Altitude, weather, and a changing track combined for an eventful third round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motorcross. We had an interrupted moto, a contested moto, and the return of a points leader.

The Track at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450 Pro MX Report

Despite not feeling his best, Ken Roczen ruled the 450 class with Eli Tomac making him earn it all the way. Roczen’s impressive 1st in Moto 1 and 2nd in Moto 2 gave him the overall win and he took back the number 1 red plate. Zach Osborne shot out of the gate and took the holeshot in Moto 1. However he lost the lead quickly from a hard charging Ken Roczen.

Ken Roczen at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Tomac’s unusually slow finish in the first moto may have been due to a faulty set of goggles. He stopped at the mechanics’ pit to remedy an arrant strip of roll-off film, but re-entered the race in 10th. With clear vision restored, he rallied up to 5th place by the time the race finished, but it wasn’t enough to claim the overall win.

At the end of Moto 1 it was Ken Roczen, Zach Osborne, and then Cooper Webb.

Eli Tomac at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper Webb edged out Blake Baggett for the holeshot in Moto 2. The second moto also gave us classic Tomac as he turned a 6th-place start into a last-minute charge for first. The Moto 2 winners were Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, and then Marvin Musquin.

450MX Podium at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The final results put Ken Roczen in 1st, Eli Tomac in 2nd, with Zack Osborne 3rd on the podium. Rounding off the top five were Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin.

450 Pro MX Results

194Ken Roczen1247136
21Eli Tomac5141134
316Zachary Osborne2*440110
421Jason Anderson4534107
525Marvin Musquin8333106
62Cooper Webb38*3398
74Blake Baggett772861
8103Dean Ferris692769
951Justin Barcia1162577
1019Justin Bogle10102263
1114Cole Seely9122159
1246Justin Hill12111951
13101Fredrik Noren15131446
14477Todd Waters14141446
1556Lorenzo Locurcio1815916
1649Henry Miller1320911
1741Ben Lamay1917627
1843Tyler Bowers1719614
1963John Short251655
2069Jake Masterpool1640531
21718Toshiki Tomita2118313
22929Taiki Koga2038111
23227Derek Kelley232100
24700James Weeks242200
25321Bradley Lionnet272300
26341Derek Anderson262700
2768Brandan Leith223101
28314Tyler Stepek312500
29221Mathias Jorgensen332403
30311Mitchell Gifford292800
31332Dustin Winter322600
3248Cody Cooper302906
33214Vann Martin353200
34383Casey Brennan343300
3554Dylan Merriam2839018
3685Dare Demartile393002
37120Todd Bannister363600
38841Jeffrey Walker383500
3917Joseph Savatgy403700
40526Colton Aeck03400
41876Christopher Alldredge00370

* Holeshot

250 Pro MX Report

The race started on a high note with Ty Masterpool taking his first holeshot. Justin Cooper caught and passed him, closely followed by Adam Cianciarulo.

Half-way into the first moto, rain dampened the track, making parts quite slippery. Cooper had trouble adjusting his pace to the changing conditions; Jordan Smith looped-out over one jump, tossing his motorcycle and losing his 6th place position. The race didn’t last much longer; officials Red-flagged it to a halt because of several close lightning strikes.

The results of Moto 1 were Justin Cooper, Adam Cianciarulo, and then Dylan Ferrandis.

Adam Cianciarulo at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The inclement weather soon cleared, and the second moto started and finished in the mud. Cooper drove hot right out of the gate for the holeshot, with Cianciarulo close behind him. As the two broke away from the crowd, another incident interrupted the race: Cianciarulo left the track, skipped a small section as he searched for an opening, and re-entered further in. Cianciarulo claims that banners blocked a safe, immediate re-entrance to the track.

Later in, Cooper caught a rut and bounced on both feet, almost leaving the track himself. He quickly righted his bike and hopped back into the race from the same point. He resumed with a heated charge to catch Cianciarulo but the charge came up short, and Cooper took 2nd. Adam Cianciarulo took 1st, with Michael Mosiman in 3rd.

Justin Cooper at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team filed a protest, citing Cianciarulo’s questionable approach to re-entering the race. After much deliberation, the original results held. Cooper’s team couldn’t accept the decision, claiming that the AMA wouldn’t listen to their arguments; Cianciarulo’s team held that he re-entered in the safest way possible, and did anything else he could to mitigate his change in track position.

The debate unfortunately detracted from a magnificent race among Michael Mosiman, Chase Sexton, and Colt Nichols. After making several aggressive and barely-in-control passes, Mossiman managed 3rd to make his first podium.

250MX Podium at Thunder Valley 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The final tally was Adam Cianciarulo in 1st, Justin Cooper in 2nd, and Michael Mosiman in 3rd. Dylan Ferrandis and Chase Sexton completed the top five.

250 Pro MX Results

192Adam Cianciarulo2147139
232Justin Cooper12*47133
336Michael Mosiman4338106
434Dylan Ferrandis353694
523Chase Sexton762994
639Colt Nichols1342685
731RJ Hampshire5112677
8196Hunter Lawrence1072569
912Shane McElrath8102466
1028Jordon Smith1182363
1161Garrett Marchbanks1292161
1226Alex Martin9122149
13936Ty Masterpool6*162048
1445Brandon Hartranft16141238
15205Wilson Todd14171136
16156Jacob Hayes17151025
17233Derek Drake2213836
1838Christian Craig1519848
1973Martin Davalos1918532
2055Kyle Peters1820415
21194Jerry Robin202114
22291Zane Merrett232200
23110Yusuke Watanabe262300
24407Benjamin Nelko272401
2591Zack Williams292500
26112Thomas Covington3027010
2772Martin Castelo213604
28554Wade Brommel342600
29269Dalton Dyer332800
30173Grant Wall313000
3183Killian Auberson253706
3259Nick Gaines243900
33154Chase Felong372900
34410Tyler Lowe283800
35167Cody Williams353300
36139Nathen LaPorte383100
37162Maxwell Sanford363500
38232Dylan Bolinger324000
39345Joshua Prior-3200
40310Kai Aiello-3400
4177Challen Tennant39-02
4252Jordan Bailey40-013

See you next time in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania at the High Point Raceway!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo