. For the 250s, Dylan Ferrandis is now 13 points ahead of Jeremy Martin.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo